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The Pig King Elat Naidisnoom A
.ecuaselppa si elprup dna nwod si pu ,edisnooM nI
10/31/08 0.00
The Pig King Zombification
The life and death of a zombie. Or would that be the undeath and death? Or just the death and more death? Either way, the short undead tale of a zombie.
10/31/08 0.00
Charlett Goodbye
I kinda wanted to write a bit about Paula and the Mani Mani statue. This would have been the first chapter/prologue if I ever get around to it. Hope you guys enjoy it.
10/26/08 0.00
biehlza Halloween love
Just a little something I wrote for the Fun Fest. Enjoy!
10/24/08 0.00
Zade The First Halloween After the War
(Ness not speaking was intentional. Silent protagonists for the win.) This is just a short piece that takes place after the game is finished.
10/23/08 0.00
mini saturn The Heart of Giygas
The WHOLE Thing, with an extra picture!
10/16/08 0.00
Deptford So Many Dead Leaves Ago
Just an autumnal tribute to Earthbound.
10/15/08 0.00
Rockstar Noah Providence
A bit of flash fiction, enjoy.
10/11/08 0.00
daxxglax Descent into Madness
The personal account of the Mani Mani's first victim
10/11/08 0.00
wants_latios_lots Ness, Ness, Does It Hurt?
Oh Lord. Two hours to spare, me being bored, leading to what I hope will be a horrific re-invention of the final battle between the Chosen Four and...Giygas?
10/10/08 0.00
mini saturn The Heart of Giygas
The Halloween beginning of my new series Mother 2.5: The Heart of Giygas
10/8/08 0.00
DruidMettool The Last Bus to Threed
A short story about a young man, and his final trip to Threed. A spooky, autumn-themed fanfic!
10/8/08 0.00
PKSS The return
This is something I did for the Halloween Funfest of 2008. Enjoy.
10/8/08 0.00
TheFakePsychic A Halloween Night
Who will Ness and Co. encounter trick-or-treating?
10/7/08 0.00
Aka_Kiba Blue
The last insane cultist left has a plan to make everything blue. He rambles quite a bit. Somewhat scary if you look at it in the right light and listen to Pink Floyd as read...
10/7/08 0.00
ohsparky To Swear by the Sharpened Edge
Prince Poo contemplates the path of the sword, and why he much prefers painting to promises made in blood.


Just a bit of introspection from everyone's favorite Dalaamese prince.
7/25/08 0.00
Charlett Ness' Nightmare
In my most recent playthrough of Earthbound, I remember Paula's dad telling Ness that he could sleep on the couch in the living room rather than the one in the den.

It spawned this mess. Also, I keep forgetting to save these in HTML. I feel like such a moron now.
6/7/08 0.00
Shimegami Did My Heart Love Till Now?
When all the company you have in the world is yourself, it's painful to dwell on what might have been.
4/5/08 0.00
Stareyes And Then There Were Two
Ness and Jeff prepare in different ways for a rescue attempt for Paula at Fourside. Fleshing out an in-game event.
3/24/08 0.00
Talisman Earthbound 201X: Rise of the Star Faction (Vincent's Story Chapter 1)
20 years after the events of EarthBound, the world faces an entirely new crisis. An ancient creature is awakened, a global war breaks out, and the validity of the Apple of Enlightenment is questioned. The future looks bleak, unless a brave Vincent Marino and his companions can put an end to it.
1/16/08 0.00



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