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*click* *whiiiiiiir* opposers...must...die...

This was a picture that the jerks at Nintendo released to annoy us and toy with our minds. You see, pictures like this are made to make us think that Ness is in the game, but then they replace the person with a cowboy type guy. It is all just one big conspiracy made by Nintendo to aggrevate us EB fans. They are using this to make it more painful if EB64 is not released. It is a conspiracy I tell you, conspiracy. *Looks behing him* Hey what are you doing there? Who are you? What does that N on your forehead mean? Oh my god! what are you doing with that baseball bat? Put it down. No, don't hit me with it. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


Time travel! Yeah!

I would think that Ness or one of his decendants is in the game. Because I think that Ninten (EB0) is maybe Ness's dad, this might be a picture of Ness's son. You (as the EB group) might travel through time, from 199x to when EB64 takes place, to fix whatever happens then. So this could be Ness on his own, in the future. Whenever EB64 comes out, I suppose we will find out.


It's Ness!!! Or is it¿?

This screenshot shows what any fan fan can notice immediatly. It's Ness!! But looking more closely, you can notice some differences are that his shorts are blue, not red. His cap is backwards, and his shirt has deep blue stripes instead of purple-ish stripes. This can mean 2 things. Ness wanted to make a few changes when he converted to 3-D, or, this kid is Ness' son. My guess is Ness and Paula married(they seemed to like each other at the end:-) and had a kid who is the actual hero from 10 years in the future.


The multiple characters... and Ryuka

I hope hés Ness. But there is the rumor on the net that affirms that the subject in the photo is in fact Ruika!. And the game art images of Ruika looks like the image. But there stills remains the multiple chapters and also it looks that Ness will be in (like in Super Smash Bros.) Maybe flint ask him for help when Pokey appears... Maybe


Ness's son...

After reading the other theories. I know believe it is Ness's son. Look at this.The hero, and the girl(EB0) definitly had something towards the end. Now if you look real close. REALLY CLOSE. Ness's mom sorta looks like an older version of the girl. So that is what I think. So it has to be there kid. How else can you explain the 3 time differences in stories but have 3 kids look very much alike.

Mad Duck

More proof in the Pig King

Listen, I don't care if everyone says that is Ness' son or whatever, because I still strongly believe that Ness is in this game! He may just be in the second chapter or something. Just think now, the title of EB64 might be "Death of the Pig King". I think the "Pig King" is none-other than Pokey. (He rezembles a pig. :-) Lol) Anyway, a TRUE EarthBound fan would remember that at the end of EarthBound (SNES), Ness recived a letter from Pokey, from the Future stating he will get revenge. Ness is in it!! (I hope.)

Final Mitch 7

Yeah! Believe!

Listen eeryone, a true blue EarthBound fan would believe that Ness is in ED64 no matter what anyone said (untill Nintendo sayz it). I think that Ness isn't in the first chapter of EB64 but in something like the second or something. Also, wouldn't it be just logical if EB64 revolved around Pokey in the future? And stuff. Believe people! Believe!

Final Mitch 7 (again)

An EB64 Makeover?

Having looked at this picture, and pondered it for a minute or two, i decided to post what i thought of this.

Is Nintendo messing with us? I really don't believe they did the change to Flint intentionally, as we all know EB64/Mother 3 was announced pretty soon after the N64 came out, which was a long time ago, (the SNES was still kicking then). Anyways, this picture was probably one of the first to be released, so I think that what Nintendo may have done, was to insert a 3D rendering of what we believe to be Ness, to give us something else to look at other than just the forest setting. Also, since it has been a long time since the project was announced, it's very possible that they decided not to have Ness as the main character, or include him at all in the game. Further proof might be found in older screenshots, (pre-Spaceworld), if Ness was to be a sort of temporary character. Guess i'll have to pull out some old gaming magazines (ie. Nintendo Power), to see if this is true.

Does this mean that Ness is in the game? It depends, like I said earlier, Nintendo could have scrapped him this Flint character, or maybe they didn't. Also, remember that the game is supposedly going to have seperate chapters, which can go totally out of order, so maybe Flint is the major player in one set of chapters, and maybe Ness (and possibly company), will be the main role in another set of chapters. Finally, I would like to point out that Ness did show up in Super Smash Brothers, after a very long absence from the Nintendo scene, so maybe he could make a cameo in EB64/Mother 3.

I think in the end we will just have to see what develops as the game creeps along toward completion, and hopefully US translation!

Mr. Tenda

FF6 good.

I think that Ness is in it. Why? Well, let's look at it this way. Pokey did say that he'd get his revenge in the future. Also, Dr. Andonuts could possibly find a way to perfect a time travel device without all that robot stuff. Plus, this is just one part of the game. Chances are that Ness is a secret character like in Smash Bros. that is found in some out of the way place. It'd be kind of like Gogo from FF6(3). I could be way off, so don't quote me.


