Mother 3 Fan Thoughts - Flint

I'm happy with the amount I've received, but the response seems to be unanimous. You all don't like Flint. Well, I myself wasn't too shocked to see that Ness would not be making a direct return, but I still stick to my theory that it will stay on a chapters-system (check out my article on that here.) I see a lot of potential for Ness to be in the game, even alongside Flint, Ryuka, Kraus, and Boney.

Also, I am proud to report that I forcibly gathered a dozen or so people to send in their fanthoughts. I am the evil person.

Well, enough for my own, on with the fanthoughts.


A dissapointment

I'm very disappointed that Ness & Co. aren't in Mother 3. I'm sure that the new sequel will be good with or without them, but I would much rather have a complete sequel with at least some of the original characters. I don't want to see Mother 3 turn into Chrono Cross. A good game by itself, but not a good sequel. But who knows, maybe he's Ness's dad.

Pineapple Kid

Flint doesn't fit

He doesn't seem EarthBound-y at all . . .


I have no comment...

I think it's kind of stupid to make new characters. Evidently everyone's fine with the originals we've come to know and love. Because if nintendo is gonna make their own Final Fantasy and have different characters for every earthbound game they make from now on, it'll just be pathetic. DEATH TO THE DRUNKEN HICK FARMER!!! NESS WILL RULE YOU ALLLLLL!!!


Flint = Lame

Flint? Pfft. I think Flint's a wuss. First off, he's a bean pole. I find skinniness to be a sign of weakness. Secondly, his hat's lame. Why didn't he go for the good ol' fashioned Slash from Guns n Roses hat? Beats me. Next, he never seems to be smiling. At least Ness had the occasional peace sign and the sort. Flint looks like he has a bade case of hemorrhoids or something...He could at least grin! And what's with his name? Flint?!? What? Do you have to collide him into a guy named Steele so you can make a Fire attack? Really...So in conclusion, Flint sounds like a loser. And maybe he was only supposed to be the character in the beginning. I would think Itoi would stick with the basic hat-and-bat kid, but no one will really find out. Or will we?


The syndicate is watching

I put together a small list about why Flint probably won't be the main character in M3.

1) He's an old drunken hillbilly reid-esque farmer hick. Nintendo generally goes with either spritely young types or bad-to-the-bone sexy/handsome vigilantes for main characters since the demographic with the money (kids) can identify with them better.

2) He doesn't have a name based on an old Nintendo system. Normally, Nintendo is more than willing to put in funky throwbacks like that.

3) I've only seen a couple of pictures featuring Flint in a predominant position. A long long time ago, back when Nintendo Power still had an Epic Centre, they did a thing on EB64 (which was supposed to use the 64DD... yeah, sure guys) which said nothing about Flint. Is he really not important, or did I miss some big announcement?)

4) My computer froze 3 times while I was trying to write this thought. It's the evil CEOs, trying to silence me. Big N is watching me, and you. Be afraid. Be very afraid. You won't hear the black helicopters coming, because they'll be in whisper mode...



I think Flint is either ness's father or great grandfather in a past with mystical machines being discovered being made by the starmen to destroy the world when the time comes or is either ness's son. But if father it would make more sense because if pokey goes back and time and kills his father ness wouldnt exist and gygus would rule. But whats with the twins? Maybe they die and he settles down again then has ness after a few good days of selling his cowboy clothes.


Miss Cleo will consume your soul, mon!

Oh my god! This game looks NOTHING like the SNES Earthbound! I personaly think it looks terrible, and worst of all, NO NESS! (Holds a gun to his head) We have waited THIS long for it to come out and Ms. Cleo can see nothing but dissapointment in the future. Everybody arm your nuclear warheads and load your M-16's, we're going to attack the main nintendo building!! Mwahahahahaha!

Cloud Strife


Flint is a retarted hillbilly who's dad is probably his uncle. I want the Earthbound characters back that I grew up with.

Ghost of Starman Past

Hmm hmm

I think it bites that Ness and the gang aren't in EB64. I mean, they've been in both Earthbound0, (except Poo), and Earthbound. It makes no sence.

People are scary.

Stupid flint, flint stupid, flint die, die flint, whatch flint run, run flint, run..... (Chases flint with nuclear warhead) MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! BOOOOOM!!!! SMAAAAAAASSSSHHHHH!!!!! 999999999 Damage to flint! YOU WIN!!!!


Sorry, Nintendo, people don't like flint

What the heck does flint have to do with earthbound?! He looks like a twig, doesn't look very EarthBoundy and, quite frankly, stinks. He has NOTHING at all about him that is like earthbound. Haveing Ness and crew would be better, but this wimpy farmer hick is just sad. Then again the whole game has little to nothing to do with earthbound save for Mr. satern and Dr. Andounuts.

