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Well, starting off, I got a few nice submissions. Thanks! Not much to say, because I doubt many people listen to me. BOO!

Starting off with insanity...

I think they actually did finish. But the game was somehow BETTER than earthbound. During the beta testing the testers got so hooked they wouldn't allow the programmers to have the beta version back. Also, Itoi decided to put some kind of mind control boss in the game. Unfortunately, the scene was so realistic, it worked on the beta testers. The mind control from the enemy would make the characters attack themselves. Thus, the beta testers went on a mad rampage, killing all nintendo workers in site. They are now out upon the world disguised as gore campaign supporters.

-May you never be so stupid as to open Death in a Can´┐Ż
That's all I have to say. -Kidbond

Now for some interesting perspectives.

First off, I disagree with the topic. Mother 3 has not been cancelled, but put on hold due to financial trouble at HAL (go to itoi-san's says so there). anyways, my opinion is that one of three things will happen. The first is that mother 3 will never go outside of the buildings of Halken Laboratories. The second is that it will be thrown together and released at the last minute for the N64, kinda like those games that came out for the SNES after the n64 came out. The third (and preferable to me) is that the 64DD version will be enhanced and ported to the GC.

May the Force be with Itoi-san in his quest to give the world mother 3. Kay-o, bOiNg!


And... the voice of reason.

No need for denial... Killing won't solve anything... neither will flooding nintendo with mail bombs. If we did, they'd probably just come out in front of the building on television holding the last copy of EB64, and burn it, just to teach us all a lesson.

Let it go.


Of course, wishful thinking.

I personally believe that EB64 will be released. Why? I have my reasons...*cough*letter bombs*cough*, but seriously, if it is not released, then should pull together the greatest minds of fangame creation in a private chatroom, #EB64team, if it is available, and then have them create EB64, according to polls.

-Demons Maw

An inspiring letter with a veil of mystery...

I owe a little something anyway. I work at and I have direct feeds from Nintendo and other companies telling of release dates and possibilities. EarthBound is in fact a MAJOR possibility for GameCube release. In a feed from a week ago and I quote:

"Nintendo is using it's major icons up, we need to take a big breath and fill up our lungs with another love, but we don't want to make any other players angry. So as of right now Nintendo is planning to bring back a bit of nostalgia and fun in its games. One of the major games and characters we plan to bring back is Earthbound, which is a story of a boy..."

As you can see NOA is definately going to release an Earthbound for GameCube, it's just a matter of time. And don't worry I visit the site alot, so I'd love to see your opinions back.

No more complaining.

I could go on bickering and whining and complaining about "I want Mother 3..blah blah", but I won't. The only thing I could hope for (that would be realistic) is that a Mother Game would be for GameCube. I can't express my feelings for Earthbound and having an earthbound game for Game Cube would be a great experience for me. That is all and have a nice day.



Whatever happens or doesn't happen to EarthBound 64, I just want to hear the truth. I mean, how can a game be announced at E3 1998 50% done, around 90% sometime in later 1999, and then just a mere 45-40% completed at its cancellation. I mean, come on. There has to be some bigger problem to it than, "oh, we just aren't USED to making 3D games, and we're gonna' cry about it", blah blah blah. I'm not saying we should bombard Itoi and/or Miyamoto with hate mail (or **coughcough**... letter bombs), likewise we shan't start a frail petition (Mother on GBC, ouch). And I can't tell you what to do in this dark and confusing hour that is The Aftermath of Mother 3 Cancellation. But I can tell you what I'm gonna' do; I'm going to ask around the major sites, like IGN and Nintendojo. See what THEY say about it all. I mean, after all, as EBounders, we are a bit biased; maybe because of this, we have overlooked something... woolb... I WILL FIND THE TRUTH!!!


And the morbid realism... (but why did you include

Nooooooooooooooo! (sniff, sniff)
Okay, enough of mourning. Let's face it, there is no point in being obsessed with Earthbound anymore. All we have left is fan games, so don't take them for granted. Anyway, the earthbound fan sites will soon die too. It's inevitable,,,, all will have an amount of hits that slowly declines soon. What's the point in coming to the site? Sure, is a huge, huge library for info on the games. But lets admit it, sooner or later, the sites will die if there is no more eb games created. I enjoyed coming to the site...but now I feel that there is no more of a reason to come to the site.

-Mr. Pyro

And the rather scary post...

Cancelled! Why would they cancel it!? I am honestly Earthbound's biggest fan! I've benn paying the game ince first grade! Seven years! Three years ago, when I beat it, I waited anxiously for a sequel, only to find out, three years later, It's been CANCELED!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Of course, Nintendo could come out with different EB games, such as a Mother Remake for the GB color, or a game for the Gamecube. I did save the world when I was in first grade. Now I am called to do it again! Giygas I defeated, but the pigking is invading now! This is all part of his plan! HE stopped Mother 3! Do not worry my friends! I will defeat the pigking and give you your sequel! I will find that cowardly swine and bring back Mother 3!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU WITH ME????!!!???!!!If so, e-mail me, and join the crusade to bring back our beloved EB series! We shall defeat Porkbean...

Ghost of Starman Past



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