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A Tale of Jelly and Pigs - by Hawien Shertz

A Tale of Jelly and Pigs

Bored + Ness = Halloween Fun(fic)

Other Submissions by Hawien Shertz

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Hawien Shertz Final Battle: Page 3
Well, turns out the Dragonite to robots is like matches to dynomite: not advisable or endorsed by any major corporations. Not taking any chances as the ruthless fat kid he is, Pokey smacks it up to a whole new level. Spiders are one thing, but homicidal octopi? Dang. Now you're in trouble town. And so, failing to catch his trusty Sword, and despite Paula's experiment into using Secret Herbs, Poo is in some kinda dilemma.
1/5/06 10.00
Hawien Shertz Frank
Frank marks his territory.
2/9/05 8.00
Hawien Shertz Fuzzy Corpses!
How else do you say 'Cheese' on Halloween?
3/26/05 0.00
Hawien Shertz gee knee
Look out he has a magic flute
It may make things harder
11/21/06 10.00
Hawien Shertz Giygas Related Comic #1
Fluke narration
3/26/05 0.00


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