Mr. Saturn Fan Thoughts

Well, to tel you the truth, I'm not happy at all. Look at how little I recieved in the way of fanthoughts this week... I really hope you guys will send in more for the next topic, please.

Well, on with the topic...

...PLEASE! Send in more fanthoughts next week!

I think that the mr. saturns should be hamburger meat and the main characters accidently eat a hamburger with saturn meat in it and they get sick, but they get better and try to uses that meat to give to there enemies so they get sick and so they can attack there own enemies without getting hurt!!!!


Awesome idea! ^_^

Y'know moogles in FFIX? Mr. Saturns would make excelent save points, and they're funky enough to get through dangerous terriotry.. yeah, and maybe one as a party member would be nice.


And... a final topic.

Mr Saturn Is one of the best characters. Duh hes better have the same text, I wish he would have a bigger role. Maybe he could be kinda like Earthbound's Applekid!


A bit late, but noone's complaining...

They had better keep the same Mr. Saturns they had in Mother 2. Don't care how they use them, but they better be the same. I like the thought as using them as save points. But not the idea of hamburger meat. Sorry Chimera, that thought is dumb. Mr. Saturn is much more valuble than hamburger meat. They should implement save points all over. Not just the phone thing. A cell phone!! There ya go. A cell phone later in the game play.




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