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Chibi Masked Man - by Lucas_Claus

Chibi Masked Man

Chibi cuteness :>

Other Submissions by Lucas_Claus

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Lucas_Claus Paula
I named her Naomi in my EB game. I like that name better.
8/18/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Hey! Look! A Pork Bean!
I referenced Kid Icarus: Uprising. Heh heh, I'm such a nerd.
8/20/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus Peach
What? I set my favorite food as Peach.
8/22/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus I Love You, Hot Spring!
I think I've watched NintendoPixel play Uprising too many times...
8/23/12 0.00
Lucas_Claus M3 Alternate Ending
There are some errors in this picture (proportions), but I like it overall. I wish this actually happened in the game, but oh well.
8/24/12 0.00


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