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NNNnobody Story of the Dusty Dunes Desert
Result of combining monkeys, sesame seeds, Mexicans, a slot machine and criminal caterpillars. Beware of senselessness.
2/28/13 0.00
Steam Born to Pogo
A gift from an absent father leads a child down a strange path that he never expected...
3/28/13 0.00
Emily Everlasting Adoration
Paula has a difficult time coming to terms with the end of her relationship with Ness.
5/29/13 0.00
Emily Your Favorite
This is a short fanfic that I wrote involving Ness, Ness's Mom, and zombies.
10/12/06 7.00
[email protected] Fourside Lights - Prologue Pt. 1
The War Against Giygas from the perspective of a few Foursidians.
3/3/12 7.00
[email protected] Fourside Lights - Prologue Pt. 2
The War Against Giygas from the perspective of a few Foursidians.
3/3/12 7.00
MoonDoggey My Fellow Onettians...
It's that time of year in Onett, again. The time when everyone votes for a new Mayor. But Pirkle has been the uncontested Mayor for the last 20 years! Who could possibly replace him?
3/26/05 8.00
Psychomax Hello and... Goodbye!
The day in the (short) life of a resident of Moonside. .edisnooM
6/13/07 8.00
PSI322 The Candle: Stories of Confession - Broken Glass, Redeemed
Part 1 of the series ' The Candle: Stories of Confession', which has 4 parts written by some of Starmen.Net's greatest authors.
4/2/05 9.00
Giampi Star-Crossed
A fanfic about a Threed boy's dangerous love.
3/26/05 9.00
TendaRedux The Gifts We Take
Warring factions in Fourside's streets vie for close-minded victory while an emotionally beleaguered doctor campaigns for a peaceful solution.
1/14/07 9.00
matilda_caboose The Glamour Diary
A bittersweet reflection on the past.
6/28/07 9.00
angela thoughts about earthbound
I wrote this for the 2010 fanfest before I actually looked at the categories, heheh. Kind of short and disjointed but maybe worth submitting
11/8/11 9.00
Picky Once Upon a Summers Night
Originally submitted for the 2010 EarthBound Fanfest, this short story follows a formerly nondescript NPC through a night of romance, adventure, and terror with some of Summers' strangest characters.
2/27/12 9.00
zushiba How Giygas Stole Christmas
A very well done poem based off of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'.
3/26/05 10.00
SaturnStorm Tony's little journey (part 1)
One minute he's calling you in Summers, next time you see him he's in a tube in Stonehenge. Here's a 'why' 'fic for that.
1/16/12 10.00
CerealQueen Being Friends
1/1/13 10.00



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