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Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P19 - by Mercurial Magypsy

Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P19

m3symph - #19
The Masked Man unfurls his mechanical wings and prepares to attack Duster from the air.

Wiiiiiings~~~!!!! 8D

Other Submissions by Mercurial Magypsy

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Mercurial Magypsy Heck Yeah Tendas
Oh look guys, Tendas.

Do not mess with the Tendas.

Do NOT mess with 'em, guys.

DO. NOT. MESS. With the Tendas.
4/23/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Human!Ocho
Oh look, I just gijinka'd Ocho.

Yes, those tentacles are real, sticking out his spine in true Dr. Octopus fashion.

But he's still cute, right?

4/28/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy i WaNT To KiLL eVeRYBoDY iN THe WoRLD
Music inspired. Inspired by Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix).

I got the idea to draw a totally insane and psychotic Masked Man.

Love how the eye turned out.

lol this was like an hour in Photoshop...
6/4/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Insane PK Rockin' Omega

Yes, I can imagine Ness doing that screaming part from "Highlander (The One)" by Lost Horizon as he does this.
6/14/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Ionia in a suit
Ionia wearing a suit.

You know a Magypsy is serious when she's wearing a suit.

Or maybe I'm just drawing weird stuff because I can.
6/22/12 0.00


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