Boss Fanthoughts

Well, thanks for the recent batch of fanthoughts. Many of them were very well done, and I received quite a few. Sorry for my late updates on it, I've just been overloaded with other stuff.

Now, for my thoughts: I think that the series should stay with the sequel that was hinted at in the end of Earthbound (hinted at as being shouted into your face.) Pokey should make a return. However, I'm not too sure if he should be the final boss. Pokey's just big and fat, and he got all of his power from Giygas. No final boss characteristics there... However, I think he could very easily be working for some other mecha-giygas-like boss.

Anyways, here's the rest of the fanthoughts.



The supposed subtitle of the game is something along the lines of "the Death of the Pig King". Perhaps this "Pig King" is the boss of the game, then; that'd explain the armies of pigs and pig-like-humans seen in the screenshots and videos of the game, wouldn't it? But my thought has recently been focussed on the subtitle, "the Death of the Pig King"; does the game takes place at the end of the rule of the Pig King? It sounds like it, and if so, it wouldn't be an odd thing to say that perhaps Mother 3 is a metaphor for the fall of the Shogunate Empire; I wouldn't put it past an intellectual man such as Shigesato Itoi to do something like that. Too bad we may never know...


Super-Pokey, now with super-kick action!

I always hoped Mother 3 would be a direct sequal of EarthBound. As the last boss, I was thinking some sort of Super-Pokey. I want a last boss that you accualy FIGHT! No offense to EarthBound, but I dont want to Sing or Pray the living crap out of another baddie.

GG Crono 4

No more prayer.

I think Pokey should come back but not be able to escape to make another cliffhanger. A Giygas-esque final boss would be great, but they should make if they're not gonna make it die by HP loss, they should make the strategy more obvious and more interactive. Just praying at the end really was boring. I'd think HP loss would be the best way, personally.

Also, if they would make 8 locations you had to travel to like in Mother and Mother 2, that'd be a great idea to continue.

So basically, teach the new dog some old tricks.


Umm... right...

I think that for mother 3, they should have that stupid photographer as the final boss. Sure it sounds stupid at first, but it could be pretty hard! Imagine being swiped out on one turn because of his almighty flash attack! Of course, he wouldn't be too hard considoring that once you attack him 2 or 3 times, he'd break a lens!

Buzz Buzz

You encounter Pokey's tortured soul

I think that som horrible accident should happen to Pokey's body. His ghost should become warped by his evil and Pokey would therefore become a Gygas-Geigue type character.

Silent Wind of Doom


I think Pokey will return in the new EB 64 with Giygas only he has made a way of multiplying his power and evil and send them to anyone without a pure heart (A.K.A. everyone but the main characters in the game). I aslo think they should keep the old characters as well as adding some, you're probably thinking, "WHAT, HOW WILL THEY FIT THEM ALL INTO THE TEAM". I thought you could switch characters like in Final Fantasy IX.


Fun with scientists

I think that Pokey should return and get revenge. He should kidnap Dr.Andonuts and Apple Kid, brainwash them, and force them to build giant spaceships and rayguns and nukes and an entire arsenal of Starmen! Thats what I think cuz Pokey vowed revenge (dont all the villains do?) at the end of EB/M2. I'm done rambling.




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