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Well, I got rather... INTERESTING results from this one. Since I only recieved 2 (for now,) I guess I'll post them, no matter how strange or bad they are. Maybe think twice before submitting next time... ^_^

Um... yeah.

From the looks of it, Spaceworld sounds alot similar to Tommorowland, at Disneyland in Southern California. Space would be different though. Unlike Tommorowland, Spaceworld has a "space," theme.

Both lands have the same wacky themes. They will probably be announced near the same dates too. Tommorowland is currently being remodeled. When I was there they were adding new inventions and things like that. Tommorowland closed in the 70's, because of lack of content. In the 70's they were showing "fax machines," and early laptop's, and inventions like that. When the inventions became household items, it was time for a new "tommorow land."

Anyway, Spaceworld be be like that. Did I mention Spaceworld would be in space? The engineers in Earthbound world are currently working on a gravitation balancer. The gravitation balancer, also known as the GB has a tendency to make the test dummies implode and reform into little green balls named "Taco." The project should be complete rather soon, and the folks at Earthboundland are rather pleased with themseleves. Thank you for you time.

Casey Toner


mmm... Mother 3 @ Spaceworld




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