Super Smash Bros. Videos:

Please Beware! Some of these videos may or may not require certain plug-ins, and it seems they work best when you save them to your own hard-drive. This notice will vary from computer to computer. If you feel something needs correcting, or the staffers need to be notified, please drop us a line!

Video Title Length Format
Unlocking Ness 12 sec .avi
Ness Info 1 02 sec .avi
Ness Info 2 04 sec .avi
Ness Info 3 05 sec .avi
Ness Info 4 02 sec .avi
Go Ness ?? sec .rm
Using PK Fire 03 sec .avi
New Game with Ness 07 sec .avi
Batting Practice 02 sec .avi
Smaaash!!! 01 sec .avi
Ness' Entrance 02 sec .avi
You Won! 08 sec .avi



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