Whoever thought up Flint and his famly ether:

1. Mixed up 'Mother 3 Art' with 'Wuss Fighter Art'
2 Must have been completly drunk

In summery:

Flint: Wussy Hick.

Ness: The Person who Should have been the hero.


No Earthbound feeling

I HATE Flint. The whole Mother saga is based around a group of average kids trying to save the world. While that group may change, it is essentialy the same. With out them, the entire Mother feel is gone, and it would be pointless to buy a game that uses the Mother name without the kind of enviornment that defines it. Flint isn't a part of that world, and he never will be.

The BioBomber DX became tame!


BioBomber DX

Drunken hick Ness

I think it would have been nice if Ness WAS the drunken hick farmer. No, think about it: Teenage wunderkid saves the world, goes into downward spiral of depression, buys a farm and marries his sister. Then one day,when he's busy boozing at the bar with Jeff, the (of course) designated driver, and they see on the news that Pokey has come back or whatever, and Ness would simply say to all the other barflies: "Hey! I beat that sonuvagun once. It was glorious." And then his cronies would tell him to shut up you dunken redneck, at which point Ness would pass out. Jeff would drive him home to the farm, where Tracy would be waiting with the hogs, sighing at her brother's lament. Meanwhile, Paula would be estranged from Ness and his buds, and would tour the world in a yacht with her rich husband. Who would save the wrld from Pokey, though? Well, that wouldn't really matter, because the game would be all about Ness' drunken exploits across Onett, from stealing the neighbor's horse to impregnating the Mayor's daughter.

And if some newbie named Flint were to take on all of those roles by himself wih a new crappy misfit band, he would simply be crushed by the tasks at hand because we wouldn't be able to relate with the new blood.


Flint is too serious

I would rather see Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo in EB64/M3. Flint looks cool and all, but the game looks far too serious now. If I wanted a serious RPG, I would play FF8. I like EB because of the silly humor. It's just a thought.

P.S.- Giygas is cooler than the pig army. :P


Who is Flint?

I've formed a couple of opinions on Flint based on different (conflicting) information I've heard about the game.

First, if the game takes place in the past (one of the earlier rumors about its setting, now debunked, I think), I wouldn't be surprised if Flint is George (Ninten/Ness' Great-grandfather). Failing him, possibly George's son or grandson (Ness' grandfather and father, respectively).

Now, based on more recent rumors, if the game takes place in the next decade after Mother 2 (as Mother 2 takes place ten years after Mother), Flint could very well be Ness. I mean, at the oldest, this would make Ness 32 (Ness 13 in 1990, 32 in 2009). Flint looks like he could be 32, or possibly younger.

In conclusion, I apologize for all the parenthetical comments.


The best I could force...

He no sound fun, No, Yes, Yes.


I eat your souls!

I guess I don't really care much about the main character being Flint in Mother 3. Sure, it's cool to see new characters, but having the old crew in 3D and junk would be sweet. So overall, I'd rather not have new characters, I AM just typing this to satisfy Skulryk's unending thirst for poor breakfast food's souls, and yes, Flint IS a drunken hick farmer who eats cabbage with his eggnog.


Flint just doesn't work

I think having Flint in the game would send the ratings down. I mean, I loved having a kid like me expressing his rage against hippies by using PSI and watching all the funky colors swirl around. In this case, Flint will have lame magic to throw at the guys. Whooey. I want Ness, Paula, and Jeff but not poo because his weapons were too hard to find. So... Down with Flint!


Flint = Ness...?

Here is the theory about Flint I had that nobody ever believed. You see, Flint is really Ness. You see, after the events of EarthBound, Ness became so famous that he actually had to move and change his name. That is just my theory though.



I cry every night knowing that Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo won't be in it. Flint is an awesome name, and it's too new age to be a hick's name. If he was a hick his name would be Billy Bob George or something crazy like that. I'd say Flint's parent's are either Hippies or scientists. After all Flint is a rock.



Flint sounds like a very dumb idea, at least in my opinion. Do we want the game that we have been waiting ages for to star some backroad hillbilly? I bet Flint's vehicle of choice would be a beat-up red pickup truck with a Confederate flag painted on the hood and a CB radio installed.


Amazing! Someone who likes Flint! (yay!)

I think this change to Flint is wonderful. It opens so many possibilities to bring back Ness! Think of Back to the Future Three, when the Doc comes back at the end. Was that not just plain awesome? Plus, the Earthbound games have had a tinge of the supernatural and a hint that there is something bigger than you and I could ever imagine. This superficial annoyance with Flint, I believe will be the key ( i hope ) to Mother 3. But I could be wrong and Flint is just a idiot.


More drunken hick farmers

Flint is a crappy name. I think Flint is a drunken hick farmer.


no comment...

Greetings, Skulleries. I r Frank. I hope Flint is just like 'Frank' in Mother2. Because Frank is cool and all, and he 0wnz j00 ph00!!!




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