Mother 3 Fanthoughts - Mother 3 with Sony

I received a great deal of fanthoughts on this topic. It could be partly because of the insistance I had that everyone needs to know what a fanthought is, or it could be because people have strong feelings on this topic. Who knows. Anyways, if you haven't sent one in yet, do so now! If you have, feel free to read!

Also, the following people so far are idiots and submittied 'NO NO NO! NO PSX': unknown(obviosly someone who didn't use their name, so don't bother.), icEFusioN, Miky.


Death Sentence

You don't even need to wait for me to say "NONONO NO PSX" because if they made it for PSX I would die anyway.


No like Sony

I personnaly don't like Sony.
If they did make Mother3, I don't think I'd enjoy it that much.

Let's keep the same creators as Mother 2 used.


Some cool stuff

I think that if Sony ever decided to pick up on Mother 3 (Can't really call it Earthbound 64 anymore), that they could do some cool stuff with it. If they gave the graphics a 3D revamp, that would draw a ton of people to the game. The game idea itself has already been quite developed, and Sony would only have to refine some of the less-than-average details.

In reality, it would not be a bad idea for Sony. They would already have a lot of the gameplay and programming, and all they would need to do would be to tweak the graphics and finish off the gameplay.


Working Designs would delay it to heck

I think that it would be very cool if it came out from Sony. Sony usually doesn't delay much...and if it did come out for sony, more people would buy it because it would be advertised in a wicket way.

ab00t4life - Frank

Completed? No way!

If Mother 3 was developed by Sony, though I'd have tears in my eyes knowing that it would be eventually released, I'd be fearful that the original idea of the game, as carried by APE, Nintendo, etc. would be ruined and it would be too futuristic or past-y (inventing adjectives here :) )and changed from what we know it to be.

Though I wouldn't necissarily mind a sequel to the game which took place in the past, when Gigyas was sealed, I believe for now we need a sequel that takes place now, to get a fanbase big enough to devote them to such a project later down the road. So I'd think Sony wouldn't be right for the job yet, though seeing Nintendo's actions, if they were to offer to produce it, it'd be the only plausible chance for Mother 3 to be released. (plausible, mm, big word.)


Good sides, bad sides...

What does it matter who publishes it? It's the people with the ideas and who help with the game's style that count.

Well, they'd defintely give Mother 3 a much more solid story (which could be a good thing, but would probably direct more work and game memory to the story rather then the jokes and offbeat humor, which is NOT good), and probably up the maturity (like everything they have..). There would defintely be a major plot event/town/etc. that has the Mr. Saturns and another with the Tendas. Maybe party members as well, depending on weather they go for CC style(Many characters, little character development) or FFIX style (opposite). There would probably be an explaination as to Giygas' creator/origin, as well as the same for the Mr. Saturns and the Tendas. Gah, I'm rambling. Anyway. Do what ya like, Skul


Well, the Lunar series were well-selling sprite games.

If Mother 3 were developed by Sony? So, do you mean, developed for Playstation/PS2? If so, it would be ignored by Playstation players for its lack of "good" graphics and for Sony's abundance of RPGs. Whereas on one of Nintendo's systems, the polar opposite would occur, since Nintendo doesn't sport enough RPGs (nor the best graphics) the way Sony does. But is this a reasonable question? No, really, Skulryk, don't get mad at me, I really want to bring this up. Though Itoi MAY be looking around for his options, he's a really big Nintendo player. And why not? The other Mothers (ooh, that rhymed) were developed for Nintendo systems, and so was Mother 3. This just REALLY doesn't seem likely at all or in any way. But in the unlikely event that this should happen, I don't think I would go out and purchase a $300 Playstation system for just the one game. "Just the one game, Sam?! Mother 3 is holy!" But not holy enough to make ME support an evil video game company. That's really the bottom line. Well, actually, the third to the bottom. Oh, wait, now it's the fourth. ^_^


