Mother 3 Fan Thoughts - Hype:

Hey, for all those reading this now, this week's fan thought was "Do you think Mother 3 would have lived up to the hype?" You've heard the question, now read the answers...

I personally think that it would have lived up to the hype. From everything I've seen of Mother 3 it looks good, and I know that we've seen stuff that's lead us to believe that Ness is not in it. However, Shigesato Itoi is behind it, and he's brought us wonderful games in the past. I'm sure that Mother 3 would be a classic.

Anyways, more fanthoughts.

What is Hype?

Well, hype is a funny thing. Very subjective. Sure, around here there's a lot of insanity going on around a game that we're not even sure is being produced. But at the time that it was feasible, it was just another RPG. This was back in the days when Nintendo Power still had an Epic Centre and reasonable content to fill it with. So yeah, it would've lived up to the "hype," such as it was.

If it were to suddenly come back as a game in developement, it might be different now. I think it'd still have the same amount of hype, but merely for being a game rather than for being an RPG. Then again, a lot of people could be very happy to see an RPG coming out and would increase the hype themselves.

All in all, Nintendo usually does a pretty good job of putting together decent products, so whatever hype M3 gets will probably be lived up to.


No good

I don't think it would have lived up to the hype, personally. It looked like it was set to basically take place with as little connection to the original as possible, and that is something I do not approve of. I don't mind new and different things, but when a sequel takes a total departure from the roots of its predecessor (excluding Final Fantasy, since it has been different in every game since FF1) it defeats the purpose. Take Chrono Cross. Please...


Hype = 0

Well being how there wasnt really much hype about it except people saying "Wow that game looks tite!" and "Hey an actually good looking n64 rpg!" or the rarely said"Why that makes quest64 look like crap!"

No, it cant live up to its hype being how none of the earthbound games in the US got any. This game stinks I loved and made me want the game any more when it first came out. But some people might of got the impression it was a bad game. Earthbound 64 or mother 3 would go beyond its hype I think but if it doesnt that would be very bad being it hardly had any. And earthbound wouldnt be that mean to us! EARTHBOUND LOVES U! (post big jesus holding an earthbound cart picture here)



Of corse so. would have got another wave of visitors from it, although the first and second ones werent all that big, or that most gamers are to young to know. I think not.


Good luck

Well, as you've been reminded many times, I'm writing Mother 3 all out in novel format. From what I know, there are many odd places, interesting new characters, an army of pigs, Mr. Saturns, big blue orbs with mouths, and that contraversial Ness screenshot. I don't know about you, but I like all of this stuff and we've only seen the very tip of the iceburg. Of course it would live up to it's hype!

Cracked Bat

Weehee Earthbound

Of COURSE it would have. Earthbound was extremely succesful, why wouldn't have EBZero or EB64 been. When you think of it, it's real STUPID nintendo held back these 2 games from the super success they would have been. EBZero was held back because Nintendo was worried that it wouldn't be "popular" enough. God knows why they cancelled EB64. But there is some light in it all. It's very faint though. They could be secretly making an EB package for GBA that comes with EB Zero and the SNES EB with updated sound, graphics and other cool stuff. And it's a very good chance that EB64 will be made for GameCube because a lot of games that didn't come out in America for N64 are coming out for Gamecube. One is Animal Forest. Keep your hopes up Earthbounders!

Cool Cat

EB64 bad? :(

Absolutely not. No way.

And that comment is double-impact, since there really wasn't all that much hype about it in this country.

The plot didn't sound very good. Additionally, I don't like the idea of non-linear play. I think EB64 would have *ruined* my entire Earthbound experience.

Although It really would have been rather spiffy to hear a kick-butt EB soundtrack on the N64's hardware...


Earthbound too different

I remember in some ancient "Nintendo Power" article about the N64DD or whatever it was called. I saw EB64, and my eyes lit up with delight... It had no info on EB64 that I can remember, it only had a list of what would be coming out on it. Well, over weeks and months I started to wonder more about it. Then one day, someday long ago, I was informed of, from some EBounder off StarCraft. Of course, it was the that exists today. But then I found My world changed. I began to come here everyday, just checking on things. Soon after, I was looking through alot of the Fanfics. I soon found the Fic's written by many people... at that time I wondered how it worked... they traded off? But then, on my first visit to the forums, I saw Interactive Fiction. I still love that section since I like to write/type.

But anyway, about EB64, I would think it wouldn't live to the "hype" To tell you the truth, It seemed that there was no hype for this astranged game. I then found the petition, and saw how that around 10,000 wanted EB64 to live! With my spirits up, I looked through the screen shots and movies... but then is where i felt disapointed. I had gotten to know and love the boy with the bat, I didn't want to change... I felt that the game wouldn't be as good. But then I thought about Final Fantasy... I know that I don't care that the characters change through each game, so then I exampled that with EB to EB64. I couldn't do it, EB64 didn't seem modern at all... I saw screen shots of wheat fields and forests... but when it came to the cities, they looked before our time. This turned me off...

