Hidden Characters:

There are four hidden characters in Super Smash Bros. Here's the criteria to unlock all of them. Assuming you've played along correctly, a "New Challenger!" screen will display, and all the have to do is win against said character to unlock them.
  • Captain Falcon - Beat the game with any character, any difficulty, and any number of lives within twenty minutes.

  • Jigglypuff - Beat the game with any character, any difficulty, and any number of lives.

  • Ness - Beat the game on "Normal" difficulty using only three lives and no continues.

  • Luigi - Using all 8 original characters, complete the Break the Targets minigame.

Other Secrets:

Besides hidden characters, there are several other unlockable features to this game!
  • Getting Mew to appear in Pokeballs - Unlock all four bonus characters, and Mew will appear at random.

  • Classic Mushroom Kingdom Level - Beat the game with the eight original characters.

  • Sound Test - Complete BOTH Bonus Games (Break the Targets & Board the Platforms) with ALL characters.

  • Alternate Costumes - When selecting your character, use the C Buttons to switch colors.

  • Item Switch Menu - Play 50 Versus Matches.

Gameshark Codes:

Note: Requires Diddy Kong Keycode.

Enable Code (Must Be On): F10396B0 2400
DE000400 0000
Infinite Time: 810A4B2E 43CB
Infinite Lives P1: 800A4B43 0004
Low % Health P1: 810A4B86 0000
Character Modifier P1: 800A4B3B 00??

Character Codes:
00 - Mario
01 - Fox
02 - DK
03 - Samus
04 - Luigi
05 - Link
06 - Yoshi
07 - C. Falcon
08 - Kirby
09 - Pikachu
0A - Jigglypuff
0B - Ness
0C - Master Hand
0D - Metal Mario
0E-19 - Fighting Polygon Team
1A - Giant Donkey Kong



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