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MoonDoggey The Edge of the World
In an attempt to salvage proper history, Ness travels back in time and ends up leaving a horrifying mark on the future of Eagleland. Can he and Jeff correct Ness' considerable mistake by going even farther back in time?
3/26/05 0.00
MikeTheEBGuru Everdred, PI: Part 3
In Everdred's wackiest case yet, the PI and his new partner, Mr. T, take a trip to Winters to hunt down one Mrs. Andonuts.
3/26/05 0.00
KZORADM EarthBound: Trick or Treat
In lieu of a game, a script.
3/26/05 0.00
Charlett Ness' Nightmare
In my most recent playthrough of Earthbound, I remember Paula's dad telling Ness that he could sleep on the couch in the living room rather than the one in the den.

It spawned this mess. Also, I keep forgetting to save these in HTML. I feel like such a moron now.
6/7/08 0.00
EBounding The Coming of a New Power
In order to save the future Ness must come to realize a new power form.
3/26/05 0.00
nightshade TimeBound: Chapter 4 - Training
In search of new strength that will allow him to save his friend, Poo sets out in a mystical journey. What will he obtain at the end of the road?
7/8/09 0.00
H. Armored Hamster Captain Starman: Day of Liberation
In the aftermath of the War Against Giygas, the newly liberated race of Starmen make their voyages home, but one mothership gets hijacked by a mysterious unit.
3/26/05 0.00
Jackalope Love is Blind... As a Millipede
In the dead of night, Tracy pines for a certain Minch child.
4/3/09 0.00
Wasuremono Festival of Masks
In the Tenda Village, nothing is ever what it seems.
11/4/07 0.00
a_passerby The Amazing Entertainer
In the tradition of "The Canterbury Tales" comes this series of rhyming short stories about Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo.
1/4/05 0.00
Dr. Sandman Incomplete Goodbyes
It would suck to be Jeff. You finally get to be close to your dad, and then he's gone out of your life again! Poor guy.
11/10/12 0.00
Sappho The Night Before Exmas
It's a bit corny, but cute, tale of Ness's Exmas eve.
12/19/06 0.00
Mouse Holy Fry Pan
It's holy!
4/27/05 0.00
Jeff The Plight of the Mr. Saturns
It's Ness, Jeff, and Saturn Valley vs. a series of flying crafts led by Pokey.
2/17/05 0.00
Cafechan Sidelines
It's not really that serious, please take it with a grain of salt. I wrote it at the prompting of my little sister, who likes this pairing for some reason, LOL... but it's mostly just kind of cheesy.
3/9/09 0.00
PSI322 Destiny, Chapter 2
It's Part 2 of the Destiny series.
3/27/05 0.00
F. Jammes summers sketch
it's short. you can treat it as one of your items.
10/7/05 0.00
MoonDoggey My Fellow Onettians...
It's that time of year in Onett, again. The time when everyone votes for a new Mayor. But Pirkle has been the uncontested Mayor for the last 20 years! Who could possibly replace him?
3/26/05 8.00
Tobias26 EB Epic, Part 1: New Friends, Old Trouble
It's the future for Ness and Co, with a strange mix of humor and weirdness. Shiggity Swah.
3/26/05 0.00



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