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The Final Battle against Giygas - by Ness X

The Final Battle against Giygas

A short fanfic about Ness and Ninten battling zombies in Threed.

Other Submissions by Ness X

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Ness X final boss's (colored)
here is the same thing but colored by my friend Neko. (she's really good!)
6/29/06 0.00
Ness X Lucas (colored)
(took me a while to do this. >.<)
7/3/06 0.00
Ness X Lucas vs. Claus
(spoilers much) okay i made this cause i love the battle that Lucas and Claus has. here it is... (im still knew at this so it may not be too good)
6/18/06 0.00
Ness X Lucas vs. Claus pt.2
the second one (i really like what i did with Claus's gun arm, thanks to all the years of playing and drawing Megaman (Rockman) finally pays off!)
6/18/06 0.00
Ness X Lucas vs. Claus pt.3
awwwww...i wanted to make a series..oh well i guess "comic strip" is cool too. well here's part three (i like the veiw from his helmet thru his left eye...:)..)
6/26/06 0.00


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