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Ok, a weird error screwed this up... I'm not sure what happened, but no weird intro because I don't know WHAT I wrote. Just... sorry to all those who didn't get their fanthoughts up. However, that means nooone checks the section, which makes me sad. :(


Weird topic thing

Hey! Mother 3 better be coming out soon for the game cube. I don't understand at all why Mother 3 was never released when so many people wanted it, and then they make stupid RPG's (like Harvest Moon) that no one cares of and make sequels of them??? Also if the game cube doesn't work what about Game Boy Advanced? I mean there can be the same graphics like the SNES EB, and not 3D so maybe there won't be any bugs in the game this time. Thanx for listening to this.


Everyone loves Evil Mr. Saturn

What I'd like to see in Mother 3 for Gamecube? Well, I'd like to see an enhanced battle system. Sure, the Mother 2 system was okay, but anything can get better. I'd also like to see Evil Mr. Saturn running rampant around Eagleland. I wouldn't like to see anymore of the meddling characters that only appear once or twice, to free space up for more better storylines and more landspace for the game to run in. Also, I'd like to see some truly 3-D environments in the game. That's all. Not too much to ask? Thought not.


This guy sounds like Mars...

I just want a direct sequel, with really cool graphics. Actually, i don't care about the graphics. They could make it in 2D and wouldn't care, but upgraded sound and visuals would be a welcome improvement. It also needs Mr. Saturns and the Jeff. Everyone knows Jeff the coolest guy around! I mean, he had a BOWTIE! That just screams coolness!


Fun Fun Fun II

I think that the GameCube has much better potential than the N64 had. Have you seen the grapics for that thing?! Wowee! Of course, we all know graphics aren't the only thing that makes a game great, but unfortunately none of us have any idea what the plot will be, what kind of interface the game will use, or if in fact there is any resemblance whatsoever to Mother 2. I say "Mother 2" because the biggest problem is gonna be with finding a cool acronym... clearly, "EB64" doesn't work any more. We could say "EB 2," and then we could all be really confused. Fun fun fun!


Heh... Earthbound was modeled after America too...

This would be even better than Earthbound on the N64. I think that Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo should all return several years after where their last adventure left off. ALL of Eagleland should be left unchanged. And this may sound like a lot to ask for, but I think that it would be great if the game wasn't obviously made in Japan. Like the music, buildings, actions, voices, and humor to name a few things. (Sorry.) Keep the same tone as the Earthbound for SNES, and some of the cool stuff that we all know of. Thanks for listening to me.


Peanut Cheese Bar... Yum Yum Yum

I think Mr. Saturn should be a party member early on, but leave the group later. He could use his bow as a physical weapon. He could also heal the group with peanut-cheese-bar omega, or something. However, I don't think he would make a good permenant member.

Billy Bob


I would like to have a new town made of towers in the game called Towerville.You go there it has everything all the stores you need in a town.I also would like to have another charecter he's Tony from the winters but you dont just get him you have to go back to the winters and try to find a way inside jeff's house and find him.Then you go back to Towerville and it's on fire and there are flaming haired badguys running around everywhere Byron S6

Aah! Online game evil!

If Mother 3 does indeed come out on Gamecube, I really hope it won't be what was planned for the N64 version. Eartbound just wouldn't be Earthbound if the main character was an adult. The whole thing that made EB cool was that kids were saving the world with baseball bats and frying pans. Attacks with names as simple as Fire and Freeze. Enemies like crocodiles and walking fire hydrants. Trout flavored yogurt, bubblegum-chewing monkeys, flying saucers, cavemen, presents, teddy bears, and the list goes on. Earthbound must be a light-hearted game to be truly worthy of the name EB.

As for what I would like to see; It would be cool if they used a battle system like the one used in Grandia 2, because it keeps the battles from getting boring. I really think some kind of internet options would be cool. Whether it would be downloads or even (*crosses fingers*) an online game. That would be great.


Short snippit

I don't care what they put in it as long as it's as cool as (or cooler than) EB. A direct tie-in with EB would be nice, but isn't necessary.


Fix the plot!

This is just a thought of mine - the N64 and the GameCube have tremendous potential to carry the EarthBound torch, yet also could horribly mutilate it as well...

I mean, just look at the previews we've had for EB64 so far! Flint? Boney? Pig King? Who are these people? The only things I've seen that are familiar are Mr. Saturn, Dr. Andonuts, and people that look kinda like the Runaway Five. Whatever happened to the "The End...?" at the end of EB? Come on, a "?" is virtually a "To Be Continued" all by itself! Therefore, you typically would think that the main characters and such would at least be carried over to the next game... well, except for Final Fantasy.

If Nintendo is going to rob us of a conclusion to EB by simply using the moniker for a similarly-themed game, what's the big deal? If EB64/EBGC is EVER finished, I want to see a comeback from the whole gang - Ness, Paula, Jeff, AND Poo - and no stupid cowboy people getting in the way!



