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All hail the creature from the veggie soup...

Well. Earthbound would not be the same without the humor aspect of the game. I feel that interacting with people should be the same as it always was. If you spend time talking to unimportant people, you should get unimportant responses. Which of course includes the creature from the vegetable soup.


No seriousness... hmm...

Earthbound was so appealing because the dialogue was so goofy. Eb64 should have the same silly talk because thats what differentiates it with all the other rpgs. after all, earthbound is only cool because its so quirky. and also, the main character should take on that strong, silent look, because it allows you to imagine the character's personality, and not have it dictated to you. Thats almost the best part. No seriousness!


It depends?

It depends on who you're talking to. If it's a boss, it MIGHT be funny, unless it's a serious boss. You know what I mean.


::head explodes::

Okay, this is a weird idea. Have Lolo a main character. Since his NES trio he and Lala have only had cameos in Kirby games. Kirby could have a cameo too, or maybe some of the Kirby enemies. This is entirely possible since all three series are made by HAL


Our town is being terrorized by my wife.

Hi.The character interaction for EarthBound was pretty weak. The best characters were the ones who were not in your party. Paula,Jeff,and Poo didn't talk very much unless they were in the party.

But the other characters were great. I always thought that in Final Fantasy games townsfoke gave very dull generic replys to you when you spoke to them. It'd be like "Our town is very sad because we are being terrorized by a giant monster on the hilltop." You go up fight the monster, come back down, go to the next town and solve their delema.

And then there is EarthBound. "I heard there is a huge ant up at Giant Step. I wonder if it's tougher than my wife..." That is just on of the hundreds of witty things you'll hear when you speak with people.

There doesn't seem to be a basic main character yet. Should he/she say more then yes or no? I wrote an EarthBound novel and I found it hard to think of things for Ness to say. He doesn't have a set personality. I think if they can think of funny sarcastic remarks for the characters to say then go for it. Also they should have thought bubbles for what the characters are thinking. Like Ness could walk into Apple Kids house and be like: "Woah it smells like someone ate too much chili!" And they say that in a thought bubble! That would be cool. The other characters did all the talking in EarthBound. I see why the mouse gave Ness a receiver phone...


You encounter Fred the Sock Puppet, PhD

I think the main character, instead of just talk and look, but smell, touch, and sense. Such as, if you were attacked by a sock, you'd smell it.


Earthbound is Earthbound. Mu is mu.

I think the main character should have more say in the story. Its makes it more interesting... I think the game should keep its light humor and silly jokes, because thats what makes it earthbound!


See above topic.

Yes, They should keep the humor, it's part of what makes Earthbound Earthbound. I like the humor. So keep it.

Daniel Sykes

Carrot key...tastes like chicken.

I'd like to see the same light-hearted humor as the original, but... it could use a bit more of a serious aspect. example, rabbits blocking the way? carrot key?


Yes you can. No you cant. Yesno you can...not.

Honestly i would like to see it with the same type of graphics as last time but i was kinda impressed with ness' 3d form on smash brothers it might be all right. Anyway back to the real question i think it should be the same old humor but it would be fun to talk back to the NPC ( non-player character) other than just yes or no


We gotta have the quirky humor!!!

I want the character interaction to be the same light-hearted humour that drew me to it in the first place. If I wanted more seriousness to the story, I would play some other game. I would like the new character to be able to hold a conversasion and be able to have access to more building, then the manditory ones and they should always keep the punk dude, because he was great when he got locked out of his place.I was stupid and thought that there was a way I could get him back into it; another reason why there should be more depth, but definitly keep the quirky humour!




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