Mother 3's Release!

Well, this news was some truely amazing stuff to come to us. I just don't know what to say! So, being speechless...

On with the fanthoughts!


Finally getting Earthbound

When I first saw that quickly assembled front page on the 14th, I was like...wowowowowowow OMG AWESUMA! Yes, after years and years of waiting, I'm finally getting the chance to play...Earthbound...again. Oh. Well, despite the obvious lack of an entirely new game, Mother 1 being included in the mix certainly excites me, and playing Earthbound, in all seriousness, almost never gets old. Mother 3 being released on the GBA, however, feels like a mixed blessing. I'm almost certain that it will be exceedingly fun (provided that it makes its way overseas), but I am disappointed that it will not be coming out for the Gamecube. Regardless, I still plan to shell out however much it is for a Gameboy Advance SP, along with all three Mother titles. I am very happy, yes!


A new chance to play

YYYeeesss! I have been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time! I really like the idea that people can play Mother 1 & 2 on the same cartridge. And, that the people who have never played/expirenced the game when it it was in stores can finally get to see/play it. finally they can play the game that their friends have talked so much about. I'm not one of those people, but that dosn't mean that I won't buy the game! Last word, YYYeeesss!

Voltor 25


I think its a fantabulous idea. People like new things, thats why lots of people don't bother to pick up EarthBound, If they see that it could "possibly" be a new game they will buy it and then come to looking for something and be like "WTFARK I BOUGHT SOME GHETTO OLD GAME FROM THE NINTIES THOSE CRAZY JAPANEESE TRICKED ME ONCE AGAIN" and then wont throw it away since it is a awesome game. Also with GBASP it will be easire to play your favorite game under your sheets all night. It will bring lots of new people to SMNET, which could be good and bad, but mostly for the good. On m3, this would be so cool. It would follow, kinda in the footsteps of EB and EB0 with the semi-bad graphics and the sameish battle system. This would be so fantabulous, its a new-age-retro-game-of-fun-random-stuff-that-everybody-loevs-hoorj. YAY FOR M1+2+3+4(NOW IM GJUST GOING CRAZY %#)&(*&%(*#$&%(!!!!!!!111


Rantings are forgiven

I pity those who want to know my thoughts, but, heck, why not. I can share...

I think the whole Mother 1 + 2 thing's REALLY cool, though I think it'd been cooler if they would quit REMAKING EVERYTHING AND COME OUT WITH SOMETHING NEW!

Granted, Mother 1 has never been released (legally) in the US, but I find Mother 3's possible debut FAR more exciting than any remake, which I believe has become all Nintendo thinks the GBA is for (Remakes, not the Mother series). Mario Advance is just the SNES titles remade with Mario going "WAAAAAAAA!" whenever you die. Wee. Note my unemotional cheerings. Whatever...

Mother 3 should be quite amusing. I mean, let's face it, Mother 2 wasn't half bad. Therre's been more developed plots, yes, but few RPGs can say much more than "I look pretty, but my game play is boring and monotonous, and I think you're a lot dumber than you really are!" (Please note that Golden Sun broke this horrid trend that's cursed us since the PS1. Thankyou, Golden Sun.)

My point is, Mother 1 + 2 is another stereotypical Nintendo project. It's Mother 3 that deserves all the hoopla! Anyone who owns Mother 2 and downloaded Mother 1 won't care about the first title (I never dl'ed M1, so I am somewhat excited, truthfully). But NOBODY's EVER seen M3, so that should cause quite a stir.

And, if it's a crummy game (like so many of Nintendo's Mario attempts are becomming), I'm going to sue the whole dang company! ALL BOW TO THE INSANE HAMSTER! HE WILL HAVE HIS WAY!!!

(o @ . @ o)

(Forgive my rantings. :) )


Heart-attack news!

I practically had heart attack when I first read the news. I'm planning on buying the GBA Player for GameCube when it comes out this May, and this is just another 30 bucks I'll be sending to Nintendo. :) The prospect of a new Earthbound game is of course great, but I'm a little weary. First of all, the GBA's sound quality may not be up to par compared to Mother 2. Second, I don't want the game to be rushed. Third, I hope the story somehow fits with Mother 2 or maybe links the original Mother to Earthbound. But basicly, this can't go wrong.

Snes Guy

Best News Ever.

I'm Pretty Excited, Cuz' This Is The Best News ever!

Now I have To Horde Some Money.

Oh, and i'd like to thank Nintendo someday, i'm really glad that they want me to be happy.


Random-symbol partaytime

M3 GBA [email protected]#[email protected][email protected]#^@#[email protected]#$%*#$%&!##%!*&^(

There honestly isn't much else anyone can say about it at this time. As more information and media becomes available, we'll be able to speculate and analyse further, but for now it's one big honkin' random-symbol partay.



Everything good

I'm glad they're bringing back the classics, along with a new game. It will allow people to (re)play the old games, then continue the story. I can't wait :D


GBA changes it all

What are my thoughts on this? Do I really need to say anything?

I guess I do.

I wrote in for the fan thought about how newer gamers would treat mother 3, and I basically said it wouldn't sell well and it would be a flop, just because of the graphics and it's competition.

This was assuming it was on the Gamecube.

So, the fact that it's going to be on the GBA changes eveything. People generally don't look for graphics on the GBA. I know many gamers who won't buy a game with cruddy graphics for the GC, PS2, etc. For the GBA, though, it dosn't matter. It's pretty obvious that handhelds don't have anywhere near the capabilities of the consoles, and people realize this. So graphics aren't as important on the GBA.