I hope the game is bigger and the characters are deeper. I hope it tells more of the history of ALL the characters. I also hope it ties the other two Mother games together as well as itself. Just a thought about game titles. The Super NES brought an era where 75% of games released started with "super". The N64 had about 50% that ended with "64". I'm guessing that the Gamecube will have a little superscript "3" like in math cubed. This would work especially well with Mother 3.


More Mother heroes

I'd like to see Mother 3 on the GameCube. The only question, to me, would be: "Will they keep the name, or change it to something else?"

However, something I would like to see is the Mother and Mother 2 heroes. And more than what was planned for the Nintendo 64 version, too.

By that, I mean they join the party, or help you out of major jams. But, hopefully, they don't become the Buzz Buzz' of Mother 3.


More than a name

I'm not sure if this is completely relevant, but if there's anything I would want to see, it's that the original characters came back for the game. Chrono Cross didn't even seem like a Chrono Trigger sequel, because all the characters were replaced. I don't want that to happen to Mother 3.

Yoshi 64


Personally,I don't want Mother 3 to be released on the Game Cube.I don't plan on buying one for the time being,and dread spending 100s of dollars on another system...

However,I think whatever's left of Mother 3 for the 64(beta,20% done,whatever...) should be released as is for the fans,with a warning label on it explaining that the game wasn't completed and has it's share of glitches.It would give us a chance to see what was done first-hand,for what it's worth.If it was released,I myself would go out and cough up 60 bucks for it."Earthbound 64 Beta-unreleased" would be the title,or something similar to it.

Grand Master Dragon


Mother 3 for Game Cube... That would be nice. You have gotta have the 3-D effect with the classical "save the world" plot. You know what would be really cool though? If you could use that Blade Runner as many times as you wanted. It's thr coolest thing in the game as far as I'm concerned. Besides that they should add more to the plot. I mean it's the same for every town.

1. Reach Town.
2. Find something wrong in town.
3. Find out who's behind this "wrong."
4. Kill the bad guy and be considered a hero in that town.

See what I mean? It gets kinda old. It was extremely hard for me to sit down and play through Earthbound, Mother 2, and not have to take breaks from the sheer length and monotamousy of the game. The good thing is though, you get hooked to it and can't put it down. It would be nice too if they added some alternate endings, like in some of the Plastation games.


That would be weird...

This got mentioned a while ago, but if M3 was on GameCube, I think they would have the power to incorporate the music and background into the battles more, like the background could show susuptiblity of an enemy, show what items you can get, or even become part of an attack. The music could be the same way!

The Only KoW

More of Earthboundy goodness

I really liked Earthbound.. I mean how everything was. The towns were great, and the modern setting was really unique! The humor was funny as well, and I'd like Earthbound/Mother (for GameCube if it's released) to be just like that.

I really wanted to know what happened after Ness read Pokey's letter and all and I hope things like who Ness' dad is and such are cleared up if a sequel is made. Due to my love for those quirky characters, I feel that they should be in Earthbound/MotherGC(or whatever) or characters similar to them (that tie in with Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo some way). That way, there'll be some familiarity (I just like the idea of having the same characters again.. geez how many times have I said that?!?!).

Hopefully, the plot will be the same way. Perhaps you'll REALLY learn who Giygas is or etc. If Mother 3 is released for GameCube (I HOPE!), then I just want the same things that made Mother2/Earthbound so great.


Bah! No ATB!

I'd like to see something where you have a choice of characters like FF6. I'd also like minigames, bosses, and I think EB would have been much better with a Chrono Trigger battle style. or you could switch between battle styles. And if you say that probably couldn't be done, we don't know how powerful the GameCube is. (Or whatever other system they delay it too)


... :/

I think Earthbound 64 should be for the Gamecube and have the original characters in the game as well. They should do movie scenes like in the final fantasy games as well, thanx.



Two very powerful and movig words: BUBBLE MONKEY!!

Warren Hibbert

Yaaay! A coherent letter!

Here's a long introduction: In the year 1900, a couple named George and Maria disappeared from there peaceful world called Earth. After many years, George returned to Earth, but Maria did not make it. The man named George did a reseached something called PSI.

80 years later, a young boy named Ninten discovered and used what his Great grandfather researched and his journey began to look for an evil so powerful, he alone could not beat it with his PSI. When the boy met face to face, the evil vowed revenge.

10 years later, a boy named Ness did follow the footsteps of Ninten, even though he never knew about it. After facing this evil and destroying it, a friend or foe vowed revenge and follow the footsteps of the evil, and finally, the final saga. I think these people will regroup to stop this evil.


Lunar? Lunar RULES!

