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Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P26 - Poised to Kill - by Mercurial Magypsy

Mother 3: Symphony: Ch1 P26 - Poised to Kill

m3symph - #26

After being knocked down, Lucas tries to get back on his feet, only for the Masked Man to pounce on him, pinning him down.

The Masked Man draws his sword and prepares to kill Lucas, resulting in more cheers from the Pigmasks.

Oh maaaan...

Other Submissions by Mercurial Magypsy

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Mercurial Magypsy Dragonite Paula
My interpretation of Paula after using a Bag of Dragonite.

I was going for a feminine looking dragon, and decided a feathered dragon might work. (Who says dragons can't be feathered? Dragons can look like however you want them to, if you ask me.)
5/31/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: CH2 P3 - "I Tried..."
m3symph - #39
Claus continues to recall negative memories, and starts to lament his failure at avenging his mother...

But then suddenly, a hand is laid on his forehead... and...
...... (I think I mislabeled Chapter 2 Page 2 as a "page 1". Dang it.)
7/19/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy +Masked Man+
Yes, more Masked Man.

No insanity this time, just sexyness.
7/21/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: CH2 P4 - Awake to the Healer
m3symph - #40
Claus regains consciousness slowly to see Ionia stooped over him, her hand on his bloody face, using PK LifeUp to heal his wounds.

The boy recognizes the Magypsy as "one of those people who taught him PSI", but he doesn't get much time to chat as Ionia senses something, and suddenly leaves.


My wrist hurts like hell. That is all.
7/21/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: CH2 P22 - Magypsy's Last Wish
m3symph - #58
Ionia just can't hang on to existence anymore.

She makes her last wish.
6/15/13 0.00


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