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How to Teleport - by G.Wicks

How to Teleport

It's the Monkey Cave theme, with a fourside-ish twist-apalooza!

Just don't call it a 'remix'. Ugh.

Other Submissions by G.Wicks

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G.Wicks Wish You Were Here!
This picture features my absolute favorite sprite from MOTHER 3. Every time I see him I bust up laughing. Make a postcard and mail one to yer grandma!
3/5/08 0.00
G.Wicks Natural Killer Cyborg
From Mother 3. Theme from the battle with that giant-robot-pig-crab thing. Recorded with live guitars and keyboards, but the minimoog solo was programmed.

Rock out with your pig snout.
1/22/07 5.00
G.Wicks How to Teleport
It's the Monkey Cave theme, with a fourside-ish twist-apalooza!

Just don't call it a 'remix'. Ugh.
4/10/08 0.00
G.Wicks All my EarthBound/Mother Stuff
top left: Mother 1+2 guide I bought this past january whilst vacationing in Japan. also, a third party famicom I bought during the same trip. MOTHER cartridge imported in 2000 or so from an awesome ebay seller named "Kenji!!". I bid on another one of his items, a MOTHER strategy guide with maps, but I lost. Kenji sent me huge photocopies of the maps anyway. What a stand-up guy.

bottom left: a screen print plaque I made back in high school graphic arts class, senior year. 2001/2002-ish.

right-centerishesque: all the games. Plus parts of the MOTHER world map and item guide photocopies that Kenji sent me. Seriously, he's a stand up guy.
4/29/06 0.00
G.Wicks 10-Year-Old Poster
An EarthBound poster I made (and never finished) ten years ago (1996) when I was 13. Taken with old digital camera at a funny angle, so it's kinda funkier looking that it should be (not that it's amazing anyway, I was 13). People always tell me I should finish it, but I dont think it would be right...
4/29/06 8.26


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