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Sweeeeeeeeet! This is the best fan thoughts topic yet! And I'm still getting more! Even though it's closed, send in as many as you can, they're great!


They have to include Starmen in Earthbound 64! It would be wrong if they didn't! I mean, Starmen are basically the mascot of Earthbound (a Starman DX is on the cover of the Player's Guide and a Final Starman is on the cover of the game box). Nintendo would be out of their minds not to include Starmen!!! As for other enemies, I think they should include things like the Runaway Dog and some of the Sanctuary Guardians (like Titanic Ant or Mondo Mole). But, from the looks of the screenshots I've seen, all I've seen are pig enemies, which seems kind of lame. So let's keep hoping!


*Deep voice* A starman... is a LADIES man

I think that the Starmen are the coolest enemies ever in any game. And they've got that smooth metalic finish that drives the ladies wild...


I'd like to see Starman Jr. in 3d, actually

I believe that certain enemies in the game should have the same kind of goofiness that all Mother/Earthbound games have. Also, what would a Mother/Earthbound be without Starman Jr.? He's a real pest, because he always returns somehow. I think that Earthbound 64 might also be more serious in enemy selection this time. For instance, there might be enemies with more detail than the last games.

EB Minion

What else can I say? Its a cool poem.

Starmen,Spheres,U.F.O's galore!!!
Booka's,Fobbies,slimey piles and more!!
Pokey should be there,
That's surely true.
But some of them must be entirely new.

Jared Scott

That's one tough sprout...

I think that Mobile Sprout will be the only enemy in the game that can't be beaten... If somehow you DO beat him he gives you an item that spreads a virus in your game and explodes your Jumper/Expansion pack.


Reid's pants wearin starman...

I think there should be very, very, very difficult starmen with neat names, like "Infinite Starman" or"Golden starman"


Evil clones and everything...

Well, from what I've seen, there will be Pig Warriors, sometype of a Wolf Head...I forgot the rest. If Pokey is the villan, then there won't be any Starmen...And there will be an evil clone of me, exept the clone will look like I do today, and I had an alergec reaction to something, so my face is all puffy, and I will be known as "Puffy EarthBound Lover". How do I know this? Shigesto just took my DNA sample.


Earthbound 64 animation: Magically delicious

Just don't repeat what nintendo did with pokemon stadium where each pokemon used the same animation for an attack. I want to see a hippie brush his teeth in a GrOoVy sort of way, and the annoying old party man be very careful with his dentures. And since the N64 is way more powerful and can hold more stuff, don't have a lot of enemies who have copies that are a different color and harder to kill. We want originality here people!

Try to bring back some of the enemies, but don't bring back their copy if they have one, such as a pitbull slug, etc. Well, a few might be ok.

And the enemies should also be constantly doing something while you battle, like waving their tentacles or whatever, such as FF8 does during batle sequences.

Waaaaa! Karate Saturn!

Spencer Worobec

Heh... awesome!

EarthBound has become famous for its individuality and imaginitive stuff. So I think, in my humble opinion, that the EB crew will come up with a new cast of enemies, even more outrageous than the New-Age Retro Hippie. Something like OverOxegenated Fish, or Angered Pants, or Greedy Russan Czar... I think we can expect EB 64 (The Japanese version - if worse comes to even worse, which then comes to worser) to be new and interesting.

In otherwords, "'Dey gonna 'ave new stuff 'nd make us fit'em so's 'dat we cun 'ave a good tuhme.

- Unrecognisable Signature -

Dr Matt, MD

Well, I wouldn't go that far, but starmen rule.

There HAS to be Starmen! No Starmen=No fun in EB!!! I mean, c'mon, the Starmen are half the reason people play the game!!! Starmen all the way!

Starman Kyle

Lotsa cool stuff here.

O.K. here are my thoughts. In both EarthBound Zero and EarthBound, there were certain kinds of enemies. These were....

