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Well, I'm sorry for the late update, but here it is! I recieved a TON! I'm just sad that I'm so... bogged down with work to update (yeah, that's it!)

Ok, so I don't wanna admit I'm lazy. Shhhhhhh.


Letter from the future

On the current fan thought topic, I suspect that the noise was Pokey, who aborted from when Ness defeated Gygas, will be found. He will more than likely pretend to be kind, in order to be accepted so he can eat their food. After that happens, you can bet he will ditch. Just remember that in the last game, Pokey said he would come back, so Pokey should be somewhere in the 64 game.

Maybe he whent further into the past, to find Ness's ggfather to make sure Ness was never born,or something.

PSI FIRE omega


First off Flint and the two twins begin the adventure by attacking the pig army, after a big boss battle where they fight an evil General, the "meteorite" that Flint examined before releases three very Powerful Starmen. These Starmen want to assasinate Pokey. At that point in the game, you take control of the three Starmen and continue the adventure. Well, that's at least what I think. Controlling Starmen would be way cool. I think somewhere in the plot they should have you control a Mr. Saturn as well. I wanna know what kind of attacks they use.


That seems kinds boring, even with new bosses...

I think It would be cool if it was the same plot as mother2 but with more "your sanctuary" locations with the same bosses built like cyborgs but also with new bosses too. But if it's in chapters there could be like 6 your sanctuary locations per chapter along with minor bosses and like a robotic Buzz-Buzz and stuff.


Sure, it's long, but he worked hard on it.

EB64 should have a crazy storyline, here are some key things that should happen.........

1. In every town there is (or should be) a arcade that will let you play a few games (the first town has Tetris, Mario Bros. {the arcade game not the classic NES} and Donkey Kong) but to them you gotta go on sidequests.

2. Pigs should vanish from farms, the main characters find out that aliens abducted them.

3. Soon starmen(now only having a pig symbol on the "chest") start evading towns with "starpigs"

4. The Heros find out the aliens are heading towards the ocean! The heros catch a ride on the "nintanic"

5.On the nintanic the heros meet more cameos then you can imagine. (Some include Paula, Kirby, Wario, Everdred, Samus Aran, Regis Philbin, Picky and last but not least..... Donkey Kong)

6. they stop in summers, they get out and then go through areas that you saw in Mother 2.

Ending: After the game is won you see Ness, Mario, Pikachu, Yoshi, Link and Kirby going through this cinema that takes place in a nice fancy room.

(in script format)

Ness(really mad): I can't believe it! I don't even get a cameo in this sequel to earthbound on Nintendo 64 after I wait this long.

Mario: You are starting to sound like Luigi!

Pikachu: Pika! Pikachu! Chu! (translate: Look on the bright side at least it came out!)

Ness: Thanks, but still....

Link: Ness look at it this way, you got to be with the best of us in Super Smash Brothers, and that is a great honor.

Yoshi: And at least you got EB64 in full 3-D!

Pikachu:(whispering): pika, pi, ka, chu, pikachu, chu. (Mario, you should bring them in right now.)

Mario (whispering): Okey- dokey.

Kirby: Well Ness, look.....

(Ness Bangs his bat on a table)

Kirby: (hums Ness victory music from Super Smash Brothers)

Ness: (now a little calm) How did you know that?

Kirby: You Know you beat me a few times in Super Smash Brothers.

(Main Characters enter)

Pikachu: pika! pikachu pikachu! (Smile your on N64 camera!)

Mario: Momma Mia! Look who's here!

Flint: I want to say that on my way here, I saw someone who I think you should see.....

(Pokey Breaks through wall)

Pokey: I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Mario: Oh no! Now we have to wait for mother 4!

Yoshi: Well at least it might be on Dolphin.......

Pikachu: Pika! pikachu. pi! ka! (Well we might have had Super Smash Brothers 2 by then.)

Ness: (ignores the fact that he might be in Super Smash Brothers 2)

(cut to a view of Pokey and Ness glaring at eachover)

(fade to credits)

(at end of credits)

Special thanks to, Who sent in a petition.

To be continued????

(fade to a place with a computer that tells you about the petition that sent in, a book with the names of everyone who signed it, a snes console that lets you play Mother 2, a gmeboy color that tells you that EB Zero will come out with Mother 2 together on Game Boy Advance)*

*= this option to go to the room is now able to be visited from the main menu.



First of all, the plot HAS to involve Pokey in someway. He seemed so revengeful at the end of Earthbound, and I think he's going to take action. So if Pokey is in it, Ness has to be in it too, right? Anyway, I think the plot will involve Flint meeting up with Ness somehow (Ness will probably be grownup) and asking for help on saving the world. Ness, who has experience on saving the world from the last game, will join Flint's group and together they'll vanquish Pokey once and for all!


