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IWontGetOvertheDam Hustle for Pride/Unfound Revenge
Yeeeeeuuuhhzz techno mix.
3/6/09 0.00
theowl89 Howloween in Onett
Just had this idea, but i don't know how it came out. I naturally think it's bad...
10/13/08 0.00
G.Wicks How to Teleport
It's the Monkey Cave theme, with a fourside-ish twist-apalooza!

Just don't call it a 'remix'. Ugh.
4/10/08 0.00
Onionman House Music
MIDI file to accompany bass tab for the "House Theme"
3/17/05 0.00
Onionman House Music
Bass tab for the "House Theme"
3/17/05 0.00
Ness Hotel Theme
Guitar Tab for the Hotel Theme
2/12/05 0.00
Ness Hotel Theme
Guitar tab for the Hotel Theme in EarthBound.
3/1/06 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci Hotel Music (After Sleep)
Those birds are the bane of my existence.
8/22/06 0.00
onionman Hotel Music
Bass tab for the Hotel Theme
2/15/05 0.00
onionman Hotel Music
MIDI file to accompany bass tab for the Hotel Theme
2/15/05 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci Hotel Music
Mmm...Organs and Vibrato...
8/22/06 0.00
SoniK Traveler Hotel Morning
A guitar TAB for the morning hotel music! Please post!!
Tabbed by myself
6/2/06 0.00
SoniK Traveler Hotel Morning
Guitar TAB for morning hotel music. Please post this one. I corrected a formatting error in the first one... sorry for double-submit...!
6/2/06 0.00
Dougertous Hotel de Techno
Hotel Theme (techno/synthesizer)
3/17/05 0.00
Skyrunner Hotel (Rock Mix)
Earthbound/Mother 2 - MIDI

Artist Comments:
It's the hotel theme, with a rock flavor.
6/9/05 0.00
Deadally Hotel
Sheet music for the Hotel Theme
3/17/05 0.00
Mike and Charlie Hotel
Earthbound/Mother 2 - MP3

staff comments:
Hotel Theme (digital)
3/17/05 0.00
Osman ^________^ Hotel
Hotel Theme (digital)
3/17/05 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci Hospitality
The version of Pollyanna that was used for Ness' house. That song pops up everywhere in Mother games ^_^
7/19/06 0.00
onionman Hospital Theme
Bass tab for the Hospital Theme
2/15/05 0.00
onionman Hospital Theme
MIDI file to accompany bass tab for the Hospital Theme
2/15/05 0.00
Mike and Charlie Hospital
Earthbound/Mother 2 - MP3
3/17/05 0.00
Osman ^________^ Hospital
Hospital Theme (digital)
3/17/05 0.00
matilda_caboose Hometown Rhythm!
An Acapella of the Onett theme.
3/3/08 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Home of the Zombie Circus
A dark, evil circus remake of the zombie Threed theme.
3/21/07 0.00
Carbon Dog Home Again
Source material by BlueStone
10/3/06 0.00
señor saturno Home ... Sweet Home
A very nostalgic song...
5/3/08 0.00
Batheround dlysxeci Hippie Battle/Frank Battle
Frank must be a hippie...
8/22/06 0.00
Sir Monty G Hippie Battle
New Age Retro Hippie Battle Theme (MIDI)
3/17/05 0.00
MrSaturn Hippie
New Age Retro Hippie Battle Theme (bass)
3/17/05 0.00
Rhyselinn Hinawa's Medley
This is a medley of the Mother 3 Love Theme and Letter from You (the song that plays when Flint reads Hinawa's letter). Played by me live on a piano, so forgive the musical errors, please :)
12/9/11 0.00
Wilhelmina Carmel Hinawa
The new hit single from three people who have no lives! Hinawa will tear at your heartstrings as her epic tale of life after death unfolds through means of this beautiful song. Made in collaboration with Frau Landers, Izumi, Clay Aiken and Shigesato Itoi.
6/20/09 0.00
lewahi Hidden Threek Song
Using the EB Music Editor, I was fiddling with the Threek song and discovered that there was a routine in it that was programmed and unused. I edited the volume levels of that routine so it could be audible and it sounded cool. I then did a little remix MIDI of it, and here it is. Added the percussion and revamped the trombone part to make it sound better. So, yeah. Music Editor reveals secret songs! :o
5/2/07 0.00
señor saturno Hi hi hi (Saturn Valley)
Another good song :)
3/23/08 0.00
xfisjmg1 Hey There Andonuts
A song from Tony's perspective. Parody of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White T's.
7/26/09 0.00
somaticdefilement Hero's Soliloquy (Interlude)
Lumine Hall's Debut Album This Album Stinks!
11/10/08 0.00
tree Heartrending Song
if you aren't in tears by the end of this song, you have no soul.
3/22/09 0.00
Pepsicola Healer Itoi
A module of the Healer Itoi theme.
2/12/05 0.00
MasterZ Haunted Threed
He stares into your soul.
3/21/08 0.00
GF-REX Haunted Saturn
4/2/05 0.00
DEDEDEJr Hard Rain
There's a tangible sense of sense of urgency and mystery in this piece!
6/26/09 0.00
DEDEDEJr Happy Town? New Tazmilly Village
Wow, 3 years can do wonders for a town...
10/15/08 0.00
Unlimited Lumpia Happy Happy
Mother 2 / Earthbound - MP3

artist comments:
A remake of the Happy Happy Village theme.
5/16/06 0.00
slicemasterflex Halloween namecheck
My submission for the audioviz category, I think about 80 odd peeps get checked on this. If you didnt feature its cos I couldnt think of a rhyme.
11/7/07 0.00
Akiri Halloween Battle
Halloween Battle midi file
3/26/05 0.00



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