When I first came across the article in nintendo power for the Mother 3 sneak peak, my hands were shaking. That was going to be my excuse to buy a N64. In my opinion, it was the ONLY reason I was going to buy one. I was all excited until one of my friends had the deliver the sad news. Mother 3 was cancled. I was mad. I never bought a 64 and probably never will. If mother does make it to the cube, I will buy the cube for the game. The game would be so cool. It would be SO worth the wait, and worth the cancel on the 64. Some people are talking about better graphics and a better battle system. people say stuff that the game cube could handle more than that. I dont care about that. Lunar was a very popular game that had simple graphics, and lots of people enjoyed it. It was on the PSX, and it could have had better graphics, but didn't. I think that it would be cool to just have another EB game. even if it was just like the old one for the SNES. I would buy it. wouldn't you?


Shame Coy Pants?

Well as I said before on the cancelation issue, it's definatley going to be back, but I have no idea what Mother 3 is going to look like. I would imagine Nintendo would do a 90% port of the graphically un-finished N64 version. The deal is, is that we need to get to Nintendo before other companies do. So that means more letters and more emails sent to Nintendo. has the power to bring Mother 3 to America, and I'll give you a hint on what console--It rhymes with "Lame Toy Cadance"



Buzz Buzz was great. He should turn up alive and should be kind of like Navi from Zelda 64. He would tell you enemy weaknesses and should also help out in battle. Also, the original Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo team should be in it, not some crazy cowboy and his dog. I also think Moonside should play a major part in the game(Moonside was just so great).

Arg. Explain more or I eat you.

I would hope to see something better than all of nintendo's other sequels so far. Some of those are more retarded than beleivable.



I think that if Mother3 came out on Gamecube, that they'd do something like what they did with 'Super Mario Allstars'. They should include Earthbound2, plus a jazzed up, 3d rendered version of Earthbound, and include Mother with like 'Trouble Makers' graphics. That way someone who's never played the other games can appreciate the new one and possibly understand some things that will be in the new one from the previous two.


Not quite fitting the topic, but... oh well.

I think what would be cool is if they had some EB minigames, Mario Party-style, and maybe a battle arena for 2 players. The best possible thing they could do, however, would be to make it so 4 people could control the characters all at once, like in Secret of Mana. That would be awesome!


Yay, cameos!

i'd like to see a lotta throwbacks to earthbound. i know a lot of fans will want that, but what i mean is like just little things, like a very minor character reapearing in some unimportant part. I love that kind of stuff :), like little cameo appearences that only real fans would notice

Ivan Ravenous

Fanthoughts on Fanthoughts

Somebody anonymous thought Buzz Buzz should become the "Navi" of EB. Are you nuts??! The last thing anyone wants is some crazy bee going "Hey! Look! Over here! Look! Wow! Hey! Look out!" the whole way through the game!



I'd like to see the things that happens after mother 2 because its a sequal, ain't it?


EB like Quest? Not in a million years.

Mother 3 on Gamecube would be great. Some say that it would be like Quest, but we're forgetting that Earthbound was so fun because of Shigesato Itoi's writer touch. Back to topic, I would love to see the New Age Retro Hippie! He'd look cool and his music would be funkafied with awesomeness! Mother 3 would most likely be Earthbound with the clay models of the characters becoming the game images! If it came on gamecube, then we'd have even better graphics. *polentah drools*

Erm... No comment.

That is cool but who wants to buy the gamecube x-box will blow it away mother 3 should by in pc or x-box i would run and look better.


Of course we want a sequel!

I hope that there is at least a little of Mother2 in Mother 3. But most importantly I want more sequels. The more mother games the better.

-Mad Duck

Heheh... fun.

If Mother 3 were written on GameCube software, Shigesato Itoi and his team (of forest-like tribal lords, of course) would most likely feel a need to expand on the game, seeing as the set standard for GC-quality games is already high, and all we have to look at are a few short demo videos! I'm speaking mostly on graphics, but, too, will adventure games and RPGs be expected to be a lot longer due to memory capacity; just look at the latest 3 Final Fantasy games, and FFX due next year; humongous games! And in this case, we will not likely see a new Mother game for quite some time. The alternative would be to cart it over as it is and have a slightly below-standard N64 game playing on an NGC! Oooh, I don't want the EarthBound community's name to get branded even worse. Do you? I think even MORE waiting is in store for us, and I think we should take it like the good r32 robots we are (**but Sam, I'm not a robot!**). Yeah.


Happy. Boo.

I think that the new earthbound should definitely have the original 4 characters. they were so cool!! i hated the new characters that were gonna be on the 64. they should make the original game for gamecube, exactly the same, with better graphics, ands then continue with the story. on another game of course. they could make big bucks and make everyone happy!


Well... :/

If they decide to make an Earthbound for Gamecube, the only thing I want to see is that Ness is the main character. In the photos for M3 on 64 it looked like Ness would not be very important, and I read at IGN that some cowboy guy would be the main character. But all I really want is Ness as the main character. Maybe they could even add somebody to join Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo. Another thing would be a 3D battle system, where you see Ness and the enemy actually do their attack.



I hope it will have better graphics and a longer game. Also I hope they include better attacks and monsters. EB was a good game, and I hope that EB for GameCube will be even better.




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