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Hawkeye Pierce Dusty Dunes Desert
Dusty Dunes Desert Theme
3/17/05 0.00
Carbon Dog Dusty Dunes Desert
Earthbound/Mother 2 - MP3

Dusty Dunes Desert Theme (digital)
3/17/05 0.00
b40677 Dusty Dunes Desert
6/2/07 0.00
DEDEDEJr Dry Guys Battle
One of the Battle themes from Mother 3.
8/19/08 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci Drugstore Music
The banjo...It haunts me...
8/22/06 0.00
Mike and Charlie Drugstore
Mother 1+2 - MP3 -- staff comments: Drugstore Theme, heard in both Mother 1 and Mother 2.
3/17/05 0.00
shadow Drugstore
Guitar Tab for the Drugstore Theme
2/12/05 0.00
Zombie Possessor Drugstore
Drugstore Theme (bass)
3/17/05 0.00
shadow Drugstore
Guitar tab for the Drugstore music in EarthBound.
3/1/06 0.00
effingdexter Drugstore
the theme that plays in the stores and librarys and stuff
11/1/10 0.00
Supervisor Drug Store (in E)
Bass tab for the Drugstore Theme
2/15/05 0.00
Supervisor Drug Store (in E)
MIDI file to accompany bass tab for the Drugstore Theme
2/15/05 0.00
Katon Don't Wake Mother! (Instrumental)
Instrumental track of what I may rap over. Contains music from Mother 1, 2, and 3. Good stuff, enjoy.
10/27/07 0.00
chancet Doko Doko Desert - Acoustic
Earthbound / Mother 2 - WAV

Played live on my guitar... excuse the bad quality because I only had an external microphone. If the quality is too bad for w/e reason, feel free not to post it. Feel free to compress it to mp3... sorry I didn't have the tool to do such.
12/22/05 0.00
Fire Geno Digital Winters
Winters goes digital! With a wifi netwo- I mean techno song!
12/18/07 0.00
GyrowolfenZ Destroyer Anthem (Reorchestrated)
A reorchestration of one of my favorite tunes from Mother 3, Destroyer Anthem. Enjoy!
2/6/09 0.00
AlbinoPiglet Destroy The Demons
A spooky yet melodious blend made using only earthbound/mother sounds!
10/25/07 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Defeated Courage
A wintery and somewhat sorrowful blend of the 'Flying Man' and 'Game Over' themes.
12/27/06 0.00
GirgleXL Deep Darkness Orchestral/Rock Remake
This is a simple cover of one of my favorite tunes in Earthbound. Most of it is orchestral but I couldn't resist adding some "weight" to the remake.
2/2/10 0.00
Koalyak DECbound
Creepy robot Halloween craziness
3/26/05 0.00
LeonardoGolden Dangerous Onett
An a capella I made just a few days ago.
6/26/08 0.00
bstring Dance of the Moon Kangaroo
Another entry by bstring. This one is a little more elaborate and shows my affection for FX. Please enjoy!
1/14/07 0.00
bstring Dance of the Moon Kangaroo
AKA: Apple Kid's House Theme Yeah. With Guitars, drums and fake bass. Enjoyeth.
2/14/07 0.00



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