Mother 3's Graphics

I must say, I'm quite impressed by the number of responses I've recieved. The amount of fanthoughts have really picked up, and I'm glad. Thanks to everyone who's sent them in. If you haven't, send away.

My own thoughts on this: I personally don't mind what they use. If it comes out for Gamecube and they use 2D, I think that would be fine. The Lunar games (Lunar: Silver Star Story and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue) were both 2D games which came out on the Playstation, and they were great (I know they were remakes of Sega CD games, but other companies would probably completely 3D-ify it and put new graphics on it.) However, it would be more of a feeling of nostalgia that would attract me to a 2D game. 3D wouldn't really have much more to offer, however. Sure, it may look better, but I really don't see it in terms of graphics. As long as I can make out what it is, I'm fine with it.

Now, on with them!


Combining Mother 3 and Lucky Charms...

Most people these days are like this: "Ewww! 2D! It must not be any good!" The minority of old-skool gamers, however, say this: "Yeah! 2D! No messy blocks in my view, no 360 degree movement, I can use a map as a map again!" Y'see, making a 3D game is like putting marshmallows in your cereal. Sure, it's fresh the first time it comes out of the box, but after repeated eatings it starts getting stale. You begin to have cravings for "plain" stuff again.

So if Nintendo makes it 3D, I predict a huge drive towards the new game, followed by a resurgence of prequel playing. I hope they make it 2D, though, because then we'll just have massive all-around playing. Plus, I dislike 3D RPGs, there's just something wrong with it.


Earthbound oddities...

Instead of 3D, I want 2D old school graphics. If Mother 3 does come out on GC, what would be weirder than 2D graphics? It seems odd and seems to stay in the spirit of Earthbound. It's the kind of oddness that makes Earthbound stand out.


I liked first person battles...

Hey I really don't care whether its a 2d or a 3d game. I WOULD prefer that they go for a different battle scene. Come on, you gotta admit. Mother 2's was horrible.


The 2.5th dimension

I wouldn't mind a 2 1/2D game like Yoshi story it would give the game more visual in the surrounding. But theres one problem in doing so. How would the enemys get to you? It almost saying its going to be a sidescroller game. So I really like the idea of another 2 1/2D game again.


2D + 3D = ?

Believe it or not, I actually would like a combination of 2D and 3D. Maybe 2D backgrounds with rendered 3D characters. Now before you start reading the next fanthought hear me out. The same beautiful cartoonish backgrounds with much more detailed characters!

The characters wouldn't be the only thing 3D though. Spells, atmospheric effects such as rain and snow would also be in 3D.

Don't get me wrong, I think that the 2D from the SNES Earthbound actually added to its charm, yet I believe with more 3D effects, the next Earthbound could ne the most successful RPG least I hope.

-Mike the EB guru


Hmm... graphics? Don't really care much for them... or do i? ARGH! it's all too confusing for me! Basic graphics means faster development, but good graphics means more interest in EB will be started, but that would take longer, and then- (head explodes)


No bother...

Like most people, I would prefer a 3D game. However, a 2D game would be just fine. Whichever it is, I hope that it comes out on the Game Cube, for the extended memory. The graphics really don't matter that much. I mean, EarthBound's do not represent the peak of SNES graphics. If I can make out what is going on, then the graphics do not matter to me.


3D won't waste much more time...

Again, we must keep in-mind that switching over to Game Boy Advance will mean starting over completely with nothing but characters and plotline at hand. Going from 3D to 2D, you can't "keep" the graphics or anything; it all has to be redone from scratch. No one's gonna' want to do this; especially not Shigesato Itoi.

But 3D on GameCube is a different story. Though it WOULD take a considerable ammount of work to recreate better-looking polygonal environments for the GCN, they could at least start with something already existent. Maybe even (granted the technology is available) simply build upon the 64DD's version to create a better-looking game for GameCube, which would save them loads of time and money; two things Nintendo loves most. ^_^ None of us can wait for an EarthBound 64 to be released, but unless they want to release one last late game for the N64, it's gonna' be taking them some time before they can give us anything at all.


2D fits well...

I think the graphics from Mother 2 were cool. They fit the game and I think that Mother3 should have those 2D graphics as well. Of course the game should also show off the graphics of whatever system it's for by having cool cinema's, and awesome psychodellic backgrounds during battle. They could make PSI attacks look way cooler with new graphics.

Chas Guidry

Quality over Graphics

Well, I realy don't care what the graphics are like, truthfully. All I care about is that it has a good plot, and if its an EarthBound game then that should be a given. I mean thats why we fell in love with EarthBound in the first place, not because of some fancy graphics. But by saying that I don't mean that I want them to do a poor job, because I know Nintendo won't let them do that with their standards of quality.


3D is the way to go...

Without a doubt I would prefer a 3D game. Afterall, it would be more visually appealing, which of course, makes it easier to stay into the game. However, like most Mother/Earthbound fans, I think we just want to see a new Earthbound released. From the articles that I have read (mostly on, it seems like the reason that the sequel was NOT released was mainly due to producers' inexperience with 3D.

This series is not known for its graphics, but for its storyline. As long as the storyline is great with some semi-decent graphics, I believe that all of us, as Mother fans will be satisfied. Yet, Nintendo might know this, but it isn't their job to just satisfy us, but also reach and have other people try the game out. Great reviews aren't enough, to attract people that have never heard of the game before, great visuals are almost neccessary.

