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Police Theory - by Rhyselinn

Police Theory

Simple: They were on mushrooms. They’ve all been guarding the southern border of Onett; surely they’ve come across a Ramblin’ Mushroom or two. Of course, their police hats cover the tell-tale mushrooms on their heads.

Our only solace is that they had no access to the mushrooms of Tanetane island. Heaven help Onett if that ever happens… “Alright, men, we have a critical mission to take out all of Onett’s mailboxes…”

- Rhyselinn

Other Submissions by Rhyselinn

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Rhyselinn Comparing and Contrasting Mother 3 with Star Wars
Because we all know about the Mother series and its track record with cultural references...
1/1/12 10.00
Rhyselinn Hinawa's Medley
This is a medley of the Mother 3 Love Theme and Letter from You (the song that plays when Flint reads Hinawa's letter). Played by me live on a piano, so forgive the musical errors, please :)
12/9/11 0.00
Rhyselinn Jeff Loses His Sledding Privileges
I made this for the Holiday Funfest, but thought I'd submit to the site as well. :) Made with Faber-Castell ink pens. I love those pens.
12/24/12 0.00
Rhyselinn Megalovania- Rhyselinn's Mix
Me plunking out Megalovania (the awesome song from the end of Radiation's Halloween Hack) on the piano. I hope this counts...
11/1/12 0.00
Rhyselinn Memory of Life
Me playing Memory of Life from Mother 3 on the piano. Love this song, and it translates really well to full piano.
6/17/13 0.00


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