Yay, nice and short.

I think Ness will return, because at the end of Mother 2, Pokey says that he's sure he will meet ness again.

eric clements

And the ever so famous... CPTCRUNCH!

Well, don't tell anyone, but risking life and limb I managed to smuggle a prototype copy of the Mother 3 storyline from Nintendo HQ in Kyoto. Unfortunately, it was in Japanese, so I had Mr. John Paul*, who has never actually been to Japan but does own the book "Dave Barry Does Japan", translate them for me. So here it is:

Flint and his god** walk the finest. Then them jump in lake big and fight bad fish persons. Past the red hut. Then find big glow sword and bet up by Pooky. Pooky steel big glow sword. Flint and his god must find sword or cause large occurrance!

(Skipping ahead for the sake of space)

The god lifes Flint and Flint destroy bad Pooky monster. All live happy never after!

So as we can see, it's a deep and involving plot. Next, I intend to sneak in and try to recover the original clay models used in EarthBound. Well, that's more of a long-term goal. The next thing I intend to do is eat some ding-dongs.

- CPTCrunch

* Not his real name.
** I'm pretty sure where it says "god" it ought to say "dog".

Everyone wants Ness!

I think Ness should be in EB64 because without him it just don't feel right.

Ness star's in two EB games and in EB64

They put 3 new people And won't even include Ness?! I just don't get it.


Earthbound falling into FF Frenzy.

First off all I have something to say. I belive that nintendo is trying to do to earthbound as they did to the Final Fantasy series different characters every game so I don't believe that Ness, Pokey or Gitgas will be in it. Maybe Mr. Saturn(Like the chocobos Universal Charaters) and maybe Andonts (Like Cid also a universal charachter). The story will be on a whole new planet and as I said with a whole new cast of characters. The noise in the wood's are caused by starmen sent by the pig king why you have to figure out while you play. From the pics I have seen the game does look's like it is in the past/furistic. The only bummer that I see about this is the reason I loved earthbound not the characters, not the enemies but the fact that it is an RPG based in modern times.

"The Devils Machine"

M3/EB64 Fan Thought

Consider if you will. A man takes his kids and dog to go into the woods to investigate a noise. But they encounter strange creatures, unlike they've ever seen. Unknown to them, these creatures are the demons that haunt their minds, and have escaped into a new dimension. A dimension known only as... The Twilight Zone. (Deedeedeedo deedeedeedo)


Very interesting...

When you read the Hieroglyph Copy, it says that Giygas is an evil that arises every 1,000 years, or something like that. Seeing as EB64 looks like it happens a very, very long time ago, I think it might be the last time that that evil cropped up.

PSI Master


First of all, check your pants for starmen.... Okay there was a plastic figure in a mother 3 box set of figures..... It was a silver man w/ spikes.... on his sholders... A red up-side-down triangle.... Besides starmen? Pokeysparked the evil in the world to come back. Ness returns as THE EB RETRO HIPPIE in a flying saucer and tells Flint to go kill the evil... Then he dies from the knife in the back and the starmen who were in his ship wreak havoc on the world.... Gigas is ressurected lala lala 100 flowers, monkeys, and peanut cheese bars later...

Evil sorta dies and sorta dosen't and you are left to protest another couple of years for a sequel that dosen't come and you turn into an annoying reliever...Blah Blah Blah I don't write this stuff, i only... oh wait?!! Hey! that hurt don't take me away. They deserve to know that starmen are there. Okay they know.... OWWWWWW!.....Slience....... The nice people at NOA said hi ! Have a nice day !-}

There is a starman in your pants

There's no justice like angry mob justice!

No Ness = Many angry EB players. If the did not have Ness or Pokey, the the should change the name. Two games can have Mr. Saturn if by the same company. Secret of Mana and FFVI both had moogles! Without a boy in a Red Cap who hits things with a bat, It just isn't Earthbound. Next thing you know, it's another FF8 (with a story line like that, the graphics are the only thing that can save it) EB needs Ness to do well.

