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The following channels are the three most populated channels between Starmen.netters. As well they should be, they're the channels officially affiliated with activities! The rules are decided by the people who run each channel, so listen to those guys.


The Official IRC channel! A fun place full of friendly people, moderated by the staff and moderators of itself! Join us here for fun conversations, wacky antics, and friendly faces!


Founder: AnyoneEB
Current OPs: Penguin, Michael1, MrAccident, some other guys
Current HalfOPs:MrTenda, some other guys
Founded On DynastyNet On: 3:05 PM, November 12th, 2005

The official channel for PK Hack, modestly populated most of the time nowadays. If you need quick troubleshooting help and someone's around, they might be able to help you, if they don't immediately direct you towards the troubleshooting topic in the PK Hack forum, first. They also discuss game hacks and any other community hacking projects, which relate mostly to EarthBound, but have also extended to other classic RPGs such as Secret of Mana, Terranigma, and Secret of Evermore. Don't ask how to hack websites or people, or these guys will helpfully direct your attacks to the sucker at before you can say "I'm an idiot." Disciplinary action is little to none.


Founder: Mansion_Maniac
Current OPs: BlackLeader, Carpainter, Cyan683, Gonmon, Tansunn, Kame, AmzRigh, Aquas, Edobean, Eggstree, Nightshade
Current HalfOPs: Captain_Bozo, Claremonster, Izumi
Founded on DynastyNet On: 7:17 PM, May 28th, 2005

The official channel for Radio PSI, and usually quite empty during the week. On weekends, though, the numbers jump, and many Radio PSI listeners join to talk to other listeners, interact with the DJs, and take part in Radio PSI's many games and segments. Disciplinary action is usually lax, but during the shows, DJs will kick those who are jerks, excessively annoying, cursing excessively, or needlessly heckling whatever is on the radio.



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