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HAK2 1st giygas battle
i do NOT know right now how to do the guitar section, but i got something here.
my first fan music!
6/27/08 0.00
HAK2 The Sky Runner: Sheet Music (pt. 1)
sky runner sheet music, page one
5/9/10 0.00
HAK2 The Sky Runner: Sheet Music (pt. 2)
sky runner sheet music (page two)
5/9/10 0.00
HAK2 The Sky Runner: Sheet Music (pt. 2)
sky runner sheet music (page two)
5/9/10 0.00
Hawkeye Mother 2 Hula Hoop Remix
Song I made. More original music at
4/11/09 0.00
Hawkeye Pierce Dusty Dunes Desert
Dusty Dunes Desert Theme
3/17/05 0.00
haywutupyo Mt. Itoi
My first submission :). I hope you like it.
5/6/07 0.00
hdoa Natural Killer Cyborg
Here's a cover I did of Natural Cyborg Killer.
11/8/11 0.00
Henry Midfields Welcome Home!
An attempted orchestral remix of Ness'/Paula's Home theme (EB version of Pollyana's theme).
10/8/06 0.00
Henry Midfields Twoson Theme for symphony orchestra - MIDI file for reference
Twoson's Theme for orchestral arrangement. The MIDI file is for a rough guide only.
4/7/07 0.00
Hirotized EB Shoppin'
Its a remix of the Earthbound Store music. Done with FL Studio
2/15/11 0.00
HUBRIS Mother 1 - Fallin' Love,And
I have noticed that no one submitted this,soo...Enjoy.
3/18/10 0.00
HuskyInDenial Zombie78
A little hip hop beat I made for fun out of samples from Earthbound music :D I plan to do a rap over it later, but for now, here's the beat!

Music: Husky In Denial (
Samples from Earthbound
8/9/12 0.00



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