My fanthoughts are as follows. If it does come out on the Gameboy Advance, the same graphics as Earthbound/Mother 2 would suffice. However, if it does come out on the GAMECUBE I don't want them to work on an all 3D game if it increases the chances of the game getting cancelled. Instead, I would like to see some graphics close to what was shown in "Harvest Moon 64." It looks nice and shouldn't be anywhere as difficult as a 3D game. And if Nintendo doesn't believe that is enough, just throw in some FMVs (Full Motion Videos) to spice it up.


More 2 1/2D


Ahem. Anyway, here's what I think.

I think it would be better as a 3D game, because we've already seen Ness in 3D and he looks awesome. 3D gives the player more options and it looks dang cool to boot.

Of course, if they went for GBA it would probably be better to do it in 2D, but why would they make the sequel for GBA anyway? If anything I think they might remake EB for GBA, but that would be it. So yeah, I think 3D would be a better way to go. Although they could do 2-and-a-half-D like they did for some N64 games, only have it as a top-down view... That'd be neat.


2D on 3D

Mother 3...

I think, in keeping with the spirit of Mother/Earthbound, a 2d sprite/3d environment (i.e. Xenogears, BoF 3/4) would be the way to go- For the 2d characters, the required frames would be drawn, thus saving the trouble of building a bones system, assigning the character models and then animating- although they could use moCap, but that would ruin the atmosphere and feel of the game.

2D games take as long as 3d games to produce, simply because of the number of frames that need to be drawn for every single animation, whereas in 3d, you just load up a new animation file (i.e.: keyframes for the bones).

I do believe a fully 3d COULD manage to keep the same feel as the previous 2d games, Nintendo has already done it with it's other franchises (except Metroid, which I hear will be developped in the US and will feature music from some NIN guy. Blech.). However, I hope it'll stay 2d- just look at what 3d did to Final Fantasy- now you can't mention FF or Square without some cretin who wouldn't have touched an FF game pre-FF7(worst of the bunch, ironically) if it weren't for Cloud and his Popeye-armed friends.

Do we want to see this happening to the venerable, wonderful Mother series also?


2D all the way

2D graphics rule. There are so many reasons why I think Mother 3 should be 2D. When I got my N64, I was excited about 3D graphics. About year later I realized they were boring. It made a game feel too realistic. Games are supposed to be fun. At least that's how I feel. I don't really play that many games in 3D unless it's an RPG. Even the 3D RPGs are not as fun as they could have been if they were 2D. Many people prefer 3D, but my opinion is 3D graghics are not as fun and I don't like them. Another reason is because all my favorite games are in 2D. Earthbound, Final Fantasy 2 and 3, Chrono Trigger, Lunar 1 and 2, Lufia 1 and 2, Super Mario World, and a lot more were all 2D and they were sooo much better. It would be cool if the same graghics that were used for Earthbound are used Mother 3. That cartoony feel really fits the game and all the Earthbounders that are here right now had to play the Earthbound. If they thought that game was great they must have liked the graphic s too. 2D graphics were used to make Snes games and they were made quicker. When trying to use these new graphics that are not even better, it took 3 years and the game wasn't even done. If Itoi starting using 2D grapgics and began to work on the Mother 3, it would probally be out in less than a year. Since very few games still come out in 2D now, it would make this game stand out too. Earthbound is supposed to stand out it is different from any game you'll ever play and that's what made me like it.

SkatePunk Mike

More 2.5D stuff

Earthbound 64 best be two and a half dimensional, just like Earthbound. Why? Because it looks like a cartoon that way! Earthbound was a 3D world with 2D characters, making it 2.5D, which is the best kind! Crono Trigger, Pokemon, Earthbound, and ALL of my favorite games are 2.5 D (except the 2D SMB3) And 2.5D is definatly the way to go!


3D supporter

I think they should release mother 3 in 3d even though I would prefer it either way. If they released the game in 3d even new earthbounders would try it because of the eye candy. But it also depends on the system. If the game was released in 2d on the gamecube less people would try it and would sell better on gba because it would be known for having good 2d graphics. But if they did make it 3d for gba it would probly sell also because.. dunno but probly will. Maybe because gba is making alot of 2d games and stuff. If is in 2d for gamecube wont sell inless people check out the reviews for it, Or are major earthbound fans (What earthbound fan wouldnt get it?)



I think they should try for something different. They could do cel-shading, but thats been done to DEATH it seems.paper mario would be neat, but noo... maybe, if they took the origenal clay medels and made sprites from them, and had it 3D, like paper mario but with out the 2D feel. 3D backrounds is a must.

The battle engine would HAVE to be 3D, but really, REALLY good 3D, and not over complicated. Make it simple and 3D, with a steady camera and lots of spell effects and neat animations. that would be neat, with the clay-looking sprites, and the camera spinning around. heh, NEATO!


No care

First id just like to say how incredibly stupid it is that mother three got cancelld. I remember when i first played earthbound it was the only rpg i liked at the time. i remember seeing the sign in fourside. and craving a sequal. so i personaly wouldnt care if it was 2d or 3d just as long as i could SMASH a starman deluxe again. *sigh* But i guess it wont happen. oh well i still have my snes and my mother 2 so until there is a sequal ill just keep playiing mother 2.


Focus drifts away...

I think 2D is way better than 3D, because, the more people think about the graphics and if they only pay attention to the way the game looks, then the story will go downhill, for example, I know a lot of people who say that they have been able to play through FFV VI and VII over and over and over again, but they get bored with FFVIII and IX about the third disk, so in aspect a lot more people think that 2D is way better than 3D.



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