'Hoy small fry!:

So you say you're going to write and submit an article?



You need to read these rules first though. Articles have a few special guidelines when it comes to submissions, and if followed closely, these rules will have your submission on the front page in no time!

Rules for Articles:

  1. No .doc files, .pdf files, or other exclusive files. Use the submission field ONLY.
  2. No outside links. Some people think they can just link to their website, saying “HEY HERE IS AN ARTICLE I WROTE [link]” No. That’s wrong. Copy your article onto this site, or write a new one. No one wants to browse Articles, just to leave to another website.
  3. Separate your paragraphs. This isn’t a game-breaking rule, but it is seriously a problem. It’s really hard for anyone to read a solid wall of text. Indentation and a double space between paragraphs makes everything easier to read, and doesn’t give people headaches.
  4. No bashing other users/mods. Opinion articles are welcome, but nothing insulting. I don’t want anything that’s like “BOZO IS A BIG, STINKY DOO-DOO HEAD” or “FALC IS THE WORST MOD IMPEACH FALC” That is not welcome here. What would be acceptable is “Why I think Bozo isn’t the best choice for the Articles position” and other similar, CIVILIZED discussions. No mud-flinging, no insulting, nothing that is designed simply to make someone look bad.
  5. No asking for help about site issues. If you have an issue getting logged into the forum, or something similar, contact one of the staffers via forum PM or email, and someone will eventually get back to you. This isn’t the help hotline.
  6. Don’t send Earthbound news here. This is related to the previous “No Outside Links” but it needs its own mention. Don’t send in page scans of some game magazine saying “EARTHBOUND DS COMPILATION ANNOUNCED”. Don’t send in website links to IGN saying “MOTHER 4 TO BE ON THE PS3”. Post stuff like this in the Mother 2/EB forum.
  7. Proper grammar and spelling, while not required, is VERY MUCH encouraged. People are going to think you are dumb if you don’t spell correctly and use proper construction. Most browsers nowadays have built-in spell check. Use it.
  8. All the forum posting rules apply here as well. Do not use bad language. Don’t submit adult content. Use common sense and you’ll be fine.

Rules for Theories:

  2. Put the Theories Prompt in the Title field, so I know whether to include it with the current batch of theories. If you’re submitting a theory outside of the prompt, submit it to Articles like you would normally.



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