Want game, no want PSX

I would probably play it on someone else's PSX. However, I would not go and buy any of Sony's products just because of one game. I would love to play it and all, but I think that Sony was being greedy when they joined the video game industry. Everybody can worship the almighty Playstation/Playstation 2 as much as they want, but I will not. I dislike constant pixelated graphics and profound loading times. PSX games are okay if you get past the graphics, though. Anyhow, back to the topic. I wouldn't freak out if it happened; I'd be grateful to Sony for making another Earthbound game, just like I am grateful to them for continuing the Mega Man X series. But I won't buy.

KTE the Pikashoe

Buy Hot Pockets «/subliminalmessaging»

Earthbound was born on Nintendo. Earthbound will die on Nintendo.
Sony is Gyigas.
Sony is evil.
Ness:Nintendo Entertainment System.

..(Apple of Elightenmnet)..

A PSX for EB

Well, while I am completely against Sony, I would still be recommending it to friends, and possibly throwing away my hatred for them and buy a PSX anyway, just to play the game. I honestly wouldn't mind it being on Sony, as it would do Nintendo damage for their decision. What goes around comes around. Sony's empire would further grow, and Nintendo's shrink, and they would see the error of their ways, and possibly decide to make the games that the public declares it would like to see, rather than making the games that are the current craze. If Nintendo continued in that way, they would share Sega's demise, or possibly a worse one due to the fact that Nintendo's games are considered too kidsy for most to buy. Well, that's my 2 cents, and seeing as I'm first, maybe I'll spark off some more fanthoughts.


You'll find some argument with your graphical point...

Personally, I think it would be pretty awesome to see Mother 3 on the PSX. My main reason is that i am biased towards the Playstation and the original PSX never seemed to be shy about using beautiful 2D sprites, while Nintendo is simply a polygon-fest. Also... PS1 and 2 are awesome!!!


PSX Controlaphobia

I think EB3 on sony would suck. Imagine the controls! The previous 2 EBs controlled fine, but a PSX version? Phooey!

Anthony Cofer


Hehe maybe they can get the people from square to help em out.... this thing was in develepment heck for more years before it was dropped than the Thief of Always was dropped...

anyways Seriously I think it might work cuz well to tell you the truth unless Nintendo gets its act straight and gets cds (cheeper better audio and graphics) I am gonna abandon their systems all together and I was a fan since the late 80s


Sony phony

It could be cool but do you know how many bad games sony has?
If they made it it would probably cuss like heck!!
Anyways Mother 3 is licensed to Nintendo


Nothing wrong with PSX

I think there may not be much of a difference, besides the platform, although not all EB fans own a PSX.
The double joysick may be interesting, too. Along with the other extra buttons, except that the PSX controller has no Z button. The Z button is cool.
The graphics don't seem to differ very much between the PSX and N64, of course, if it gets it to exist that way, let it come that way! But it doesn't matter to me. I own a PSX and an N64. Uh-oh. ::Hides from all the people who would go to her and say 'I can't believe you bought a PSX'::



First of all, for what that one guy said about getting Square in on it? Shame on you! With each FF sequel the games get darker and darker... The characters, though seeming more intricate just get more depressing and boring. Involving Square in the Mother project would corrupt its simple silliness. Heck, it might even be a good game, but it wouldn't be our EarthBound. My opinion is that if it were all the same people in on designing the game (Ape, etc) then fine, Nintendo can eat their heart out as they watch the game's popularity and success flourish.


Sony = apocalypse

Well...personally I feel if EB3 came out on ps or ps2 that it would be a sign that the end of the world is near. I never thought I'd see the day that the Chrono Trigger sequel and Final Fantasy series would go to the ps. Well I was wrong and if Nintendo let another rpg go...they wouldn't have much left...

