Interview: Weekly Famitsu Magazine

Famitsu: The main character [a boy] looks different from the last pictures. According to this document, you are still auditioning in regard to the main character?

Itoi: Yes. The last one blew his audition.

Famitsu: The logo also looks different from Mother 2. [Metallic lettering but partially made of wood, clearly implying the word Chimera: lion's head, goat's body, tail of snake. Where is the subtitle?

Iwata: We can't use the word "Chimera" in the subtitle anymore because someone else already owns a trademark on that.

(Famitsu then asked about the game's completion, they said it was almost done, and then...)

Iwata: And now Itoi-san has almost completed the scenarios.

Famitsu: Is this game already running?

Iwata: Yes, it is running on the DD.

Famitsu: On the DD? I thought it would be too early to run on the DD?

Iwata: We are making the field map on DD because it's easy to do over. Above all, we want to play it as soon as we complete it.

Famitsu: How's the game engine coming along?

Iwata: The system is almost finished. Maybe we still have to do a more with the battle part, though.

Famitsu: I see. The scenarios are almost done, the engine is almost, what's left?

Iwata: We're just putting things together.

Itoi: This game is awfully fun.

Famitsu: What is the funniest part?

Itoi: The story line. But at the same time, the game can also be kind of dismal at times.

Famitsu: What's the point?

Itoi: It's not that cheerful like Mother or Mother 2. In this game there are less than 100 characters, including those who just are a passerby. But we want to make sure there is a lot of depth for every single character. I could repute you to be something, but your mother might not think the same as I, right? We are making characters to see such stereoscopic angles. For example, the main character you control on one chapter acts as a supporting role on another chapter. That way, you can see the character's inner side. And, therefore, it is not just a cheerful game.

(Then Famitsu had a chance to hear Mother 3's music. Famitsu says the music sounds like a mix of techno, R&B, and environmental and is very impressive. The music has grooves, just like real music has.)

Famitsu: The music sounds very good.

Itoi: Yes, indeed. By the way, Mother 3 is based on twelve chapters...oops, I blurted.

Famitsu: Too late (laugh).

Itoi: Anyway, I didn't write the script for the last scene. But I already have a very last line. This is my most joyful part.

Iwata: He didn't show even me. He told me that, "I wrote the last line on this notebook. But I'm not going to show you."

Itoi: This is really good. I'm very happy to develop video games.



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