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PK Fire! - by Frida S

PK Fire!


Other Submissions by Frida S

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Frida S Happy Halloween!
Happy EB Halloween!
11/11/08 0.00
Frida S Ness is Static
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 17 Dec 2007

Yep...He sure is :)
12/9/07 9.00
Frida S Ninten doll - Christmas[email protected]/show/
1/13/08 0.00
Frida S PK Fire!
5/18/08 8.00
Frida S PK Starsorm - WindowsXP Bootscreen
I though I would make a MOTHER related WindowsXP bootscreen, because I couldn't find one ANYWHERE!

So basicly this is a "bootscreen" for Windows XP. This will show during the Operating System Logo when you start your computer.

The theme is; PK Starstorm! With a picture of Ness(Right upper corner) and one of Lucas (Left upper corner). I've replaced the original Windows XP logo(in the middle)with a "MOTHER XP" logo ;3 I had to keep the colours to 16-bit, thus the bootscreens colours are BLUE and GRAY!

I take NO credit for the pictures or the fonts.

NOTE: You'll need a program called Bootskin to apply the bootscreen! BootSkin is a program that changes the bootscreen without replacing the Windows kernels ;3

How to change the bootscreen on your computer;

Step 1: Extract the foler (PK Starstorm Edition)to your desktop. (Install Bootskin if you have not done that already)

Step 2: Find the directory for the skins in your program folder. Like this: My ComputerLocal Disk(C)ProgramsStardockWinCustomizeBootskinskins

Step 3: Now just drag the Bootscreen folder (PK Starstorm Edition)from your desktop to the "Skins" folder.

Step 4: Run Bootskin

Step 5: There is a list of available bootscreens. Choose the one you would like to have. Click "Apply"

AND YOU'RE DONE! Next time you start your computer the new bootscreen will be shown! =3

The bootscreen has been tested for bugs. It has also been tested by some of my friends and it works perfectly fine on an average Windows XP :)

IMPORTANT NOTE!: If you are working on a very unstable computer you should NOT apply this bootscreen for your computers safety!

Enjoy ;)
7/7/08 0.00


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