Well, the fanthoughts seem to be flowing at a good pace. That's good. Keep sending. A little bit of info: D.C.M.C. stands for Desparado Crush Mambo Combo. Cool, huh? Also, here's something probably none of you remember: D.C.M.C. was the original premire topic for fanthoughts, but it was scrapped because there were no good submissions. Just a tidbit of nostalgia..

I think that they'll be a lot like the runaway five, but be more hard rock than blues, as the runaway five were. I also think they'll be a bigger part of the game (they were in the movie, for one.)

Well, on with the fanthoughts.


Desperado Crush Mambo Combo

"D.C.M.C." stands for... Dusty something something Combo, as far as I remember. (Actually, at least one of the "somethings" is wrong.) But I've noticed a close resemblance between this name and the name of another popular band, namely AC/DC. Are the creators planning to have that crazy guy with the hat sing "Stiff Upper Lip" for them? ...Nahhh. Nevertheless, I maintain that they should sing something kinda rock/grungeish, and I continue to hold out for that hardcore version of "Pollyanna."


Disco Fever. Yeah.

I think they would of used the band the same way they used it in earthbound. In dept, need help, get help, help heroes get to next town, and have a nice cool cut scene when they play music, and probly disco or something. 70s is coming back baby yeah!


Sneaky little Itoi-san

The Runaway Five was very specific in their style; they were like the Blues Brothers, and Venus was definately a lounge type of singer. But DCMC is pretty obscure. They have a stand-up bassist, two male singers (that look exactly like the two of the Runaway Five), a female singer (only seen in, and a rockin' punk guitarist. Without the latter, it would seem the band is mostly a mix of the Runaway Five and Venus; simple enough. But with this rocker thrown in, things are not as definate. I would hope that Itoi would have a clever idea on how to use this odd mix of band members to produce a new kind of music. If not, then he doesn't know what he's doing. ^_^


I'm sure Itoi will pull it off.

What can you say? I mean, you need to have a band in earthbound. Even if it isn't the runaway 5, D.C.M.C. does sound pretty lame, but being that the new earthbound will have a completely different story line/cast of characters, it would be strange to have the runaway 5 in the game.

HOWEVER, it would be cool to have them, for nostaglic purposes.

but, now that i think of it, they should just put snoop doggy dogg in the new game.

Evan T.

Eewie... 80's...

Well, I wouldn't quite feel at home if the band wasn't named the Runaway 5. However, if they maintained their jazzy style of music, it might not be so bad. And with Game Cube, or even Game Boy Advance power, their performances can have all sorts of neato light effects. Plus, they can have fancy new moves (dance manuevers you might call em).

However, what sorta name is D.C M.C. That name sounds a bit too much like it came from one of those music eras that no one liked, such as the '80s (though there were a few good songs i must admit :-) We need a good ol' fashioned '60s style name.

One other thing, perhaps more than one band could be included in the game, to perhaps keep everyone happy.



I think this "D.C.M.C" should actually have music and lyrics to songs, so Nintendo could market it and release their songs on a CD. That'd be cool, especially if they had a real band play the songs. CursedBurger-san

Familiar faces

I think that they should just keep the original Runaway 5. They were great and would be able to carry on the story more easily from Earthbound to the next. I think it would be best to see a familiar name with a familiar face.


Nintendo and subliminal messages

I believe D.C.M.C. was included into Earthbound 64 for two reasons. I always thought they called them D.C.M.C. because they would be like AC/DC right in you television screen. Before the N64 came out, Nintendo bragged of its great sound capabilities. Because Mother 3 was to be one of the first N64 games, they put in the band to wow people. They wanted unrealistic reactions like this one:

"Wow! What great sound! I'm going to quit cooking dinner for my son and take him to go buy more games. Games with such great sound!"

Now they had to make sure this wasn't a blantant marketing ploy. They could have put it in any other game, but they needed some type of other reason. Of course! That Earthbound game has a band. If we incorporate a band into the sequel.....PERFECT. In conclusion, Nintendo was able to promise the return of a band in the Mother series and a marketing ploy. If only they had kept to their promise...


THE band?

It never will be as good as the runaway 5 "6" I mean, come on, the Runaway 5 "6" are THE band. The only thing that would make them cooler is if they had Mr. T in their band because... I pity 'da foo who don't have 'da T in their band!


Hope hope hope

I wish the Runaway 5 would return... I liked their style and their general "Rebel" attitude. Even though Mother 3 may be canceled *for now* we can always hope.



They had better be as good/better than the Runaway Five.

Pineapple Kid



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