- freaked-up humans (big, angry ladies, gang members, paranoid farmers, drunkards, evil scientists with a facial problem, and weird neighborhood guys)

- Starmen (but of course!)

- Mooks (Mook, Oh-Mook, Lesser Mook, Senior Mook)

- undead (zombies, ghosts, possessed things, Shroudleys)

- assorted animals (crows, dogs, snakes, spiders.... etc., etc., etc.)

- insane vehicles (cars, trucks, taxis)


- animated inanimate objects (Sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? Mystical Records, nooses, etc.)

Well, being another in the Mother/EarthBound series, I think that EarthBound 64 ought to have some enemies from each of these catergories, plus some brand-new ones. EB0 had weird alien creatures (Gabilan) and funny faces (Momseyes, Groucho, etc.); EB had weird geometric pyromaniacs (Carefree Bomb) and electro-spirits (Conducting Menace, Conducting Spirit); EB64 should have some original enemies of its own too. A nice little mix!

Besides, we still have to see Last Ghost of Final Blue Starman Super Deluxe Junior! Only then will the Starman experience be complete! That's all I have to say.


Farmer guy from EB0?

Enemies? Well, I think I should be an enemy. I can be evil and disgruntalled too! Don't laugh! I'm serious! Forget it.... I'd just screw up the game. Maybe hippies and hopefully that farmer guy from the EB Zero. But I still think I'd have made a good enemy.


Yes... interesting... uhh...

Isn't obvious what monsters are gonna be in mother 3. Two words: MAD DUCK, i have a feeling that they will be a major enemy in Mother 3, this is because 1,000,000's of people are dying to discover what it makes "spin",and because of 3d battle animation (i hope)we will see the motion of the duck's attack (i suspect a 3 stooge like "spin-on-the-floor" type of thing. Also, there will be an all star cast of starmen (every colour in the spectrum) and an army of zombified Mr. Saturns. There will no-doubt be hundreds of cloned evil buzz-buzzes, and not mad taxis, but rather mad wire cars and public buses and millions of pokemon to kill (because they're evil). And to top it all off after defeating whatever evil force is present in Mother 3, you will find it was really Ness's father in disguise, and allthough dead you finally get to see his face, he is then revived and purified by Healing PURPLE cultists.

Until next time: Boing! Ding!


Hmm... cool...

I think it would be cool to see an evil copy of eve, or maybe some enemies somehow transported from magicant although that makes very little sense. They could work something out though. I also think it would be cool if there were enemies you couldn't kill using conventional powers or weapons and had to use everyday things, like maybe there would be an enemy you could defeat by flashing a light at him, maybe some more exotic things than that but the idea would be a little more like how in pok�mon, you couldn't get past the ghost at the top of the pok�mon tower without a silph scope.


Yup. Dragons.

DRAGONS! HUUUGE 3D dragons! With special attacks like fire, and pounding on the floor with their huge feet, blowing you away with their wings, that would be fantastic! And there is one dragon in the game who you can posess! If you fight it and win from it, you can call it in a fight and be him! That would be super-duper-funtastic!(did i just say that?)


Yay! Man eating cars!

Of course there should be returning enemies! It's what makes the games so interesting, and they smetimes become the "unnoficial" mascots! The smoking crow is a defenait stay, it must remain in the games! Other enemies could me man-eating cars (hehe) mad washing machines!! (O_o)

Melanie Par.


I say they just give all the enemies the body of Yoshi and the head of Leonardo DiCaprio and make all the enemies braindead. And make the final boss Pokey,who's even easier than the Yoshi-Leo hybrids. This way, they spend less time programming A.I. and can create great environments and create great characters while giving gamers an actual reason to go on...Besides, who hasn't ever wanted to bash a Yoshi w) a Leo head?


Something completely different. Mr. Potato Head.

I think that yes there should be more starmen!

Matt Moore

Mutato: The BEST genetically altered potatoes... ever!!!

