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Hey, everyone. Super late update, but I got them for you. If you're just looking these over, check out Tomato's article. Anyways, on with the late but good fanthoughts!

Either good, none bad.

Well, after reading the large amount of Mother 3 responses, I feel that while having it release onto either GBA or GameCube would be cool, I'd prefer the GameCube. Almost all of the fanthoughts that I read say that they want Mother 3 on Advance because they want to keep the traditional Earthbound image. I can see the reasoning behind this (don'tchange a new thing) but we must understand that the best part about videogames is that there are always being advances in technology, and that we should embrace them, not fear what changes they bring. I am actually glad that Mother 3 did NOT come out on N64, because it's 3D graphics and textures are amazingly weak and ugly. My view for Mother 3 is that they put it on GameCube, but use that new cel-shading technique that Jet Grind Radio (for the DC) uses. This would keep the somewhat traditional, cartoonish look, but have the goodness of a fully 3D environment. Unfournately, the odds are against Nintendo doing this :(

Yum. Revenge.

I'm not sure whether I should talk about the social, political, and economical effects that are brought up in the article, or the fact that Tomato has a link to his article on the left sidebar, despite having written half as many articles as, say, me. But I'm a nice guy, so I'll just say "Props to Tomato for his great insight" and exit stage left to plot my revenge.



I think you should bring back a lot of the charaters and places to go such as in Earthbound (mother2)because I would say that was the best one they had came out with I think there should be a little less battles but I love the techniques you used for the battles but I think you need to add more places to go such as on a boat trip .Keep the enemies available to see cause Earthbound Zero was no fun with that problem in the way. Well Earthbounders I'm out. Email me some time cause I may be working on the new Earthbound soon.


3D = Bad?

I'm just thinking that if half the problem was the change from 2D to 3D, then why change? To me, an Earthbound game should be cartoony and one dimensional, like Mother 2, and I personally think that I would be dissapointed by a 3D Earthbound game.

Of course, any Earthbound sequel would be enough for me, but if Itoi is so stuck on 3D, then why use it? With the technological advancements on the N64, and now the the Gamecube, they could revise the old graphics, and polish them up. You could add details, and because the graphics would be more simple, but still up to date, there would be far more room for storyline, much like like Mother 2. The possibilites would be phenomenal, and it would also be something that has not really been attempted before on a more current system. I think the switch from 2D to 3D was a fatal error for Mother 3 right from the start.

Charles Tuck

Want Mother 3!

When I heard that Earthbound 64 was cancelled, I was extremely mad. Earthbound for the Super NES is an awesome game. I think Nintendo should release Mother 3(Earthbound sequel) for the Gamecube. I know many people who would enjoy finding out what happens after Ness received the letter from Pokey. Maybe Ness and Paula would get married.

Travis Sherwood

GBA isa gud

I would rather see Mother 3 on GBA. I like 2D graphics better anyway. This sounds like the game will be even more fun than I thought. One thing that always seemed dissapointing to me is that there will probally never be another 2D Earthbound game. Shigesato Itoi has a great idea to release Mother 3 on Game Boy Advace. It might even do better than if it was on the N64 or Game Cube.

Orange Kid

GBA not gud?

I would hate to have mother 3 on gameboy advanced. I mean, what could be cooler than earthbound, in 3D? And it's not a top-down sprite view, but a 3D view of the person's back! Onett in 3D (Do they have onett in mother 3? I don't think they do, but the will have something like it hopefully) And when your in a battle, the enemy actully fidgets! So will I'd hate to have earthbound on gameboy advance even though it would be portable. What would you rather have? A top-down sprite animation with not so great sound but is portable or latest technolegy 3D graphics with great special effects and sound but is not portable?


Lotsa stuff... um...

first off, lemme say this-Gameboy has been the ONLY NO-FAIL system made by Nintendo...NES? Died to sega sadly...(Course we got revenge with their crappy Saturn...DEATH THE THE 6TH PLANET NAMED CRAP SYSTEM!! *wait...Mercury...Venus...Earth...Mars...Jupiter...yeah 6th*) SNES... stopped too long for N64, N64? Those greedy gamers went to Sony and Sega! Now GB GBP and GBC? CH-FREAKING-CHING! If Pokemon was such a big hit, imagine a DEEPER RPG!!! and on the unstoppable, un-dominatable. and on GAMEBOY! (insert roomwide gasps from everyone NOT with Nintendo)....and I just realized I dissed the ever loveable MR.SATURN! Now excuse me while I find my cyanide... ~Bad Tenda



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