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Theory - What happened in the Mother 3 building of Fourside - by NorthofOnett

Theory - What happened in the Mother 3 building of Fourside

On the second floor of a small building in Fourside, a group of Japanese businessmen sat around a table in a poorly lit room, sweating profusely from the intense Summer heat. They were discussing plans of making Mother 3.
After the success of Mother 2, Shigesato Itoi immediately began plans on creating a follow-up game in his series. He asked his best workers to collaborate as soon as possible so as to meet the demand of the hundreds of thousands of Mother fans. To keep their plans top-secret, they transported themselves into the world of Mother 2 via the Phase Distorter.

At first, things were not going well for the team. They were having trouble with creating real-time 3D graphics for the game; and since the game was planned to be launched on the N64DD, anything else would be second-rate.
Although the team was making headway, something else would be happening in the background that would eventually ruin all plans to release Mother 3.


A mysterious man (that I will refer to as "Reginald") had just bought a plane ticket to Kyoto, Japan. He was on his way to Nintendo Company, Ltd. to fulfill a dastardly deed. His plan: to sabotage the release of the N64 peripheral device, the Disk Drive. No one knows how, but he was able to kill the marketing campaign for this add-on, and it very quickly became a failure.
Who was this mysterious Reginald, and what was his motivation for doing such a terrible thing? Did he hate Nintendo? Was he a spy for Sony or Sega?


A few weeks later, back at the Mother 3 Dev. team's building, they had received terrible news from headquarters in Japan. The Disk Drive, the system that they were planning on releasing Mother 3 on, was doomed for failure. All of their hard work had been for nothing, as they could no longer release the game on the system.
However, Itoi reminded them that the N64 was still going strong, and that they might be able to port their game to the original system instead! With new hope for completing their game, they got back to work..


With the Disk Drive now just a dummy product with no promise of success, Reginald felt he had completed his work and was ready to hop back on a plane for America. That was, until he got shocking news from a mole on the inside of NCL. Mother 3, which had previously been planned for release on the Disk Drive, was now planning to be released for the N64 itself.
By dooming the peripheral device, he thought he had secured the cancellation of Mother 3. But when he found out it was to be released anyway, he knew he could only do one thing: go right to the source and pull the plug on the game.
Why did Reginald want the kill Mother 3? What did Itoi or anyone associated with the game ever do to him?


After a few more weeks of nonstop work, the Mother 3 team had finished a single prototype cartridge for the game! They were very excited to share the news with headquarters, as they were 90% done with the new Mother game. But before they could dial the phone, a brilliant flash of light filled the room and knocked everyone out of their seats; another Phase Distorter had just appeared in their room. When the door of the machine opened, the men heard a maniacal laugh from within. Reginald stepped out of the machine, and pointed his Gaia beam at the team leader.
Threatening to shoot if they didn't hand over their prototype cartridge, he took the game before they could even comply. He then threw the cartridge up in the air, and shot it 3 times with his Gaia beam, destroying the game. As if this wasn't enough, he then proceeded to incinerate everything else in the room. This included their storyboard, computers, and other beta cartridges. The only thing left in the room were the men themselves and Reginald's Phase Distorter. Still laughing, he stepped back into his machine and disappeared in seconds.
The team was in total shock. Everything - ALL of their work - was lost, forever. The team had no choice but to cancel their project, as they would have no chance in releasing the game by their deadline.


Years later, the same team of men had rekindled the Mother 3 project and eventually released it in Japan. The game turned out to be fantastic, and Mother fans everywhere felt it was worth the long wait.

The mysterious Reginald, ironically, had climbed to the top of the Corporate ladder in the company he had plotted against years before. When he heard news of the release of Mother 3 in Japan, he vowed to himself that he will never allow the game to be localized in America......

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