Mike the Mr. Saturn lover

No 'this game stinks' marketing

Well, maybe it wouldn't be too bad for eb64 on playstation. Cause maybe playstation will think it will be a good game and will be very popular. (Unlike nintendo. Die nintendo!)



Concerning Mother 3 being developed by Sony...
I'm indifferent. Although I'd likely never play it due to the fact I don't have, and likely will never have, a PlayStation, it would be worth it just to see Mother 3 released.

Sony = SLing

Ack! What are you people saying!!! Sony is bad! As in not good! No Earthbound on sony!!! Sony is EVIL EEEEEVVVVVIIIIILLLLLL!!!!!


Why not?

I say why not? There may be many benefits to this at this point in time. Of course, sony or some company that develops for PSX or PS2 will have to acquire APE or at least Itoi and most of the original staff for a decent game. One obvious benefit is that the play control may be much better. As far as I'm concerned the PS controllers are much better for RPGs than 64's is and GC's will be. Second, behold the power of FMV! This is the main thing that got Final Fantasy off the underground and into almost everyone's TVs! Third, the size of the game could be huge, realizing that there is no way you could fit FMV plus a 40+ hour game into one cartridge and you see why CD rules, and today's games have very little lag... Finally, given the current track record of companies like Squaresoft and their responses to customers (read Final Fantasy Chronicles), it is possible that M3 could be designed for PSX provided that they first get the necessary people. This is just my stand on the topic.


Lose it's gameplay fun.

I wonder how Neessu of NINTENDON (mixture of "Nintendo" and the word "don" meaning lunch) would respond to that. Because in his comics, Ness usually acts so anti-Nintendo by promoting other products. For example he'd prefer a Wonderswan Color to Game Boy Advance because of the Nintendo-Square thing or when he buys that house he says the only thing that'd make the house complete is PS2 (when Paula was hoping it'd be something else ;) ).

Anyway, I'd think that it'd be full of FMV and nothing but all graphics and no gameplay fun. Sony is bad at developing games so they have to hide behind Square or Capcom to do their bidding. But bias aside, I guess they'd give it a less cartoony feel and stray it from the family film feel into the more gun totting, tequila donning Flint while his sons have to stay home with the dog and do nothing.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that Sony would make adults be the heroes and the kids and teens would have to stay home. Which is sad because this is everyone's fight, no one's just a bystander.


Sony no fun at all...

If M3 is put on playstaion, I would go balistic. Nintendo's been in the video game industry since the beginning. After all, the NES was the first successful home video game counsel there ever was. Sony just jumped in to make money(really, who would pay $300 for a PS2), where as Nintendo just wants to make people happy with there products.

eLOOB 64

Tieing in with Election 2000...

Myself, it might not be ALL that bad. Sony might do what they do and hollywood it to death, but so long as the core of it's Mother, does it REALLY matter? I say, we are GO for MOTHER (actually that was my slogan for Election 2000, being GO for GORE, but I think this applies), whether it be Nintendo, Sony, or Squaresoft. Hey, with Sony, it might even retain that special little corny sense Mother gives (ever played Legend of Dragoon? Hah! Take THAT, Sony!) I think Sony would do a right fine job with it; so long as they don't refix it to be more earth-bound. (Har har.)


Just want the game.

If Mother 3 came out for the PSX or PS2 it'll be ok. I loved Earthbound and I'm playing Mother (thanks to emulators and ROMS) and if the game ends up with Sony, I wouldn't be disappointed. Bottom Line: I don't care who puts it out, I just want the game. Even if it came out for some crappy unknown system like the (I bought one the first day and I'm still waiting for a good game to be released), I would buy it, because I believe that they would make an awesome game.


This one is just setting itself up for rebuttals...

Ok sony is without a doubt a VERy smart company...When the look back on the failures of EB in the US they would probly know better and toss the idea. Anyway it wouldn't make much sense to transfer it to PS....I think it was more of the developers inexpiraince than lack of cash flow or ideas.




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