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In this fanthought, the topic dealt with the recent change of power at Nintendo of Japan. Hiroshi Yamauchi retired, and chose Satoru Iwata to succeed him as Nintendo's president. This means Iwata's calling the shots. Yamauchi was a known RPG hater, and Iwata expressed interest in bringing Mother 3 to the fans many times. Could this power shift change the course of Mother 3?

I personally think it can. Iwata's a fan of the fans, and the fans want Mother 3. We're the most dedicated community out there. He will try to get Mother 3 released... at least a whole lot more than Yamauchi did.

Future for Gamecube

Scince the new N-Prez enjoys RPGs, and wanted to have Mother 3 released, I think it will come out on the GameCube.


Quality over Quantity

I'm not sure that can change the aspects of nintendo's whole company.

If the people want Mother 3, then nintendo shall really react to it by releasing it. The gamecube has enough potential to make this an almost perfect game. Nintendo is quality over quantity.

And even if the nintendo presidency changed, that wont change APE's plan. But if nintendo wants the people to get the game, they shall put it out, simple. And then expect 3 years of delays and you get a good game!


Some influence

I think it will probaly have at least some influnce on it in one way or another, and as a RPG fan I personaly like the power change as many good RPGs from Japan have a better chance of coming in as well as new ones being made. Mother 3 is an excellent example of this. Although I'm not sure just how biased Yamauchi is aganst RPGs, so the impact may not be as big as expected.

Super bionic starman


With games like SSBM, EB is getting alot of attention and like you said Iwata likes rpgs, I'm sure we will be seeing a new EB game in the future or at least the SNES Earthbound for GBA.


Flint bad?

Hmm.. power change. Personally, it's a good thing. I mean, having an RPG-loving Nintendo Prez most DEFINITLY increases the chances of EB3(well, it can^t be called EB64 anymore) being released. But hopefully they'll stick with Ness and the others instead of that Flint person... ack, what an idiot...

The Unknown Artist


I think that we earhtbound fans have a much better chance at seeing the late "MOTHER 3" aka "EARTHBOUND 64" due to the switch of the ceo members and I think that with the improved experience with the Nintendo Gamecube I think we will be in for a big suprise :) :) YAY.

BUT WHAT I WANT TO SEE IN MOTHER 3 is the infamous "New Age Retro Hippie" IN 3D. Wooooooooooow, its a dream come true lol. Also the last thing i have to say is thaT I didnt get a chance to say anything about the Fan thoughts on the "plot"; What I think the plot should be is about 7 years into the future where everyone is starting to relize that Gygis ( whatever his name is ) is going to take over the world and now Flint is tryin to fix it but when he relizes that he can't thats when buzz buzz explains this to Ness that he is the futures only hope ( kinda like a back to the future thing with the changing of history ) well anyway back to the subject quiet frankly im happy Mother 3 didnt come out for the n64, I mean I love the series but everything almost looked so ugly with all the boxy things but I am singing and praying that mother 3 will come to us ( lol a little eb humor ). Cheers Iwata and bring our Mother sequel to us.

Yet Another EB Fan :)
Blah Blah Blah.


Bad boy of video games

I liked Yamauchi. He was the bad boy of the video game industry. But maybe he was just getting too old and the change could be a good one. We could see more production at Nintendo, including more RPGs.


But the waiting game sucks...

Miyamoto himself said they always wanted to do the project.I think that Iwata will bring Mother 3 to us in the future. How far in the future? We will just have to wait.


A new era

This is the new era for nintendo. Squaresoft is returning to nintendo and great and fun rpgs are back! After awhile they will see though, that they need a nother new different rpg than all the rest once again, well except for mother 1 and 2. And mother 3 will once again rise from its gwave! (Transforms into a wolf from a man and starts punching all sorts of wierd things.)


He has... the POWA

Well if a person at Nintendo that has lots of power wants to resume development on Mother 3 then most likely it will come out over in Japan and hopefully here in the U.S. and other countries with Mother fans. I have not even beat Earthbound on SNES because it took so long to find one. If Nintendo does not finish development on the game then they have just lost a lot of money. I have no idea really how many fans of Mother their are but I know there are enough to make this game a bestseller if it come out.

Jordan Smith

Yay! Iwata ROCKS

Iwata has been a long-time supporter of the Mother 3 project; even in interviews this year, he continues to support our cause. He obviously wants this game to come out, or wants to see some sort of Mother game in the future. Sure, the chances are still relatively low that Itoi will ever take the time to let us see Mother 3 again, but at least they haven't gotten worse. ^_^


Petition powa

The recent events or "shifting of power" at Nintendo I think gives Mother 3 a very good chance of becoming a game. Plus, if Iwata likes RPG's, and sees a list of 30,000 signatures, it gives it a better chance. It depends though: does he really care about US? Is he willing to pitch in money for a great RPG called EarthBound. I think so. Or, rather, I hope so. If EVERYBODY- staff of, people who visit it, pitched in like writing articles to NintendoPower, or something. Now, a couple years ago, I e-mailed the president of some Nintendo place in the U.S (I do live in Canada) regarding this particular issue. He said : There is one that is in production, but there is probably a good chance that it won't be made. That made my heart sink. I used to watch my next door neighboor play it, and now I want my new nextdoor neighboor to watch me too. If we can do it, thousands - maybe even millions - will be happy. I want this game to be a success.




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