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Yado Inn Piano - by Amstrauz

Yado Inn Piano

Yado Inn tune played on the piano.

Other Submissions by Amstrauz

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Amstrauz Formidable Faux
Just something I made in a free program as a test. I'm fairly happy with the result!
4/15/13 0.00
Amstrauz Fourside - Piano Sheet Music
An arrangment of the Fourside song for Piano.
2/1/12 0.00
Amstrauz How Pokey Arrived at the Nowhere Islands
A theory on Pokey's choices before arriving at the Nowhere Islands.
11/24/11 0.00
Amstrauz Lonely Mountains
A collab piece recorded by Mikerophone and myself (Amstrauz) for the 2012 Halloween Funfest! Inspired by the "Somewhere, Someday" track from Mother 3.

Credit goes to Mikerophone for the trumpet, drums and post-processing. All other instruments and sounds were played by myself on an electric keyboard that ran into ProTools.
11/5/12 0.00
Amstrauz Volcano! Inferno! Sheet Music
An arrangement of the Volcano! Inferno! song for Piano
2/1/12 0.00


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