So now i think the game will sell well. It's got such a "cult" following, it can't fail. People will buy it or my first name isn't Jeff.

Now, for my opinion on the matter - Well, to put it simply, i couldn't sit still all today, just THINKING about it.


Random symbol party II

I am overly excited. I am experiecing pure elation. I've had dreams about seeing commercials for a new Earthbound game. And now that dream will become true. How wonderful! I hope the graphics on Mother are touched up at least a little bit. Other than that, 8)$6($&(*[email protected]


Earthbound: more than shampoo!

I have lately been thinking about it. When I first saw it, I was like, "wow. @$&&$. wow." Now, I'm really thinking it over. I'm excited that they are doing it in 2D and not 3D, because I was not too hip on the 3D idea. It would take too long, and since the APE people were unexperienced with 3D it might have been ameteurish.

Here's the other thing. Just yesterday, I was telling my friend that this was coming out. He was like, "Oh, cool!"
Now, this was the same friend, that just a month ago, I showed him an EB rom, and he said, "Uh. The graphics are sort of dinky. It looks like the EB community could get major new hits for this. This site could become 100% more popular, which could be a bad thing, but we would get less people coming in looking for hair care products and people saying, "Whats Earthbound?" as soon as they post on the forums. Some people are so dumb. This could make EB not just a hair care product or something you scan by when your surfing the net. People are going to be knowledgeable! Smile! The end is here!



I think this is awesome. If they release both game in the U.S,I would buy them in a heartbeat.

John Lyon


I have nothing but happiness about this recent news! Earthbound was one of my favorite just plain GAMES ever!

All I could ask is if 1) both games could see an English release and 2) Ness will return in Mother 3. I REALLY would like to see what the heck Pokey was up to and how it would effect Ness, his friends and family, and also any new heroes that may arise in the story. Power to the PK People!


Something missing

It's not that I'm picky about the system choice nor am I nitpicking on Mr. Itoi. Still I think that Mother 3 would've be best suited on the Gamecube, I mean the game was being developed on N64 and the transitional console for most of it's projects is by common sense the Cube. There are economical and political reasons why this move is disappointing. The Cube needs more RPGs, second there were some innovations that seemed to be done only with 3D in place otherwise it'll just be another 2D GBA RPG (with funky graphics and sound I may add but that's about it). Also it should be noted that Itoi...well doesn't hold hard work in regard unless the experience can pay off for him (he's a slacker compared to Miyamoto or Tezuka), so GBA development was the easy way out.

Also, I REALLY loved the designs in 3D. They were so expressive in ways sprites couldn't depict, I wouldn't even care if they decided to cel-shade them! Scaling those wonderful character models and events down to small sprites makes the game less exciting to me. Character design aside, there's the game itself. In 3D, you're not just controlling the character but you feel like you're right beside him/her. Not only that but you'll never know when an enemy would catch you off guard behind an unsuspecting corner or enjoy controlling the Pork Bean and such. Think about things this way, had Miyamoto, Koizumi and Tezuka decided to cancel Ocarina of Time on the N64 back in 1997 (when the game was about 50-70% complete) and decided to move it on Gameboy/Gameboy Color/GBA because they were more used to Zelda in 2D would you say that was a smart move? I wouldn't.

I'll still get Mother 1+2 and Mother 3 on GBA but something feels missing...

DeAngelo Guillory

Earthbound fans rejoice!

Hmm.. I figured this day would come. With all of these ports of old games from the SNES, I figured Itoi and Nintendo would bring over Mother. But this time, Itoi has gone beyond my expectations. Now, he has announced Mother 3 for GBA! Earthbound fans rejoice! This has to be the greatest news for the GBA yet. However, I am a little concerned. As we all know, Mother 3 was orignally on the N64. Well, I'd hate to see them try to put those graphics on a GBA. I am hoping they keep the story, but put it back to ol' 2D.


We'll see

What!?! You know, I am happy enough it is coming out, but on the GBA!?! :Sigh: Since I became an Earthbound fan, I've been thinking of how cool the battle system would be with the 3-Dimensional movement. Oh well, guess I'll just have to prepare for the same thing, it may be kinda interesting...

Scott Bratcher

Keeping 2D graphics true

I am glad that Mother 1 and 2 are coming out for GBA, because a lot of the younger kids did not have a real chance to play Earthbound. However, Mother 3 for GBA seems a little bit odd, but i guess it will keep its 2-d graphics true.


Let's just hope it works

Frankly, I'm just glad to hear of a possible continuation of Mother 3. I could probably never get a Gamecube or N64 anyway, so if it came out for the Game Boy Advance that would be great. As for Mother 1 and 2, the same goes for them. I've played both of these games on emulators and would really like to buy them. However, I'm not totally sure they'll really put Mother 3 on the Game Boy Advance. I mean the game was programmed for the N64 and the programming team may still be too incompetent to pull it off. But if that commercial was screwing with us all on that part about Mother 3 nobody's gonna be happy

Brian Gileczek

It'd better make it here...

That news won't affect me until I'll be sure that the game will come to North America. Not only do I want it to be in NA, I also want to see it translated in English. I understand that the game wasn't a huge commercial success here but if you remember when the N64 was released, EarthBound64 was always in the Most Wanted chart in Nintendo Power. With Nintendo being aware of the huge NA fanbase of the game, it would be a huge mark of disrespect if they didn't release it here. I can't believe that none of the person who made EarthBound typed EarthBound in a search engine... I'm sure they did it. With the petitions on top of it, they have no excuses.




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