Minigames Fanthoughts

I apoligize many many many many times for how incredibly shamefully late this update is. I simply put it off and put it off, and I apoligize for not only not updating for such a long time, but leaving a rather wimpy topic with it. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Now, with the fanthoughts, I think that there were a good amount. My thoughts on it? I think that Mother 3 will have a whole lot more minigames than the previous installments. They won't be a big dominant thing, but I think we'll see interesting and innovative stuff. Itoi's really smart, I'm sure he'll figure stuff out.

And now, on with the fanthoughts!

Not a big part

I really don't think mini-games play a big part in RPGs, and so I really don't think they would in Mother 3. I mean, there could POSSIBLY be some mini-games... but... um? There's a screenshot (or two) of the organ grinder + his monkey in the village with these 2 weird pink heart meters, all of this gathering a big crowd. This MIGHT be some kind of mini-game. I don't know, it's all very odd and mysterious, as most of the unreleased Mother 3 was.


Whack a Mr. Saturn

There could be a bop-a-Mr.Saturn game. Mr. Saturn resemble moles, sort of. Fobby football would be cool. I don't know exactly how it would work, but the "ball" would probably walk around on its own whenever it landed. It would also try to brainshock you, but it wouldn't work very well.

A couple good things

As for Mother 1 and 2 they lacked mini games. But I bet they will probly use mini games in Mother 3. Such as the pork bean they might have races with them. And they might bring back the slot machine guys. They will keep the mini games slim still probly. But a few good mini games will make up for it.


Cool stuff

I would have a minigame sort of like the one in Oracle of ages, where a ball is thrown at you and you have to hit it back at the targets! Also there should be a minigame like the one in Pokemon Stadium, you khow the game where you have to garden at just the right time? well Ness and them are walking through a cave and Starmen are shooting Psi starstorm at them and they have to put up a shield around themselves (poo helps jeff) at just the right time to deflect it, and they can't have it on to long or they faint from the use of power!!! Also maybe there would be a race! Yah a race! You would get a skip sandwhich Deluxe and then race with other people to the finish line and if you get first you win a wad of cash which gets the run away five out of whatever problem they may be having! From the closest thing to reality you can get... Virtualboy

Main game over minigames

I can imagine that there will be mini games in any new EB game. This has been the trend for many RPG's since the time EB was released.

However whilst mini games are a good release i'm personally against they're widescale use. They detract from the main game and you end up with a cheapened experience (anyone whos played DK64 will understand what i mean - you can have too much mini games). But maybe one or two simple but addictive mini games would certainly be fun additions and i'm certain we'll get them.

The mine cart ride looked like it had the potential to give a "mini game feeling" in the main game environment, but in none of the other shots i've seen have i seen any blatently obvious mini games - this is good because the main game should be the focus.


Mario Party EB Style?

Mini games have worked well for a lot of games, whether it be Pokemon Stadium, Banjo Kazooie or even some of the upcoming GameCube games. Having a 4-player games, even if there's only mini games, is much better than having the same game without mini games. So what's the harm in putting them in?

I like the idea, and it could do A LOT for the game.

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