A few words from Skulryk...

Ok! Here's the results for the first topic, Pokey in Mother 3. Thanks to everyone who sent them in! I got a bunch more this time. The Pokey topic will go on until Friday (12/24/99) so be sure to get 'em in.

Now for a comment from the future, thanks for sending them in, and enjoy the new batch! Skulryk

Letter from the Future...

I think that Pokey WILL, in fact be in EB 64 as both a supporting character(assistant to evil beings) and as a boss(a la Heavily Armed Pokey in EB). Also, I believe Pokey will be the same age as before, hence the letter from the future in the original EB.

Mike Ferreia

Hope for option 2

My thoughts on Pokey in Mother 3 are as follows, in two different scenarios...

1.) He won't be in it. If they're seeking to alienate the fans of the first game, what better way than to axe all former characters, a la Final Fantasy? True, Dr. Andonuts is supposed to be in the game, but I don't see too much place for Pokey to fit into it.

2.) Or, what I hope.. the Pig Army, whatever it's final name may be, may be a slowly gathering army for Pokey in the past-future to wrest control of the world, as before, except this time with himself at the top rather than Giygas. I sincerely hope that Pokey makes an appearance as a villain, but considering their statements about Mother 3, it seems like it may be unlikely.. pity.


Not a final boss...

I think Pokey WILL make an appearance, though he will have a bit more minor role. It doesn't seem that he will be the Final Boss, nor do I think he should be. Actually, I don't really see what Pokey's role could be. It seems that maybe he sends to pig enemies as shown in the screen shots and the movie, but maybe Flint and the other character team up with Pokey to take on a greater evil: the often mentioned Evil Power. I don't Pokey could become the next Evil Power, and I also doubt Pokey would fail to make an appearance at all. Giegue returned as Giygas.

I think that Pokey could not be a Final Boss is because 1. You only encounter the Final boss once throughout the game, Pokey will play a bit more active role, 2. Pokey may merely be a minion of the 'Pig King' I doubt he could surmount as much power without the help of Giygas, actually Giygas WAS pokey's power in compilatation with some Alien Technology. Although time will tell the truth, (hopefully) my ideas are just those that deal with what Pokey won't be, because that's all we know!


Oh no, he's back!

Maybe the part in the story of the meteor crashing has to do with Pokey. You never know - he just might be the pig king, and came from 199X to 21XX or whatever to wreak havoc on the future...?


Attack of the Mr. Saturns

I think that pokey will come and attack you multiple times, but not being a final boss. But he will make an aperance in the final show down. As a strong enemy but really he is a Giygas in disguise. Then Mr. Saturn will come and finish off the final boss.

Mr. Saturn

Pokey Pig

Here is a thought: Maybe this "pig king" is an even more overweight POKEY that looks like a pig. Also Pokey seems to like pigs eg. "pig's butt" Who Knows?


Pokey and Giygas together again

This is about the pokey thing. I think pokey willl make an appereance. Here is my reasons. First off, in earth bound, I always did think he looked and acted like a pig, so he should have some role with the pig army. All EB games are connected in many ways. First there is always the evil alien(the one in ebz, the one in eb, and what I think to be the one in eb64, I also think it will be the same alien as in before mentioned games, since they are all the same person with different spelling of a name)that can be harmed by music and wants to destory the world,take it over or just annoy people. Now that I think about it, the game never really says his plan. Music again is a connection. Comic like text and charecters. So this is why I think pokey should and will be in EB64. At the end of the game it states that pokey is gone.and not to mention the letter. SO here is my theory. In EBZ Giygas leaves vowing revenge. In EB Giygas is destroyed/(insert wierd theory that ape/rare/nintendo could never think of in the first place) and pokey leaves and leaves the note. In EB64 it starts out with something making an odd noise which makes Clint go investigate. Here is what I think happens. (insert EBZ story and EB story here) and then you defeat Giygas and after his sad death/whatever you go home and watch a scene involving picky. Now this is where guessing starts. I think Giygas didn't die. I think Giygas(EBZ) flew off(duh) and started war on earth, causing Buzz Buzz(by the way it's just a comic name) to travel back in time(of course all bees of the future are supa smart) and tell ness yadda yadda......starman.............death....... then ness defeats giygas, and everything is happy. Pokey leaves. something making wierd noises 10 years later. I am saying a space ship, which is Giygas's and pokey(who helped resurrect him), and they start planning there actions for revenge. Pokey starts his pig army. and Giygas starts his stuff. Pokey is the leader of the pig army. I don't know whether this is a theory on Giygas or Pokey after all this, but it seems right.


