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Mother Trio - by Erikku8

Mother Trio

Those three kids.

Other Submissions by Erikku8

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Erikku8 Apple Kid
That weird kid inventor who asks every stranger he meets for a hamburger and a $200 investment for his projects. If there's a zombie infestation in your town, he's your man!
3/18/13 0.00
Erikku8 Captain Strong
Not my best work, but I'd figured I should post it anyway.
10/11/12 0.00
Erikku8 Deja-vu
Lucas and Claus. Claus and Lucas.
1/20/11 0.00
Erikku8 Duster
Rope Snake's got his back!
8/13/12 0.00
Erikku8 EarthBound Poster
Created in Adobe Illustrator for a school project. It had to be a poster of some kind, so I decided on EarthBound. I had a list of random actors thrown in like Emma Watson and Mark Hamill, but I decided to exclude that part for this submission.
1/20/11 0.00


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