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Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P15 - by Mercurial Magypsy

Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P15

m3symph - #15
The Masked Man makes his move, throwing out PK Thunder. But, the boy's golden badge reflects it back, hitting the Masked Man with his own attack, and fueling his rage.

Gosh, drawing Masked Man rage faces is so much fun... ♥

Other Submissions by Mercurial Magypsy

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Mercurial Magypsy Tanetane Sunset
Ocho and Mixolydia sit on top of the pink shell house and watch as the sun sinks below the jungle treetops and the moon and stars rise to cast their soft glow on the tropical island.

(This was, more than anything, done as practice, mainly for shading and light effects)
6/26/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Heck Yeah Tendas
Oh look guys, Tendas.

Do not mess with the Tendas.

Do NOT mess with 'em, guys.

DO. NOT. MESS. With the Tendas.
4/23/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Human!Ocho
Oh look, I just gijinka'd Ocho.

Yes, those tentacles are real, sticking out his spine in true Dr. Octopus fashion.

But he's still cute, right?

4/28/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Missy and the candy mushroom

Oh wait, it's candy, not a real mushroom. In that case, nom away! 8D

I was with a friend, and we went to the Dealer's Room to buy some stuff to snack on, and I found these chocolate cookie things shaped like mushrooms (the Japanese come up with some really strange candy!).

And since I was cosplaying Missy that day... hehehehe~!
6/4/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Massive Nerd Rage
OH MY PORK! Loid is learning PSI!


Or maybe hes just having a massive fit of nerd rage.
5/28/12 0.00


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