The proof is in the games

Pokey will be in Mother 3! my proof, lets look at Super Smash Brothers shall we? That game hinted to every game that would soon come out for N64. it even had Ness in it (proving that Ness will be in it). If you notice Ness's different costums changes, one is just like Pokeys outfit, If my memorey serves me correctly....

2.) Pokey is a well built character, he would be a perfect canident to be in Mother 3.

-ZZbenco (who am I? I don't even know anymore...)

Pig obsession...

I think that Pokey will indeed be in EB64. In EB, my opinion is that Pokey and Giygas were slowly changing places, without Pokey knowing it. Like Giygas was seeping into Pokey. So you actually destroyed Pokey, instead of Giygas. That would explain all the weird babbling at the end. So Giygas escapes, in the form of Pokey. And since I believe Giegue (from EB0) and Giygas are the same, Giygas/Giegue would then be in all 3 games. I agree with Goldsaturn that Pokey will be (more) piglike and fatter because of his odd obsession with pigs. The pigs accept Pokey/Giygas, and using his mind control and own version of PSI, he changes them into his new set of minions.



I definitely think pokey is the pig king. Why? Because someone in EB (I think the guy w/ the helicopter who works for Montoli) refers to Pokey as "a pig wearing clothes." Or at least my dog thinks so.

The Child of Mr Saturn

Pokey: Back and bigger than ever...

About Pokey, IS EVERYONE BLIND??? POKEY SAID HE WOULD HAVE HIS REVENGE AT THE END OF EB ON SNES, AND HE WILL BE BACK!!! Not as a final boss, but he will be repeatedly be behind smaller events like Paula's kidnapping. I do agree with the idea that he may be with this "Pig King" everyone is talking about, but he will simply be an accomplice, and not a leader.


Letter from the Future (2)

Everyone remembers the letter than Pokey sens you after you defeat Giygas. That should be enough to get him a good role in Mother 3 but Ness isn't in it, so I doubt that Pokey will be either! I hate you Flint...

Starman Delight

Fat man Pokey's revenge

I think that pokey on fact will return in this game. Why you may ask it's simple the letter in eb. It clearly states that pokey s gonna take another shot. I don't know how and it really isent safe to assume anything at the moment. But I don't think he will return as the pig king maybe a helper like with gygas. Let's just hope this game get's released for 64 or GC.


A smaller role (but a bigger person)

I think that having Pokey in Mother 3 would be a good idea, but to keep him to a minimal role. If he became too prominent of a villain, it would make the game too similar to Earthbound. Maybe have him bumped off a third of the way through the game, or see the light and stop his evil ways or something. It wouldn't be Earthbound without him, but it would be too much like Earthbound (the actual game) with him being the main villain.


Pokey = sequel

Pokey in Mother 3. That's the way it should be. Pokey in Mother 3 would be enough to make it a true sequel for me. There are many things they could do with him in the game. Maybe something having to do with Picky. Of course he would have to be the final boss. The possibilities really are endless.

-Pineapple Kid

(Insert topic here)

I want Pokey to be in M3, just so (insert heroes here) can kick his butt. When I saw the end of EB, I was hoping there would be one last battle where you could take Pokey out. Darn.


Pokey the Pig King

I definately believe that Pokey will be in Mother 3. From what I understand the title was to be Earthbound 64(obviously not 64 anymore): Death of the Pig King. Pokey I believe has been called "a boy with the face of a pig," and as of the end of Earthbound, Pokey was the most powerful evil being still out there. Now, since he said he would return and he is a very powerful and important evil pig person, I think it's safe to say that he is the Pig King that the title refers to.


Woo hoo! A different viewpoint!

