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These original Best of IRC logs date between 1999-2001, encompassing the official channel's days in Undernet IRC server as #EarthBound, and then in Austnet as #Starmen. Prepare to have many a good laugh at the hijinks of yesteryear, that, looking back at, some people (who you might not have ever even heard of!) profiled in would probably consider the most embarrassing moments of their Internet tenure. These logs have been completely restored to give the feeling that you're actually in IRC, have a good time!

Volume 1 Volume 15
Volume 2 Volume 16
Volume 3 Volume 17
Volume 4 Volume 18
Volume 5 Volume 19
Volume 6 Volume 20
Volume 7 Volume 21
Volume 8 Volume 22
Volume 9 Volume 23
Volume 10 Volume 24
Volume 11 Volume 25
Volume 12 Volume 26
Volume 13 Volume 27
Volume 14 Volume 28



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