Doug Collins

Back in time

After reading about Mother 3 being the prequel to the whole Mother series I got me thinking, is it possible that Flint or some other character in the game is Ness's father. It would be a possiblity. Some people say that it's not true that Mother 3 is a prequel but that idea has been used before so you can't jump to conclusions. Look at the Zelda series, it's been going backwards since day 1, sadly the most present story in the whole saga is Zelda 2 (for nes), even the N64 so called pre dates all of them. So in the end Mother 3 could highly be the prequel. Which explains about who and why Ness's father (Flint or whatever) is so helpful later on in the game. Just something I figured..... PSI Farewell ^_^


mmmmm... peanut butter sandwich

Well, after Flint hears the commotion in the woods and takes his kids, dog and some stuff in case of danger, they meet a small Starman, who fights them. However, the starman is far too powerful for Flint and his kids and dog, and when they're about to be killed, Ness appears and gives the Starman one heck of a beating with PSI special alpha. After the starman dies, Flint and company find out that Ness heard that Pokey, after Giygas' defeat, gained control of the Starmen and are about to take over the world. Ness doesn't join the adventure, but gives Flint and company advice on the whereabouts of new threats and stuff. Ness should disappear during the game to fight Pokey, but could be defeated and Flint and company defeat Pokey instead and save the day. wow. I made that up while preparing a peanut butter sandwich. cool, huh?


Mmmm... ham sandwich

I haven't played the first Earthbound but I have played the 1 on SNES. After saveing the world from a hidius alien, why use pigs? I haven't felt threatend by a ham sadwich lately. I was a big fan of Mother 2 and would hate to see my next big boss nothing more than a pig. I at least hope they kept phycic powers! And in the a Nintendo Power magizien I read a while back I saw multiple pictures that showed what looked like "Ness" and "Paula", and the fact that Dr. Andonuts is in the game leads me to believe that the rest of the M2 gang will be in it. Haven't seen much of a guy named Flint around, but nobody can say anything about who apears as the lead character of the game... yet.

Ps: Wander if that dog is the lead character? :)


Mmmmm... Orange Ki... huh?

I think that maybe if there was an entire new threat to the Earth, that would be interesting. Maybe the return of Pokey or the kidnapping of Tracy or something.

It would be cool if maybe Picky was the star. If HE was psychic also. He could spend half of the game searching for Ness, who would be in a far aaway land.

Orange Kid

Eew... Ness guts on the windshield

Hmm... I think this could be good for a plot...

The year is 2007. Ness was hit by a car-- err... He fell ill and under strange circumstances died abour 2 years back. But what everyone didn't know was that the Mr. Saturns of Saturn Valley used their thingamabob machine to transform Ness into a robot. But, something went wrong, and he was still partially human. Oh well. At least they got him alive again... But just one leetle problemo; he lost his memory. So, the Mr. Saturns, totally out of ideas, just plopped him in the middle of the woods near a town. Now, 3 days after being revived, Ness is wandering around in the woods. Flint goes to a park nearby with his kids and dog, and he hears a strange *clank!*-*thump!*-*wham!* noise. He goes to investigate (with his kids and dog of course, dah...), and finds a humanoid-robot thingy that has a striking resemblance to Ness, Earth's hero. After Ness tells Flint that he doesn't remember a thing about him, Flint begins to tell him about what happened in his life and how he saved the world. Just then, a huge ball of fire zooms down and lands a few hundred yards away. Fearing the worst, Flint runs over to the scene, with Ness following. The end-- Err... Beginning, sorry. Have a good day!



I think that Flint could actully be Ness's (or the red-capped boy's) father. he seems to look the same from the father at the end of EBzero (mother 1) and would explain the dog (King) the kid (Ness) and the sister (erm.. his sister). I hope it's good. hooboy!


Freaky dreams...

I know this is gonna sound wierd, but... I had a vision of mother3 coming out on game cube! I've decided that Mother3 well be just like mother2. It well have the same begining, only with a dream sequence with Ness' son. In this dream, first Ness' son well wake up to a really annoying knock on the door. Then he'll go to the door and Pokey well pop through laughing. Suddenly the phone rings and it's Ness! He says that he is your (ness' son) dad. Then, the comet actually falls (as in in real life) and in the dream he dies and his house is destroyed and the whole time Pokey is laughing. Suddenly, Ness' son wakes up and goes down stairs and talks with his mom who says the same thing as Ness's mom said in mother2. Ness' son then goes outside and goes to where the comet is. There aren't any cops or road blocks. Just someone who looks remarkleably like Pokey running up this mountain. When you go up, you see the comet and there is a beam of light coming from it. Then the light dissapears. When you go up to the comet, you see a vision of Ness, and decide that you need to find him...

That's all that came to me, but I might have dream about it tonight with a little more detail. Of course, this is moastly too much wishful thinking, but mabey some of it is right! I find this very unlikely, but oh well. Either that or I can see into the future.

And about those pics and things from the old mother3 ideas. I think they're just the old ideas that came to them spontaniously that they thought know one would care about. Even though they completely conflict with the original earthbound.


undun's trash



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