Maybe Ness and Paula... no, no, I can't say it...

I think the pic is ness. Most people say that it fake or ness son. I think it is ness through time. I think that Dr.Andonuts Mr.saturn and ness got in a Space distorter 6 (many more prototypes)and it was able to sustain life and they went back to time. Pokey was there as a pig king, and the crash seperated the three. I mean for ness's son theories, i saw pics of Dr.andonuts and I doubt a man of 89 (because he is OLD! he has white hair for petes sake)can live to about 21 years more. (because if Ness and Paula had kids, they needed to be at least 22 years old (and they are 13) to be able to get enough money for a kid, and It would take 13 years for that kid to be just like Ness!) Also, Notice how ness is still alive and young. In conclusion: It is ness He is back min time Dr.Andonuts and Mr.Saturns went with him It is not Ness's kid! (Don't make me explain again!)

[email protected]

Pokey's secret letter...

I strongly beleive that is Ness! Any true fan would remember when Ness received that letter from Pokey at the end. Or at the end when Ness is at Paula's house escorting her home and she wanted to tell him something but she forgot. We just got to have faith and he'll be in it with the others to you'll see.


Another 'It's Ness!'... I'm not good at thinking up topics on old fan thoughts...

Look, it IS Ness! I looked at the screenshots, and think of it: You have a childish character with a backwards red hat, blue shorts, and yellow/blue striped shirt. and if you look CLOSELY, you'll notice that like the Mother 2 clay model, this character has 3 spikes of hair sticking out on his forehead out of the hat. And, I have read issues of Nintendo Power, and KNOW that Dr. Andonuts, Mr. Saturn, and I heard rumors of even Bubble Monkey being in this game. Back then, I had not heard of Ness being in it, but I had hopes. Now that I see the screenshot, I know it's him. And the same issue of NP said that Pokey WOULD be "back to cause more trouble." So, if Pokey is back, this is the revenge that everyone so far has noticed from the letter Ness recieved from Picky saying it was sent by Pokey, and Pokey said in that letter he'd have his revenge. I am contrasting with other info, but I agree with a few people who have said that SOMEHOW, Ness, Doc Andonuts, and Mr. Saturn (Possibly Bubble Monkey, I have only heard rumors...) are going to perfect a new Phase Distorter because Ness will SHOW Andonuts the letter, and they will need to go stop Pokey once and for all. I believe this. I am standing by it, and until Nintendo says something in print about the true nature of this extremely Ness-looking character, I will believe it is Ness, and I will shun anyone who disagree's with me. People love Ness, he's my favorite RPG character of all time. Nintendo would be stupid to make us think he was in the game, then say "Ha ha, fooled ya!" I don't think they are that stupid, and agreeing with someone else, I think that they made an N64 3D Ness for Super Smash Bros for a REASON! Only complaint I have about SSB is the PSI powers they gave Ness, but, if you think about it, the different PSI powers may also play into Mother 3 if it is actually Ness, which I'm sure it is......


That's just mean... and cruel... and stupid!

Look my fellow earthbounders heres the deal. I know what nintendos doing, oh yes, i know exactly what they're doing. They are just playing with our minds! cant you see this! come on people all the clues are there. They showed us screenshots and all this stuff to get us all hyped up and then they dont release it. I mean ness in smash bros. and the screen shot with ness all to get it hyped up but then one day that isnt far away they will just tell us that it wont be released in the US.....

or i could be wrong:)


Big Dave

Flint = Ness? I dunno...

Despite the current topic, I have a theory about "Flint"

I think "Flint" is in reality...NESS!!! After becoming known as the savior of the world, Ness grew weary of his new found fame. He had his name changed and moved far away from his home, so people wouldn't recognize him right away. He missed everyone of course, but he soon made new friends and married a lovely wife and had children. Then one day a crash was heard in the woods, where funny noises emitted during the night...


No Ness. Moooooooooooo

Look, Ness is not going to be in the game. Before that picture ever came out, they had sketches of a boy, that looked like Ness. They had some other name for him. 'Ness' technically wasn't in Mother. Just because some measly little screen shot says ness is going to be in it, doesn't mean he is. Maybe it's a story sequence or whatever. Plus, like others have said, they might totaly scrap Ness for this Flint guy. It'd be different, and nothing predictible (which Mother and Mother 2 were..). Nintendo still has an ace up it's sleeve.


Hmm, interesting perspective.

I don't recall in the interview that Ness would NOT be in Mother 3, just that there is no main character. Some might think that there is no main character in Earthbound, but that all four played an equil part( though I don't know who would say that) Flint will probably play a large part in the game, though Ness, or the son/grandson/great grandson/ect. will be in there with him. The letter at the end of Earthbound shows that Ness must play a part.




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