Mother 3 Fan Thoughts

Welcome to Mother 3 Fan Thoughts, the new feature of the Mother 3 section. This is similar to Earthbound Theories. I will post up an aspect of the game, screenshot, or a question for the game (like 'what will the plot be like?') then you talk about it.

One thing about this: Try to make your fan thoughts interesting. I'll put a little background info on the current discussion thing, then you fill out the form.

There will most likely be updates weekly, unless I leave or something. Don't get extra angry if I don't use yours. Make sure it meets up to a good fan thoughts, as the better they are, the more effect they will have on your fellow EB-ers. (1-3 full paragraphs, complete thought (Don't put for a topic like 'what will the plot be like' something like 'Moo')) and have some information/examples behind it, like pointing to specific screenshots.

Current Topic

Mother 3 Fanthoughts are currently closed. However, feel free to view the old fanthoughts below!



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