In Final words, I think we should all forget about eb64, it's not going to come. We can only mearly hope for other games to carry on the legends of EB (ex: SSB, SSBM)

Thanks! -Dakkon Blackblade

Expecting too much from Mother 3

I think if there had been a Mother 3/Earthbound 2 I myself would have been ecstatic. I`ve recently gone on a kind of Earthbound binge, remembering the days of yore when I would spend hours in front of the SNES just playing EB. However, would EB2 have lived up to all the hype? This I`m not so sure about...

Everyone who`s anyone loved EB/Mother 2 of course, but maybe we loved it so much we expected too much from EB2/Mother3. The makers had only ever produced in SNES/Famicom, nothing 3D. It would have probably taken quite a lot of work to bring something 2D into a 3D gameworld AND still make it seem as good as all the other N64 games out there already. I think true EBers wouldn`t have really cared a bit about graphics, and would have loved it in spite of anything, but the big problem would have been getting newer, younger gamers into it. My brother recently got a Gamecube and I would go absoulutely nuts if EB2/Mother3 were made for it, but I think what we`re hearing now is that EB`s future is very dim, if it has a future at all. :(


Earthbound Big Hype

I was reading over some of the news and found out that the people who are makeing the game is not good with 3D... So i was thinking why not make it like Mother 2 (Earthbound) It wouldn't be that hard to make a 2D game right and personally I don't really care for graphics and It would be cool if they but earthbound or mother on gameboy advanced.. I hope they will make Earthbound 64 (Should be EarthBound Cube now since it might go on GC) I remember first playing earthbound when i was 7 and thinking this is the funniest game and it was the first game i ever played and first RPG. And this is kinda silly but at age 14 right now i finnaly beat the game lol... Best of luck in any petitions. kinda forgot to put my answer in my thought and here it is.. Yes i would have because alot of the old game rpgs like Final Fantasy,Chrono Trigger had new games come out..And they all are Big Hypes so I think Earthbound 64 would be too.


Not Earthbound 64, maybe EB Cubed...

I actually think Earhbound 64 would have been a terrible game. Let's face it, the graphics were horrible, the characters were not even relatively cool looking. I thought it was going to change Nintendo history forver, and it did. In a way I'm kind of glad the game wasn't made. It publicized Earthbound so much, that I'm almost positive that the will make a Earthbound cube. There are tons of cooky characters for trophies is SSB:M, and they all say future release. Like the trophy of the dog playing a guitar called tokatakete or something like that. Wow.


Viva la revolution... or something

I definatly think that it would live up to the hype! Recently, I have gotten back into my EB 'Funk', playing EB Zero and EB and have gotten close to beating EB0, and you know what? I'm guessing that EB0 won't be that hard, and I have already beaten EB about a zillion I would need more! Many other people probably share my thoughts, and would buy the game in a heart beat. Plus there are the new gamers, the ones who would buy it, and then look it up, and find the previous versions, and play those! Depending on the plot-line and ending of Mother 3, we might even have a FOURTH version! We may have a EB REVOLUTION!


Earthbound 64 could've worked, it really could've, the problem would have been going from 2D to 3D graphics though. One reason Earthbound for SNES worked was, it had a great storyline and used graphics that were deemed good for back then, but now, all we want are super 3D killer graphics, and, it would be difficult to bring Earthbound to a 3D world... Atleast on the N64, the graphics may have been pathetic (I'm sorry, I'm just giving an opinion here)... and, as sad as it is, now a days, graphics actually can determine whether a game lives or dies...

Now, if they made Mother 3 for Gamecube, they have the power to make a massive 3D world if THEY WANT to. If they make it for Gamecube (which I oh so hope they do) it will be great, as long as they put the time in it to make it good. Sadly, I think the 2D to 3D graphics sadly may have not cut it... I know I know, the game may still rock, but, the N64's limiting ability to produce like the Gamecube can may have really hurt EB64 had it been completed. So, maybe in a strange way, it's a good thign EB64 didn't make it for N64, because, it could've been shot down for not being perfect, now, thanks to the Gamecube, if Nintendo would pick up the ball, they could make something great...


I don't really think that it would have lived up to the hype. First off, if many gamers are like me, they would much more like to see a sequel to Earthbound (Mother 2) for the snes. I know I would. Plus, I kind of liked that old-school look of the snes version compared to the new 3-d style. But seriously, who would much rather have a sequel to the Earthbound for snes than Mother 3?

Mike D.



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