Iwata's Announcement Fan Thoughts:

Hey, this is Skulryk, updating several months late with Fan Thoughts. I figure I'd better do it, and I figure maybe I'll stay on track, maybe I won't. I hope to stay on track. Anyways...

This week/month/eon's fanthought was based upon an announcement Miyamoto had made. This was the announcement.

Miyamoto: Of course, Fire Emblem has been an important franchise for Nintendo for a very long time and Intelligent Systems has been working on it the entire time. We're always thinking about possibilities on how we can continue to use that franchise in the future and Mother 3 is something that Iwata and I have always talked about bringing to the users.

Well, I myself find this interesting because it seems like it was just thrown in there kind of randomly. Miyamoto was just like "Blah blah fire emblem blah MOTHER 3." It didn't seem to fit in there. However, I guess I sort of have future powers and can see that it didn't seem to bear fruit. Maybe they're still working on it in some underground laboratory though, and just want to keep it quiet! I don't know. For me, not much has changed, although I guess this is a bit better.

Now, on with your fanthoughts.

Nintendo still knows

Without a doubt, this is just speculation. Fire Emblem at this time is done with, all they have to do is translation, and that's dealt with here in America. So, what is Intelligent Systems going to do in the meantime? Put them on another project, of course! Mother 3 is merely a possibility (among many, many, others, I'm sure). The fact that Miyamoto says this doesn't mean anything except that they haven't forgotten about this franchise.


Glimmer of hope

I think this adds to the small sliver of hope the users at actually have for Mother 3. I mean, at least we know SOMEONE out there on the team is still considering this game.



Now I know Nintendo is going to do a Mother3 :D

Apple Cat

It's on the way!

Well, I've been an optimist. The way I saw it, Mother 3 would have to come at some point, even if it was 10 years from now. It's popularity in Japan is just too high for it not to be released. Hearing this now only reiterates my point. I'm excited for this year, because I think that this year will be the year that we all see significant development on Mother 3. And if I'm wrong, then I'll just wait until it is released. It WILL be released.

Pineapple Kid

Nothing for sure, but still hope

I'm sure my submission will be surrounded by hundreds of dorks screaming their lungs out about how this guarantees the release of Mother 3. Face the fact: it doesn't. What it DOES say, however, is that at least Nintendo hasn't forgotten about Mother 3 completely, which has always been a possibility since its cancellation. Not only this, but that they think about it enough to actually mention it in an interview; that's gotta' be significant at least. So maybe we'll hear news of a possible release date in the coming months; who knows. But maybe if they see some success with Animal Forest and other quirky imports this year, they might make a decision about Mother 3. We'll just have to wait and see.


Good for Mother 3

Do I hear angels? Did I die and go to heaven? Whys it so hot up here? Anyway this is very good for mother 3. And we should of known nintendo wouldnt be so evil to not make another Mother game! Or are they just nagging it on? They want to make us suffer maybe? I hope not but I have very high hopes and I really think they will release it later on in the future. And maybe the petition the good earthbounders sent in maybe helped the people at nintendos judgement?


Points to consider

You never know, remember when Rare first announced Dinosaur Planet and Nintendo expressed interest about changing it into a Star Fox title and none of us thought it'd happen? Well this could very well be the same thing. Maybe people already knew this or not but there were two things wrong with Mother 3 people had to consider.

1. Shigesato Itoi has a reputation for being known as a 'slacker' by some (I've done a little research on the guy). That's not to say he was lazy on Mother 3 because if anything there was innovations to make this stand out from other RPGs and that's no easy task. Still Nintendo is known for taking risks and for a game that was about past 50% completion this is NOT like a Nintendo game, especially a sequel to a popular franchise, to be cancelled. Even Iwata is pushing for completion (albeit against Itoi or APE's will).

2. N64 was hard to develop for, not only that but cartridges were so limited in capacity which made it a pain to compress the hell out of all the data and write most of the code from scratch. This also means that since the N64 wasn't exactly successful in Japan that Mother 3 would be in vain from lack of sales.

I'd say Mother 3 would look a lot better on Gamecube than it did on N64. That's not to say I won't be alienated by the absence of 2D but the game won't be confined to cartridge space and that allows a lot more freedom to be had. Development issues aside, I liked how the character designs were done, not quite as lovable as the minimalist style as Mother 1 and 2 but I don't think I'd imagine someone like Duster to be drawn any other way. Also I'd like to know more about the 'dark' storyline because in interviews they said that Mother 3 isn't as cheerful as the last two games plus Onett is destroyed at some point of the game in which the plot thickens.

DeAngelo Guillory


I'm so happy! I'm buying quite a few copies the day it comes out, and I am throwing a release party in a room I am renting with three GC loaded with Mother 3s! If it doesn't come out I'll be very dissapointed, of corse.



Intelligable thoughts on this occurance?! It's NOT possible!!! WOO HOO!! MOTHER 3!!! HOODY-FREAKIN'-HOO!! NOW - I WANT - NOW - GIVE!! - No, not wait.... - GIVE!!!

I think that's probably the best I can do when thinking of Mother 3. ::slight twitch upon saying 'Mother 3'::


More room for optimism

I was actually reading the Miyamoto interview on IGN, when much to my surprise the words "Mother 3" caught my eye. I just about fell out of my chair, and after reading the statement, I commenced to celebrating for several minutes. It may not be a definitive announcement, but at least it leaves plenty of room for optimism: we now know firsthand that Shigeru Miyamoto is aware of the continuing demand for Mother 3, and is interested in bringing it to the public. In light of these facts, odds are that he'll do something about it.



OOooohhhh..mysterious...I hope they are actually planning on it!

Even if it means that "Flint" will replace Ness :(


It's a possibility

I think it's wonderful news. Before I had doubts about this whole Mother 3 revival thing, but now I'm having second thoughts. There is a possibility!


bork bork bork

Earthbound is my life, ive been looking forward to a new game ever since i saw the words "the end?..." and if EarthBound does not live on, my life will be ruened. I think about EarthBound at least once a day, and then i feel sad that it might be over with a ?. It must not end this way!

Garrett Britton


Well, with Mr. Miyamoto working on bringing it to us, it sprites a bigger chance of seeing the game. What Miyamoto wants, Miyamoto gets (most of the time).

Tom G



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