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Aangie THEORY: Influences of Giygas; or Lazy Arrogant Cops?
Why DID the Onett Police Force attack Ness? The truth is; to quote Buzz Buzz, is that every kind being was under the spreading influence of Giygas. Or... were they?
3/28/12 0.00
Absoltastic What is the Lost Underworld? Why is it filled with dinosaurs, and how was it formed?
What is the Lost Underworld? Why is it filled with dinosaurs, and how was it formed? (redundancy is one of my favorite things, so I reposted the theory topic)
12/27/11 0.00
Absoltastic Magicant Theory
Magicant. There is a place in both Mother 1 and 2 called Magicant, but are they the same place? Or the same manner of place? Or, is there something much more? What is the link between these two locales, and what is the nature of their existance?
1/4/12 0.00
Absoltastic Saturn's Secret

How are the Mr. Saturn in Mother 2 related to the ones in Mother 3?
1/16/12 0.00
Absoltastic Dalaam Theory

Where is Dalaam in respect to the rest of the world, and how is it kept afloat in the sky?
5/24/12 0.00
AmateurGamer A Collection of Thoughts and Theories Surronding Magicant
This is my interpretation of the mysterious "Magicant" that appears in Mother 1 and 2. I try to point out some similarities between Ness' and Maria's Magicant, along with some added insight of my own.
1/1/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Scaraba Pyramid Theory
A theory explaining the hieroglyphs about the ancient people of Scaaraba and their first encounter with Giegue's race.
1/25/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Refrigerator Theory
Theory from AmateurGamer
1/29/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Magnet Hill Theory
A theory on the history of Magnet Hill, the fifth "Your Sanctuary Location in EB.
2/9/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Magypsy/Nowhere Island Theory
Very late, I know!

This theory explains the possible backgrounds of the Magypsies and the Nowhere Islands, and the Dark Dragon
2/28/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Sword of King/Dalaam Theories
This is a theory suggesting the troubled past of one of my favorite EarthBound characters. Hope you like it!
3/5/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Frankystein Theory
A somewhat far-fatched theory concerning the history of Frankystein and Frank's purpose for inventing it...
3/20/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Flying Man Theory
This is a theory about the Flying Men from Mother 1 and 2.
3/26/12 0.00
AmateurGamer The Truth Behind Onett's Political System
So you thought Strong and his squad attacked Ness to test his strength? Think again.
4/2/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Runaway Five Theory
The true faces behind those nice shades... (P.S., re-submitting because I made a very confusing typo!)
4/11/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Stonehenge Base theory
You kids don't look very bright. Let me share some information with you.
4/17/12 0.00
AmateurGamer EarthBound 2 Building Theory
How it all really went down... (This theory is extra funny if you know who Dan Owsen is!)
4/28/12 0.00
AmateurGamer PSI: The Theory of Relativity
A silly little story to describe what it might be like if Ness's Mom had PSI, and how she would discover her powers!
5/16/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Slot Machine Theory
The sad history of the Slot Machine Brothers...
7/11/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Apple and Orange Kid Theory
A breath-taking tale of woe, envy, betrayal, and money lust... Hey, at least there's no romance!
7/30/12 0.00
Amstrauz How Pokey Arrived at the Nowhere Islands
A theory on Pokey's choices before arriving at the Nowhere Islands.
11/24/11 0.00
Ants The employment of Ness's father
The employment of Ness's father - theorys
11/11/11 0.00
Ants How that Darn fridge got on that mountain top
Chances are no one will ever see this
1/30/12 0.00
Ants Magnet hill Origins
hey babe
2/15/12 0.00
Ants Starman Super SoK theory
Starman Super SoK theory from Ants
3/1/12 0.00
Arfy The True Nature of the Magypsies
this is a theory just for bozo
2/27/12 0.00
Artemis251 Theory: Struttin' Shrooms
Theory Prompt for 08 Mar 2012: Why do Struttin' Evil Mushrooms strut?
3/8/12 0.00
Artemis251 Frank's Robot
Theory for 15 Mar 2012: How did the gang leader Frank make his robot, Frankystein Mark II, and for what purpose?
3/15/12 0.00
AtomHeartMother The Lost Underwater Underworld
Why the Lost Underworld has talking rocks, healing geysers, and more.
12/28/11 0.00
AtomHeartMother Magnet Hill
How does it work?
2/8/12 0.00



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