First of all it is impossible to get rid of Starmen. Second I saw a picture of a New Age Retro Hippie. Third I saw something about The PorkBean Army, Slime Slaves, & I saw a ton of pictures of mutated animals.

The Psycotic Little Toaster

Everyone loves starmen!

I think they should have some NEAR-small enemies like the Old Party Man for the beginning of the game to get some fast levels. I mean, in Mother 2, think about how long it took to gain the first 8 levels in the Onett Wildlife and the Sharks? About 45 minutes, give or take a few, right? Well, If you were getting about 50 exp per battle in the first place, you'd get those levels faster! Basically, they should move up half a step or so so that players can get those first levels faster without wasting their precious time they COULD be using saving the world (or in Mother 3's case, taking out the pig king). They should also include the starmen, just because they were the coolest enemies in M2. As long as they don't put that stupid Carbon/Diamond Dog back in there, I'm fine. That's all!



Well, basically there should be a big freakin' lampost with two eyes walking around...that's about the only thing missing from the EB enemy series except for a man eating mail box...heh.


Evil sneezy people...

I think some enemies from EarthBound Zero that weren't brought into EarthBound should be put into EarthBound 64. (Although I wouldn't like to see the people that sneeze on you and give you a cold, outside of battle, brought into it) Starmen rule and HAVE to be brought into EarthBound 64, as aforementioned (Why do you think the people voted to change it to Starmen.Net?).


Earthbound Zero has many weird things.

I believe the most influential enemy from the Mother/Earthbound series is none other than Wally. Why are you angry Wally? And who the heck are you anyways? Picking on little kids. He has to be in the game.And Starmen better be in the game... and Ill agree with Dr. Matt: Angered Pants.... THATS IT! Wally must be wearing Angered Pants, that's why he's so mad! Oh wait, hes wearing overalls....nevermind.

Mighty Bear Seven

I'm sure there'll be some good stuff in it!

I don't know why, but I have these inklings that Earthbound 64's enemies are going to stray quite a bit from the silliness (but still funness) of Earthbound and Earthbound Zero. As of right now, I expect no Starmen. The theme, so far, of EB64 is about trying to defeat what seems to be an oppressive pig king of sorts. Of course, this may evolve into a much greater "save the world" plot, like Final Fantasy VII.

So, as of the time being, Flint will not fight Annoying Party Men, but the soldiers of a twisted government. He can destroy Mad Taxies and Criminal Caterpillers when the world's at a REAL crisis.

Doushi Josh Z

The world is not enough. Starmen are.

I want Starmen! they are one of the major parts of earthbound and NEED to be in earthbound 64 or at least make and apearance.


You scare me.

RICHARD SIMMONS!!!! There is no worse enemy then Richard Simmons. Well, maybe Jerry Springer...



I think that a starman from the Past will come and start a fight with Ness. And get this, he will be sent from Pokey Jr..

I saw in a screenshot(well actually, in a bunch of screenshots) pictures of pig-like buildings and enemies. I always knew they were built and sent by/for Pokey, so then I thought well this is the sequel ,the future of this game so maybe the Big enemy is Pokey's son.

Zachary Premack

The syndicate is watching

What i am REALLY expecting is for some of the shining spot bosses to returning. But not as major bosses...maybe as minor bosses (such as Everdread, Carpainter, Department Store Spook). It would also be cool if one of them did a complete 180� and help the main characters. I would also like to see all the same enemies, with the exeption of a few, who shall remain nameless.....


Mmmm... peanuty window goodness...

Well, first of all, I'd like to say, I hope they bring back the "flavors" of windows. I think that was a great idea.As far as enemies go, I think they should keep all the human enemies (Old Party Man, New Age Retro Hippie), and of course, they should make an enemy, like Belome in SMRPG, that can clone your characters. Now THAT would be good.

Knuckle Joe

You engage the Hippie!

I think the Hippies and Starmen will return because they were in Mother 1/2.

Eric Clements

Cute, lovable, marketable starmen!

I think the Starmen will be back because everyone loves them and they ROCK!!!




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