Skulryk's blabberous ramblings

Well, thanks for braving the strength to write this. Thank goodness nothing like this is happening (gaaargh too late)! Believe me, although Nintendo is silent now, we don't have so much to fear. We'll get our Earthbound.

Enough with stupid blabbing, on with the theories.


One word: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(this has been shortened by Skulryk to fit table boundries, but you get the idea...)


Uhm... yeah... (runs)

What would I do if Nintendo didn't release Mother 3 here? Well...first I would raid an army base's armory. I would do this using sheer stealth, military genius, and a sword that was given to me by my gramps.

After that I would take all the weaponry, load it carefully into my trenchcoat, and walk smoothly up to Nintendo's building. I would walk in, and start shooting everyone up in a scene similar to the Matrix when Trinity and Neo shot up the government building. I would steal the nearly completed but canceled english version of the game, shoot Nintendo's president and higher offices, get some cash for myself, and walk home to play my new game. Later I would free everyone from Nintendo's "Matrix" type enviroment on the market.


Exactly! Like I said, even NOA isn't that stupid...

I don't think it is possible that Nintendo would not release it after putting this much time into the game. They would lose millions of dollars spent on development, and it is a sure hit being the first true RPG for N64.


We even got the penguins...

If the unthinkable happened, I would no doubt import a copy of the japanese version, and then assault NOA with my army of demented penguins. They would sneak into top-secret high level meetings, and just as the executives got up to get coffe, they would strike!

The penguins would tear into their cheap suits, bite their ankles, and kick them in the face while they were down.

During all this, a special forces penguin team would make their way through ventilation ducts, to the core of the building, and plant powerful explosive charges.

After the building blew, they would (via their demonic penguin-made torture devices) force the software workers to translate Mother 3 into English and publish it nation-wide.

Mr. Accident

Those men in white coats are meanie-heads...

OH, YES... IT WILL ARRIVE This shouldn't be a topic at all. I mean, why wouldn't NOA release EB 64 here? We've been waiting for months on end, day after day, that the stress of it all has already rendered most of us insane. Besides, the nice men in the white coats tell me that if I'm good and stop attacking random people with a spork yelling "Die, Giygas!" that they're going to let me play it, so there.


More 'barricade down the doors of NOA!' (and other stuff)

There are a loy of very good answers if Mother 3 does not come to America. First, we could join forces and protest in-front of NOA's headquaters! History has proven that protests actually work. How did women get the write to vote???? They protested!!! So how are we going to get Mother 3??? We protest!!!! Very simple. Another way is too learn Japanese. Japanese is one of the most difficult languages to learn, but not if you spend 14 out of 24 hours a day studying it. That will leave us with plenty of time for sleep and school(Not really, but what is more important?? Mother 3 or school?? I think you know the answer). Another option is for one of us to become a part of NOA staff, and then convince them to make it in America. If not, that person could just steal it. The last option is to just play as Ness on Super Smash Brothers forever. That would be a pity though, so take my idead and consider them!

Grant Weaver

Y2K was invented by the Japanese, to scare us silly Americans!

Well that's definately something we had better be prepared for (a la Y2k, hehe... :) ), but it is quite a possibility. My reasoning, is that NP used to have EB64 on it's "Future" games list, but then it was MIA for approx. a year (not sure though), only to reappear in Jan, 2000. But in Feb. 2000 (the latest issue), it was missing again. So the possibility of EB64 in the states remains a mystery... If it doesn't come out I will probably live life like I have been without it for the past 4 years, perfectly fine. The least NOA can do is release the game before the Dolphin arrives, or is that not possible?


Hypnotically delicious...

Steps to take over nintendo- 1)Learn Hypnosis 2)Go to Either NOA, or a space world meeting (US Residents will be there especilly NOA) 3) Greet them, ask you want to ask NOA President a question (If they don't let you, Hypnotise) 4) Look him straight in the eye (but if he didn't release EB3, his a *meanie head*) 5) Hypnotise 6) GIve orders (you know what it is) 7) Sell on Ebay for coupple hundreds each)

[email protected]

I wouldn't support Nintendo either... Heck, I hardly support them now..

Well, as your fellow EarthBounber, you know it would not make me or any of you happy if Nintendo chooses not to release EB64. and if they do then it will be a great day, and if they don't i believe alot of ppl will stop supporting Nintendo 100%. later guys.

~Sutton (aka Sutt)

Uh... Hey Mike!

I would become this renegade ambassador-type guy that ran around the country, stealing illegal copies of Mother 3 and selling them for EXORBITANT prices on the black market........MWAHAHA! I would also employ an army of bears and turtles to help me, but thats insignificant for the purposes of this board...


We'll be dancing on the cinders as the town is burning down

What would I do if EB64 wasn't released here in the states? I would devote my life tovideo games and learn everything about making a video game. I wouldrise through the Nintendo corporation till I reached the top. Then I owuld get it released and seriously consider the people employed by Nintendo for withholding much money from Nintendo that would have been made from releasing the game.


Mr. T can do ANYTHING!

What would happen if Earthbound 64 didn't come to America. I'd be PO'd. That's pretty much it. I mean come on, who actually has the power to do something about it? Unless our friend Tomato could hack into a cartridge and................blah blah blah blah blah. Not possible, see? If it doesn't come to America, we're just screwed. That's all we got. No hope. Nintendo is Evil. Did you know the original release date was Summer 1996? Bet you didn't did you? If it DOES come, rejoice, if not, live a sad life in a gutter mourning the loss of a wonderful game.


Storm NOA and hold Itoi for ransom! Spit on them! Beat them up! And make them wet there pants! Did you know Mr. T lives in Lake Forest, Illinois? I can get there easily! Tell Nintendo that we'll tell Mr. T that they put his image in their game WITHOUT copyright permission, and we'll tell his (Mr.T's) lawyers if they (NOA) don't release Mother 3! I'd love to see Mr. T sue NOA for Umpteen Billion Dollars. Then THEY'd be screwed.

Well, that's just my two cents $5.90.


That's a good way to put it...

My many thoughts on no US release:well if it doesn't happen there are quite a few nasty ways to put it,but i'll just stick with:AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If M3/EB64 doesn't get released in the US,that would REALLY,REALLY,REALLY,REALLY,REALLY SUCK!we've been waiting far too long for a sequel,it was supposed to come out a year or 2 after the original Earthbound,and what happened?we waited.......we waited some more,some of us beggining to get annoyed,we waited more,and started to get VERY annoyed,and now,you guessed it,we're still waiting.But then again,Nintendo will suffer greatly if they cancel the US release,millions of dollars wasted on a cancelled game,lose ALOT of fans,most likely more,to put in in another way,Nintendo would get screwed.IF they cancel the US release,theres always ideas such as:1:The ultimate protest outside of the NOA building! 2:Raid them!(just a fun thought!) 3:send a ton of"say goodbye some of your fans!" letters. Anyways,the most effective idea is probably the protesting since protesting has things to happen in US/world history.well thats what I got to say about no US release,well please reply to me,if you have any other thoughts about stuff like this,thanks.




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