Locations of Mother 3

Well, I need to thank everyone for submitting. I didn't really see this as a huge topic when I made it, but it was the best I could think of when I was updating last (which I don't quite remember too well, but I remember an insomniatic blur.) Anyways, thank you very much to all the people who submitted!

My thoughts on this topic are as follows: I think that places reminicent of past games are a must. One thing that absolutely needs to be in Mother 3 is a monkey village! You may not remember (or you haven't played the game), but in Mother 1 there is a monkey village in the desert, and of course we all remember the wonderful gift-giving game we were forced to play in the underground village in order to get to Talah Rama in Mother 2. There was also the community of monkeys in the deep darkness. It's obvious that Itoi likes these quirky villages, and there's got to be one in Mother 3. As for other stuff, I'm sure he'll add a Magicant, which is another thing reminiscent of both series. From what we've seen already, I don't really have anything to comment on. The village looks rather typical to a midwest town. The forest... is a forest. Anyways, I don't have many thoughts on the places we've seen so far, I just see what could be there in the future.

Enough of my blabber, on to the rest of the fanthoughts.


Combination of the past

I would like the mother 1 places to be there, and also the mother 2 places so we can see how they go together, Like maybe Mother 1 takes plays in Japlum (dont ask me what the heck that is) far away from Eagleland. Be cool to visit Onett and Pollyanna. Oh and if i had to pick only one I'd pick onett because it has better design then other towns.


Tenda country

In Mother 3, I would like to see some place like Deep Darkness. I like jungle stuff, and the music was sweet. The Lost Underworld would be neat too, because I like dinosaurs. This time, I hope they aren't purple or stupid looking (like the Wetnosaur). So there! Bah!


RPG cliches - perfect every time

All RPG-style games need three or more of the following locations:

1) A desert.
2) A water town.
3) A really big bridge, usually with lots of enemies on it.
4) Some kind of sealed area that you can't get to until certain conditions are filled, and usually can't get back into when you're done.
5) An amusing "backwards" town with non-human inhabitants.
6) A nice little country town which gets taken seige or has all the inhabitants kidnapped.
7) An enemy stronghold.

The only area on that list that isn't in Earthbound is the water town, so I'm fully expecting to see one in Mother 3.


Uh... huh...

What would be interesting is some sorta town named after the past Mother groups who saved the world. A real good name for a town is Buttville. Too bad earthworm jim games have that. But what would be really cool is if the there was a place in space. All the past games have entirely been on earth, but it would be cool for at least one place in 3 to be in space. Starmen villa perhaps?



I wanna see some more number themed names for towns. I also wanna see some familiar locations like Saturn Valley and Onett. There should be another odd tribe like the Saturn or the Tenda.


Funky scenes

From what we can see in the screenshots and video, there's definately a desert area, but not like a Scaraba, middle-eastern kinda' desert; one like you'd find around Nevada or Utah (I don't live in nor have I been to these states, so if I'm terribly mistaken, I apologize ^_^). It's the place we see Flint ridin' his hover bean around, fightin' Pig King's armies and such, in the Spaceworld '99 video. Cool place. And then there also appears to be a jungle, teeming with creatures, which sounds like a cool idea, especially if the screenshot showing a river flowing through it is true to the game. I'd just love to row down a river, dodging snakes and hippos, especially in an EarthBound game. Also a tundra village with dying trees seen in one of the earliest screenshots; that place looked cool. But all these seem sort of uninteresting next to the WEIRD screenshots of a cat, a toad, and a monkey walking on giant... lilly pads? WACKY! And where do these characters come in? And don't forget the screenshots of the slime men in a factory, and the funky minecart chase; what a scene! You get to think that Shigesato Itoi had a lot of really cool plans for this game, and that the movement and the things you did in the environments in 3D were more varied and intense than those of Mother and Mother 2. Also try to imagine what OTHER places could come up during Mother 3; it's too much. I still think it seems like they'd done far too much work to just abandon the project. Somehow, someway, they've gotta' rehash the adventure of EarthBound 64.


Weird ideas.

Ok.... Mr Saturn should start building cities, not just the little huts but BUILDINGS, i mean the huts are nice but buildings would be better, and they could still have the little bows on top! Also Happy Happy town (I dont own earthbound so I can't remember the name, i have played Earthbound though and gotten halfway through it) Should be Destroyed! Just a pile of blue rubble. With an old carpainter sitting in the middle of it all crying and then you have to destroy a wild Blue Cow so it will stop destroying the town everytime Carpainter tries to rebuild it... Anyway those ar my ideas!


Onett: Gamecubified

I absolutely loved EarthBound, so I would like Mother 3 to be set in the exact same places. Yeah, some new places would be nice, but exploring Onett with beautiful GameCube graphics would bring a tear to my eye...

Starmans Delight

Old + New

I wanna see all of the original places from Earthbound, like Onett, Fourside, Winters, etc. I want them to be bigger and made more like real life cities. I also wouldn't mind seeing some new places. Maybe a Fiville and Sixington.

Pineapple Kid


I'd personally like to see Saturn Valley Without Mr. Saturn Earthbound would Non-Fun-N-Crazy-Bound And Ness HAS to be in it! I'll Go out to seattle and Protest if those two things aren't in there, same if pokey isn't I wanna Beat that evil pig! Wait was that on topic?


Eh, I'd rather have a new game.

I would love to see the unusual places return in Mother 3. I think a 128 bit Moonside or Pink Cloud would be the coolest thing ever. Apart from that, Towns, such as Onett and Twoson should make an appearance. Ugh... JUST MAKE A REDO OF MOTHER 2 BUT BETTER, PLEASE! I say this would be easier than a new game and would please every angle for now... I mean, who wouldn't want to see PK Special Omega in 128 bits? mmmmmm..... ja ne!


Same place, new story

Now, I am no expert, but I dind't think that Mother 3 was going to be made. Itoi pulled the plug, said it would be too hard. But if he didn't, I'd like the new characters to run through Onett. Then you could check up on Ness and his family. You could also see the house that you bought (or didn't buy). And I'd like to see if the meteor is still there. In fact, I'd like them to go to all the cities of the original cast, maybe get some help from them.


Off Topic Ranting

I wish people would stop asking for a rehashed Mother 2!!!!!! 1, this is not Itoi's dream, 2, many game series have been ruined or scarred by this form of marketing (cough Street Fighter, Mega Man), 3, WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU WANT A GAME YOU HAVE ALREADY PLAYED WHEN YOU CAN HAVE A NEW ONE?!?!?! I just don't understand you people. I'm sure Itoi would be disappointed if no one was interested in his future dreams, only in ones he has already realized to the fullest! Earthbound doesn't need flashy graphics (which many have asked for) and it definitely doesn't need to be robbed of a proper sequel by squirming fanboys (sorry if I'm getting on non-fanboy's nerves here). Sorry. I just had to get that out...

And in keeping with the topic, I hope Mother 3 (if it ever does come out) has a space location. With Itoi's imagination, it will be EXTREMELY enjoyable!!!!!!

Zane Ball


I donīt think that in Mother 3 will be any Mother 2 city. But I like to see Moonside or Magicant (I think that Magicant will be in EB64 īcause it was in Mother and Mother 2.)


Old, older, new

I'd like to see Summers in 3d, My Favorite town, and Saturn Valley. Then Probably alot more of the Mother Stuff, like the Little Sweet Factory, Twinkle School, ect. Then a little bit of new stuff, like maybe a Neighborhood.




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