Mother 3, as we all can tell, is an entirely new game with entirely new characters. (Yes, there are a few character models of Dr. Andonuts, Mr. Saturn, and Ness, but my guess is that these are just in there to test out the EarthBound style in a 3D world; I really doubt that Ness or any of the others could be in this game next to (the REALLY REALLY cool characters who everyone STUPID seems to hate) Flint, Ryukka, and Kraus.) So really, why do we assume Pokey could be in it? There aren't any screenshots or renders of a 3D Pokey for Mother 3. Where did we get this ideas?! And some people have this set plan that the "Pig King" is really Pokey. Um, urgh... huh-what? I mean, the idea is possible; that Pokey time-travelled back to the 4th century to take over the world with an army of pigmen after being foolishly defeated by Ness and co. But why bring back Pokey if you've already got so much else that's so great and different and new in Mother 3? Final Fantasy never brought back any of its characters (besides the moogles and chocobos), so why should EarthBound? I personally think that EarthBound's greatest flaw is its main plot and main characters; you're an average, faceless kid, saving the world because you're supposedly the chosen one with lotsa' power. Like we haven't seen THIS done before. >-( EarthBound Zero FAR surpasses in this department; the story of Maria falling in-love with an alien who shatters her song across space and time, and you, her great-grandson, must not only recover her song, but follow in her husband's footsteps to become a powerful user of PSI; it's priceless. If Mother 3 went back to using lame enemies like Pokey and a lame plot like "taking over the world with an army of pigmen", I really wouldn't enjoy it, and I really do hope that Mr. Itoi decides to do what I think he's gonna' do; create an entirely new game with an entirely new story. It just HAS to happen, and it'd be SO boring to play the same old thing in 3D, my friends. Ugh, what a drag.


Both possible

Interesting topic, hard to decide as to if Pokey will be in Mother 3, though.

It's pretty much 50/50. At first guess, I'd say no, because of the fact Mother 3 has completely new characters and most likely a different storyline about things not related to Mother 2.

On the other hand, Pokey said he would return in the end of Mother 2. And the fact Mother 3 is called "Return of Pigman" or something of the like, it seems likely.

So it's basically a matter of opinion. And Itoi.


Pokey is the boss

I believe that Pokey will show up as a major boss in Mother 3. He will probably leave clues and such for you throughout the game as a trick to lure you into the lair of a boss that you have to do more than "Pray" to defeat. And, of course, he will be extremely annoying.


Cool idea

Namely Pokey should return as this "pig-king". (I'm totally in the dark about Mother 3) But with PSI now. Why well here's my theory.

You see Pokey is probably evil because he traded in his conciense and innocence to Giygas for raw power. He did get he wanted and this could explain all weird things Giygas says when you fight him. Apparently, Pokey's innocence was still trying to reach Ness but by the time Giygas died it was too late. Why would Giygas want Pokey's innocence? Because he could sense a great evil inside Pokey being blocked by his conceince. While working for Giygas, Pokey did some research on the past of Giygas.

This explains why he knows so much. Now with Giygas destroyed, Pokey is ready to move on serving another evil creature while being this "pig-king" I also think that these pigs mutated him into more of a bloated half-human half-pig creature so that can represent their greatness better to all of mankind. Tell me what think of my idea.


Cool, someone who remembers the birth of fanthoughts

Wow, i remember this topic. Anywho, I do think Pokey will be in Mother 3 as one of the lesser villians, but may come back up near the end of the game as a much much bigger villian. He may just have some very small part in the game, but I'm going to say, if he is actually in the game, that he would be a bigger character, just like in Mother 2. I think he may be stronger, and might even know a bit of PSI. I'm not sure, but here's hoping. I'd like to beat the crap out of his fat pudgy body again...

- Rovin

Fun Fanthoughts

Pokey is in Mother 3, and i know for a fact he is. not only that, but i think its a good idea. In the earthbound 64 discussion board, tomato posts how he translated some old untranslated interview with itoi, i think, and it says that pokey is in mother 3 other wise there would be no point. Also, I believe video games should have some connection. In regards to schulchz, i think what your name is, saying that Final Fantasy has no connection between the storys so why should earthbound? Because, simply, earthbound is good, final fantasy isnt. What would be the point of having a game with no reacurring characters, not taking place in the same world, or even have a similar story, but still call them the same game? None, another reason why pokey is inside Mother 3. I am not nessicarily saying that Pokey is the King Pig, but its highly possible, because isnt the title "Mother 3:the fall of the big king" or somethinglike that? Maybe this is the final stand of Pokey, i mean he is only human.

Moonside Mr. Sinister

Fat Pig Mother 3

Pokey is a fat pig who likes to be a sidekick. So of course he'll be in Mother 3. That didn't make sense, did it.. but keep saying "fat pig mother 3" in a chant and you'll figure it out.


The evil hated Pokey

I think Pokey very well may be the same as in Mother 2. A henchman to the hidden, evil last boss. I think you might be able to fight him once or twice throughout the game. To even further the cliches, he might be brainwashed at the end. I wouldn't want to see Pokey in Mother 3 because, well, I hate Pokey, he's the kid no one wants to be, or be around. He also might be the ruler of the "pigs" that were shown in early screens. Enough of my rambling, ja!



I think it would be a great idea!!




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