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EarthBound Enemies 2 - by greliz

EarthBound Enemies 2

More enemies from EarthBound.

Other Submissions by greliz

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greliz Moonside Man
A creepy guy from Moonside.
4/3/05 10.00
greliz Pencilled In
Everyone's favorite pencil-based roadblock.
9/30/05 8.60
greliz Pigmask and Company
Enemies from Mother 3. The fearsome Bow-Wow Fish, the ever vigilant Whatever, and the suave Pigmask. They later got Starstorm'd to death.
3/12/07 0.00
greliz Starman Jr.
Fan Art of the Week winner! 8 May 2006

The battle with Starman Jr.
4/3/05 9.63
greliz Steppin' In Time to Kumatora
Even more Mother 3 stuff, this time it's Kumatora because I feel obligated to draw at least one main character. Doesn't she look smarmy?
3/12/07 0.00


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