Interview: Game Walker Magazine

Game Walker: What is the release schedule looking like for Mother 3 and other titles?

Miyamoto: The development team is working on Mother 3 releasing somewhere around the end of this year or next spring. It depends on the 64DD's launch date. But from a software development standpoint, we're on schedule.

As for Mother 3, it will use a system like we do in Zelda 64. Games like Cabbage, Mario Artist, Sim City 64 will be able to utilize the 64DD's features. So it can't be changed to a standard cartridge game. The strong point of a cart is that it can exchange data in real time. A cart's big advantage is running the basic engine. But if you're thinking about exchanging more data and producing lots of data, the DD system is more fitting for the task than a cart.

For a game like Mother 3, which uses more data and needs to run in real time, using a cart and a DD is a perfect mix.

Currently, we have a 256-megabit cart now. It can store much more data than in the past. So I think DD will be used for additional data so you can play the game once again after you complete it, just like after Ura Zelda appeared in the past Zelda or as a method for backing up data.



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